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8 Outfit Ideas and Style Lessons to Learn From Zoe Kravitz

Zoe Kravitz is all over the news now for her acting skills and unparalleled fashion choices. She is a trendsetter, with many of her iconic looks making a huge impact on many of her followers. On top of it, her exceptional body of work in acting drives her popularity beyond bounds. Many people want to figure out the secret ingredients in Zoe Kravitz style, which makes her stand out from the crowd. 

Some of the common themes in her style are all about chill vibes while being cool and trendy. On most occasions, she opts either for feminine looks or hippy style outfits that compliment her petite figure. In addition, she mostly chooses flats alongside minimal hair and makeup. How can you recreate the Zoe Kravitz street style element in your wardrobe? Let us find out. 

Outfit Ideas Inspired by Zoe Kravitz

The first thing you need to note about Zoe Kravitz and her style is the reflection of her personality. Her outfits are all about how she is as a person- free, rebellious, and chilled out. Zoe Kravitz fashion is more about blending different aesthetics according to her own preferences and mood. Here are some of the notable street style looks and ways to recreate them. 

1. Feminine School Girl Looks

zoe kravitz street style
PHOTO: @zoekravitzclothing

The feminine schoolgirl vibes in the outfit of Zoe Kravitz in this picture show how she takes a feminine style and turns it more edgy and cool. With a preppy pleated skirt and a graphic tee that toughens up the look, she assembled one of the cutest Zoe Kravitz style outfit for you. One cannot help but notice how she compliments her look with shoes and accessories. You can see she chose ballet flats and socks along with a pair of cute sunglasses that make her look adorably graceful and minimalistic. 


2. Chilled Out Vibes

Fashion of Zoe Kravitz
PHOTO: @zoekravitzclothing

Zoe shows how chilled out she is in a stretch-candy blouse and wide-leg pants set in white. On top of it, she adds a wool coat in black along with a pair of zippered black leather boots. You should also pay attention to the hobo bag made of smooth leather as another highlight for finding answers to “how to dress like Zoe Kravitz.” The completely laidback look features all the pieces from the Row, a brand renowned for high-quality and costly minimal clothing.



3. Casual Outfit

Zoe Kravitz casual outfits
PHOTO: @zoekravitzclothing

Take a look at the casual outfit in Zoe Kravitz style as she goes out on a stroll with her boyfriend, Channing Tatum. The casual outfit includes baggy jeans alongside a turtleneck top and an oversized coat. She has opted for chunky boots as the ideal choice of footwear for this look. In addition, she has also added a pair of sunglasses and a beanie as accessories. You can see how this outfit is a close reflection of Zoe’s personality with the loose, casual, and cool pieces. With all the timeless pieces, you can notice that Zoe doesn’t try too hard to build an impressive look (she’s just that cool!). 

4. French Girl Look

French Girl look from Zoe Kravitz
PHOTO: @zoekravitzclothing

If you have been looking for a Zoe Kravitz dress in her various outfit selections, then you’re in for a treat. In this look, she sports a cute strappy midi dress for a daytime date. The look clearly reflects ‘French girl’ vibes with minimal accessories. The style of Zoe Kravitz is here full force with her minimal choices- sunglasses, a tote bag, and a delicate gold necklace.

5. Casual Summer Look

 zoe kravitz fashion
PHOTO: @zoekravitzclothing

You can find inspiration from the Zoe Kravitz style for a casual summer look like this one. It offers you an effortless and cool way to dress up without looking out of place. A pair of baggy jeans combined with a crop top without a bra is a classic choice for Zoe, and it works so well for everyday activities. As usual, she selected flat shoes as her choice of footwear, with a minimal tote and sunglasses serving as accessories. 

6. The ‘70s Look

zoe kravitz dress
PHOTO: @zoekravitzclothing

Another fresh inspiration from Zoe Kravitz street style choices is evident in the cool ‘70s inspired look, which also has major Audrey Hepburn vibes. The look includes a combination of high waist pants in a plaid pattern alongside an orange sweater. She has layered up fashionably in a suede coat, which adds a hint of luxurious feel to her outfit. However, she balances the look effectively by bringing in black loafers and sunglasses. Finally, she has selected a green bag to create the ideal ‘70s inspired ensemble. You can notice the combination of different colors working together to create a chic and refined aesthetic. 

7. Iconic Zoe Look

Iconic fashion of Zoe Kravitz
PHOTO: @zoekravitzclothing

The answer to “how to dress like Zoe Kravitz” in this look is something different than other outfit suggestions. You can find the truly iconic Zoe look in this outfit, with a cool and effortless aesthetic that takes inspiration from her famous father Lenny Kravitz. For starters, she has picked up a pair of baggy pants along with a graphic tee. On top of it, she layers up in an oversized jean jacket. 

Zoe maintains her minimalism in accessories by choosing a pair of black sunglasses. Furthermore, she also adds a surprise element in the form of a girly and more feminine bag. The iconic Zoe look is the best example to show how she enjoys all facets of her personality. Most importantly, the look also showcases how she is not afraid of showing her personality through her style. 


8. Feminine and Edgy Look

 how to dress like zoe kravitz
PHOTO: @zoekravitzclothing

The final recommendation for recreating the iconic Zoe Kravitz style in your wardrobe showcases a completely different look. You can have a blend of feminine and edgy elements just like Zoe does in this outfit with denim shorts and a turtleneck top. She adds the feminine element with a sweater vest and then incorporates edgy elements with a leather blazer. Another feminine highlight in this look of Zoe is the bright pink raincoat. For the footwear, she has picked Gucci loafers with white socks and accessorized with a designer bag. The perfect balance of feminine and edgy aesthetics makes this look work perfectly.

Tips to Style your Outfits like Zoe Kravitz

Here are some helpful pointers to recreate different Zoe Kravitz style outfits for your wardrobe.        

  • Minimalism is the most prominent theme in almost all outfits of Zoe Kravitz. The minimal choice of accessories makes her look stand out.
  • Baggy jeans and graphic tees are a frequent highlight in some of the iconic looks of Zoe. The classic cool vibes are never absent in any look she chooses.
  • Zoe also experiments with more feminine looks that are classics, like a slip midi skirt or a preppy look. To make these feminine looks more Zoe in nature, she adds edgy elements and minimal accessories.

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