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Y2K Platform Slides That are Coming Back in Style

The rapid evolution of fashion trends and preferences has many people thinking about possibilities of welcoming old trends as new. Some of the notable trends of the past have emerged again on the global mainstream fashion scene with formidable dominance. The best 2000s platform slides are one of the top examples to show how fashion trends from the past have successfully tapped into the preferences of modern fashion consumers.

The platform slides have been making a comeback alongside many other trends from the late 90s and early 2000s. With the revival of Y2K trends, the platform sandal trend is also gaining a considerable amount of attention by Gen-Zers. However, many people also harbor concerns regarding the choice of platform sandals or slides as footwear in their closets. Can you find a good pair of platform sandals?

Best Choices in 2000s Platform Sandals

The multiple Y2K trends that have been making their impact on modern fashion, are low rise jeans, butterflies, and even platform slides. Today, white platform sandal heels and other designs of platform sandals served as top celebrity favorites. As a matter of fact, platform slides and sandals were the “it shoes” of the early 2000s. With top names such as Paris Hilton and Britney Spears associated with platform slides, you have a lot of fashion credibility in such footwear choices.

During the early 2000s, platform flip flops, as well as platform slides, were everywhere in the footwear shopping list of women worldwide. As the Y2K trends are making a comeback, you can also get the best 2000s platform slides for your closet with a modern twist. Here are some of the best picks among platform slides inspired by the 2000s designs for the modern fashion shopper.

1. Open Toe Chunky Platform Wedge Heel Slide Sandals

One of the first choices among black platform sandals in 2000s style is a pair of chunky platform wedge heel sandals. The plain, open toe design of the black platform sandals is an obvious classic highlight. In addition, the wedge heel alongside the convenient upper strapwork in unison for offering a comfortable pair of 2000s-style footwear.

2. Truffle Collection Chunky Platform Mule Sandals

The chunky platform mule sandals in black are another top choice in footwear inspired by the design of 2000s platform slides. Platform mule sandals with an open toe design and block heels offer the ideal choice of footwear with versatility.


3. Britta Platform Heels

You can grab a pair of white platform sandal heels like the Britta platform heels for a sophisticated appeal. The wide base and rounded open toe design accented with the single thick upper strap offer minimalism with style. The subtle design of the white platform heels works perfectly with the comfort they offer.

4. Pump It Up Platforms

The Pump It Up platform sandals are also a top example of best 2000s platform slides you can use in almost every outfit. With a thong-style upper design and padded footbed, the platform slides offer the best of comfort and aesthetic distinction. On top of it, the thong sandals offer a nostalgic vibe that takes you back in time.

5. Joni Sandal

Another top pick among black platform sandals 2000s style is the Joni sandals. The black platform sandals feature a unique Yin and Yang print in black and beige alongside a padded footbed. The sandals feature a square toe design alongside an elastic slit on the upper strap, tailored from faux leather. While the padded footbed ensures comfort, the distinctive design highlights of the black platform sandals set them apart. You can wear them as your regular slip-on style sandals on a casual day out or on a dinner date.

6. Steve Madden Women’s Better Flat Sandal

If you are looking for cute chunky platform flip flops with a vintage feel, the Women’s Better flat sandal by Steve Madden might be a good choice. The platform flip flop sandal in pink leaves no room for doubt with its adorable color and exquisite design highlights. Most importantly, the thong-style puffy strap upper gives a unique highlight to the platform flip flops that resembles the classic Paris Hilton style of the past.

7. Melissa Becky Water Resistant Platform Sandal

The classics among best 2000s platform slides such as the Becky platform sandals are unanimous favorites in Y2K trends. Inspired by the 90s rock trends, the water resistant platform sandal imposes a dominating statement with its black color. The striking design highlight of Becky’s platform sandal refers to glossy detailing, which elevates their aesthetic appeal. In addition, the chunky platform sole of the sandals is comfortable due to the lightweight design. You can wear the black platform sandals to work or parties by styling them as you want.

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8. Steve Madden Women’s Slinky30 Wedge Sandal

The Slinky30 wedge sandal by Steve Madden is also another top alternative to chunky platform flip flops for your footwear collection. The wedge sandals feature a stretchy fabric upper alongside a sculpted platform for improved balance. In addition, the retro design of the platform slide sandal makes them a top choice for anyone who loves Y2K trends. The black platform sandals are an obvious wardrobe staple on the grounds of their versatile, chic design. 

Tips to Shop for Platform Slides

The popularity of best 2000s platform slides has been doubling up with the re-emergence of Y2K trends. Many women are eager to grab the best pair of platform slides inspired by the early 2000s styles and designs. Here are a few pointers you should read before buying your own platform pair.

  • Search the term “platform slides” on different online shopping websites to see all the results and pick the best. 
  • The best 2000s platform slides are keeping true to their origin with thong styles, pink accents, chunky soles, and wide straps.     
  • Look for product reviews and sizing specifications for each pair of platform slides or sandals. The sizing specifications can help you find the ideal fit, while reviews can tell you a lot that the product specifications won’t.

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