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5 Hottest TikTok Fashion Trends to Look Out for This Winter

Social media is the hottest place to discover the latest trends in fashion. Interestingly, social media platforms such as TikTok and Instagram have a huge role in changing the conventional perspectives regarding fashion. The best picks in TikTok winter fashion look not only good on mobile screens but also in real life. Fashion influencers on TikTok continue to introduce new looks with their new content, thereby increasing the confusion for fashion enthusiasts. If you are having doubts regarding the best choices in TikTok winter outfits, then you have come to the right place. 

Best Choices in TikTok Winter Clothes

The best thing about the TikTok fashion trends right now is the variety of choices for everyone. You can find cute and simple winter wardrobe essentials as well as glamorous pieces for outdoor activities in TikTok fashion trends. However, you need to identify the top trends on TikTok winter fashion if you want to get the best additions to your wardrobe. Let us take a look at the following promising choices of winter outfits inspired by top TikTok trends.

1. Puffer Jackets

One of the foremost choices in TikTok winter clothes would refer to puffer jackets. The unique design of puffer jackets has made them a trendy addition to winter wardrobes. You could try out different variations, including neutral or colorful designs. Here are some choices that make the most of one of the top trends on TikTok for winter. 

Try on a solid pocket padded puffer winter coat in black for a glam look. 

You could also choose a zipper-up cropped winter coat in light blue as a cute choice inspired by TikTok winter outfits.

An oversized padded puffer jacket in brown also qualifies as a great pick among TikTok trends for winter.

You can also choose a longline version of the puffer jacket with the oversized quilted hooded puffer jacket in black.


2. Faux Leather Jackets and Pants

Another top entry among trends in TikTok winter fashion points directly to faux leather jackets and pants. The most prominent choices in this trend include long coats tailored from faux leather. The leather trend also includes leather pants in black, brown, and many more colors for elegant and stylish winter outfits. 

Think of a solid belted lapel neck coat in black as one of the top choices among TikTok winter clothes.

A pair of faux leather mom-fit pants with a high waist and straight leg design in off-white color also align perfectly with TikTok fashion trends for winter.

You could also grab a pair of leather-tone high waist leggings featuring pronounced seams at front and back as trendy picks in TikTok winter fashion.

Another promising choice from TikTok trends for winter fashion would include a brandy-colored faux leather blazer. The lapel collar and long sleeves alongside the embossed buttons and front flap pocket signify subtle yet impactful design elements. 

3. Chunky Boots

Chunky boots continue to enjoy the same and even more popularity as one of the top TikTok winter fashion trends. You can spice up your winter outfits effortlessly with knee-high chunky boots. On top of it, you can enjoy the privilege of choosing from a wide variety of colors and designs. 

Chunky sole knee-high boots in brown with a lugged tread can fit perfectly with casual TikTok winter clothes and outfits.

A pair of black chunky Chelsea boots are also a great choice for elevating your style this winter. 

Rubberized lace-up boots in off-white color with lug soles are also one of the top choices among chunky boots for winter.

You can also try on a pair of long, flat rubberized boots in khaki green with lug sole as one of the best picks in TikTok winter fashion trends. 

Vegan options such as chunky combat boots in beige with front zipper closure also serve as classic additions in winter wardrobes. The contrasting chunky platform helps in adding a unique aesthetic vibe to the chunky combat boots.


4. Preppy School Girl Looks

The vintage trends are making a huge comeback in fashion with some exceptional outfits and looks. One of the best examples of a popular vintage fashion trend on TikTok refers to the classic 90s Clueless look. The preppy aesthetic, suited for rich school girls, featuring plaid skirts, chunky boots, sweater vests, argyle prints, and headbands, is gaining popularity. 

A plaid pleated mini skirt is one of the foremost picks in TikTok fashion trends right now for preppy aesthetics.

You could pair up a pleated mini skirt with a cable knit sweater vest in white with striped trim detailing.

The cute argyle prints are back, and you could sport them in the best way with a trendy sweater vest.

A solid doll collar blouse also qualifies as a favorable pick in TikTok winter fashion trends for preppy schoolgirl looks.

Another favorable choice, especially for layering up in preppy outfits, is a cropped blazer in pink with multicolor plaid patterns.

You can also try on a pair of high waist, jazz pants with yellow plaid pattern and slit-hem detailing for a preppy school girl aesthetic. 

You could also go with a dark blue, rib-knit cardigan as another top choice from popular TikTok winter fashion trends.             

A short pleated skirt with blue and white plaid detailing also serves as a cute choice for preppy schoolgirl outfits inspired by TikTok winter trends.


5. Prints and Colors

If you thought that colors and prints wouldn’t influence TikTok winter fashion trends, then you need to think again. As a matter of fact, the inclusion of bright colors and prints alongside hints of Y2K trends has been the highlight of TikTok winter clothes donned by influencers and content creators. 

One of the first options that you might want to try with prints and colors for winter outfits would be a pair of knit trousers with an allover floral print.

A loose, hollow sweater with a round neckline and rainbow stripe prints alongside a jacquard weave is definitely a cute and comfortable choice for the winter.

You can also try a pair of high waist, flare leg pants with geo, and floral print as a top addition among TikTok winter fashion picks.

A simple drop shoulder sweater with a checkered pattern also finds a top spot among the best trends for winter fashion on TikTok.

A striped long sleeve tee with a cute heart-shaped cutout is easily one of the favorite additions to winter wardrobes for its quirky printed stripes.

You should also look for choices like a drop shoulder color block sweater with floral and checkered pattern detailing. 

Tips to Shop for TikTok-inspired Winter Clothes

Here are some of the reliable pointers to help you shop for the best entries in TikTok fashion trends right now.

  • Look for fashion influencers you love on Tik Tok to get some inspiration and an idea about styling options. 
  • Not all trends will suit your preferences, so pick the ones that speak to you most or are easiest to style. 
  • Don’t spend too much money on seasonal trends that won’t last. Use the majority of your budget on essentials and classics, and only 20% on trends.

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