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10 Most Popular Tips for Layering Clothes in Winter

The mere mention of the winter season brings cold winds, layers of snow, and freezing temperatures to mind. Since ancient times, people have been protecting themselves against the harsh cold weather of the winter by covering themselves in layers. Therefore, winter fashion is a lot about layering clothes for winter while picking the most trendy and chic options. 

Layers are an easy choice if you want safeguards against the cold weather in the winter as they offer the desired warmth. In addition, you could also use layers to craft chic outfits with subtle adjustments. However, it is important to have a clear impression of how to layer clothes for winter before you pick up the clothes and wear them. Let us find some credible answers for layering issues in the winter season. 

Pointers for Layering Clothes during the Winter Season 

When you think about layering clothes for winter, you would obviously round upon choices like cardigans or sweaters. However, you can make a huge difference with the proper approach to layering up for chic and trendy winter outfits. Layering is a great option for the winter season, especially for aesthetics and practical purposes. On top of it, layers also give you the flexibility to remove layers when you go somewhere warm. So, you need to be smart in the way you layer up for the winter season. Here is a winter layering guide with some reliable pointers for appealing and comfy winter outfits

1. Avoid Bulky Layers

The foremost pointer for layering during winter would be to avoid bulky layers. On the contrary, you should choose thin layers that do not create an unflattering appearance. While you can go with a bulky top layer, make sure that the underlying layers are thin. Here is a layered look with thin layers you can take as inspiration. 

Grab a pair of black high waist jeans with flared legs and side slit detailing. Put on a long-sleeved beige shirt with a round-neck top, and then layer up with a beige lapel collar shirt. The foundation for layering clothes for winter with thin layers is ready. Add a preppy longline overshirt (shacket) in beige with a plaid pattern design in a regular fit as the first layer. Cover up with a drop shoulder fleece coat in camel color as the top layer. Complete your look with a pair of matching minimalist chunky heeled booties featuring a slip-on closure design.

2. Focus on Your Shape

One of the most common problems with layering clothes for cold weather is evident in the possibility of layers overshadowing your shape. The best solution, in this case, would be a form-fitting top for the base layer in your winter outfits. You can add top pieces over the form-fitting top while ensuring that your shape does not hide under all the layers. Here are some base tops you can try out for showcasing your shape in the best way possible with layering in winter outfits.

  • Shein Mock Neck Ribbed Knit Sweater

A mock neck ribbed knit sweater in black with a slim fit design and plain style accents any body shape effortlessly. You can also add your choice of top layers easily with this ribbed knit sweater. 

  • Shein Basics V-neck Fitted Crop Top

You could also think of a fitted crop top in white with long sleeves and a V-neck design as the ideal pick among base tops for layering during winter

  • Zara Long Sleeved Shirt

A round neck top with long sleeves in beige color is also a favorable choice for chic base tops in different layering options for the winter season. 

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3. Experiment with Layers

The next vital suggestion in any winter layering guide would point towards the diversity of choices you have for layering. You don’t have to follow a specific choice when it comes to layering clothes for winter. The different options available at your disposal include leather jackets, denim jackets, puffer vests, sweaters, coats, or cardigans. Here are some suggestions for top layers you would love to try out for trendiest winter outfits. 

  • Shein Drop Shoulder Mixed Media Shacket

The drop shoulder mixed media shacket made of PU leather in a coffee brown color is a staple wardrobe addition for the winter season. 

  • Levi’s Trucker Denim Jacket in Mid Wash

A denim jacket in mid wash blue alongside a spread collar and relaxed fit also qualifies for best jacket for layering during winter with its trendy yet classic vibe.

  • Solid Open Front Raglan Sleeve Cardigan

Solid open-front cardigans, especially in neutral colors like khaki, are great choices for comfy and casual top layers. The raglan sleeves of the cardigan and regular fit give you the guarantee of warmth and a chic silhouette.

  • I Saw It First Sleeveless Padded Vest in Black

Bring the best of sweater vests and puffer jackets in one single choice for layering clothes for winter with the sleeveless padded vest in black.

  • Zara Oxford Shirt

A simple blue oxford shirt with lapel collar, long sleeves, and V-neck is also a favorite pick among layers for winter outfits.

  • New Look Shacket in Gray

Grab the best pick for layering during winter with a gray shacket featuring a spread collar and a regular fit. 

4. Changes with Colors

Color is also another promising aspect that will help you with layering clothes for winter. You can choose monochrome layered looks or even add some hints of color. However, it is also important to avoid too many colors as it could mess up your looks. Here is a promising suggestion for experimenting with colors in your winter style with layering.

Start with a pair of black high waist leggings with flared legs and slit detailing at hems. Add a drop shoulder pocket tunic blouse in white with a regular fit and plain style. On top of the tunic blouse, a cable knit sweater vest in black would complement the monochrome look. Now, you should add a black faux leather blazer with shoulder pads, long sleeves, flap pockets, and lapel collar detailing.

The choice of top layer for this outfit would be an oversized wool coat in gray. With such a promising answer for how to layer clothes for winter in monochrome outfits, you have very little to worry about. You can complete the chic winter aesthetic with faux leather Chelsea booties in black with low block heels.

5. Fewer Layers

layering clothes for winter
PHOTO: @negin_mirsalehi

Another important suggestion from experts on layering clothes for winter would point towards avoiding too many layers. While layers are a great option when you want to safeguard against the cold weather in the winter season, you need to find the right balance. If possible, go with a maximum possible limit of four layers to have a comfortable and stylish outfit. 

6. Use Layers in Other Ways

PHOTO: @sincerelyjules

Wearing your layers is not the only way you can use them for styling up your outfits for the winter. For example, if you are removing a layer from your outfit because you’re warm, you can use it by tying it around your neck. Therefore, you can see how layering clothes for winter could also help you with some cute preppy looks

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7. Lengths of Layers

Playing with the lengths of the layers could also give you some promising answers for how to layer clothes for winter season. The different lengths of the layers can create more interest in the outfit. However, you should focus on keeping your look organized and chic by starting from the shorter layers. 

8. Cool Coats

PHOTO: @rosiehw

Coats are classic answers for layering clothes for winter, and you can find different styles of coats for your winter wardrobe. However, you must know a helpful style trick which you can apply when you don’t have an oversized coat. If your coat cannot fit all the layers under it, just put it on your shoulders without putting your arms in the sleeves for a cool aesthetic. 

9. Stay Away From Prints

You should also try to avoid bringing too many prints into the layers in your outfits. It is important to have only one or two printed items between all the layers, and only if they work well with the outfit all together. 

10. Thermals for Really Cold Weather

Whenever you have any doubts about layering clothes for winter during really cold weather, thermal pants and a top are the ideal choices for base layers. You could add on a few more layers for a comfy and warm winter outfit to go out in the cold. 

Tips to Shop for Layers for Winter Outfits

Here are some important tips in a winter layering guide to help you craft some chic and trendy winter outfits.

  • Choose the base layers wisely, and you should go with comfortable choices. You will wear the base tops and bottoms under many other layers. Make sure that you are comfortable in them, and they allow you to move around easily. 
  • When layering during winter make sure the base is fitted, and the other layers add an oversized appeal, a texture, a print, or color. 
  • Outfits of celebrities and fashion influencers can offer some vital inspiration for layering clothes for winter. Look for their outfits with layering and try to figure out their style theme.             

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