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How to Add Color to Your Wardrobe with Ease

Almost every woman loves to dress up in outfits and create fun looks that will turn some heads. The basic goal of fashion has always been to dress up in confidence with clothes you are comfortable with. However, one of the most troubling concerns for women with their wardrobe emerges prominently from the choice of colors. The wardrobe color guide of almost every woman would include black and neutral colors, without any doubt. What about those who want to try on some vibrant colors?

Well, there are many issues that pop up when you think of adding colors to your wardrobe. Some colors may clash or look unflattering, and in some cases, colors may exaggerate your outfits beyond proportions. Even if such assumptions are valid concerns while looking for a capsule wardrobe color palette, you need to take risks. Let us find out some ways in which you could include colors in your wardrobe without messing it up.

Best Recommendations for Adding Colors to Your Wardrobe

When it comes to colors, you are most likely to choose a neutral color capsule wardrobe with safe choices. For example, black is one of the safest colors, that offers ease of styling. At the same time, you must understand that neutral colors might not always help you stand out. If you want to make a fashion statement with your wardrobe, you need to prepare yourself for risks. Here are some helpful tips that can help you get the right balance of colors in your wardrobe.

1. Start with One Colorful Piece

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One of the first points in any wardrobe color guide would point towards dealing with lack of confidence about colors. You need to overcome your apprehensions about adding color to your wardrobe. It is understandable to fear looking messy or out of place in certain colors, but if you take a chance, you might win big.

If you have never worn colors, the safest bet for you would be to start with one piece of colorful clothing. Begin with one item in color for your looks, such as a skirt or a top. Pair it up with your regular top or jeans, and you might overcome your apprehensions regarding color in your wardrobe.


2. Identify the Colors Suited for You

As simple as it may sound, many people struggle to find the ideal color of clothing that suits them. Every person has different choices when it comes to creating a colorful capsule wardrobe with colors suited to their style. However, the colors you love may not look good when you wear them. In the case of clothing, you need to find the ideal color on the basis of many factors. 

Some of the notable factors that will define your choice of color for clothing include your hair color, skin tone (and undertone), and eye color. One of the best recommendations in a wardrobe color guide for finding suitable colors for you is to visit an actual store. You can try on different colors against your face and find the best color to suit your overall features (check if the color lights up your face or makes you look washed out). In the process, you will also single out the colors that should never make it to your wardrobe.

3. Experiment with A Blend of Colors

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Another notable concern in queries such as “How to add color to your wardrobe?” is the fear of mixing colors. Complementing colors can elevate the aesthetic appeal of any outfit when you blend the right colors together. For example, navy and orange or blue and pink. In most cases, you cannot find the best way to wear a color as you try pairing it with blue jeans or black pants. Think outside the box and look for complementing colors that work well together and pop. The best thing about blending colors is that they can make any outfit come to life.

4. Colors in Accessories

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If you don’t like bold colors in your clothes, you can think of other ways of adding color to your looks. The best trick in any wardrobe color guide points out the use of color in accessories. You can add color to your outfits through accessories such as sunglasses, jewelry, bags, and shoes. Colored accessories can easily elevate the appearance of a neutral outfit.

On top of it, accessories in vibrant colors work as the first step in your process of welcoming clothing in colors to your wardrobe. Everyone does not like a wardrobe filled with bold colors, and for a beginner, a lot of colors may be overwhelming. Therefore, accessories can easily guide you through the best capsule wardrobe color palette suited to your style preferences.

5. Seek Inspiration 

The easiest yet most comprehensive method in a wardrobe color guide would point towards inspiration. You can find inspiration from celebrities and fashion influencers based on their outfits. Social media gives you access to celebrities outfits on a regular basis. The Instagram feeds and social media handles of fashion influencers and celebrities feature outfits in varying colors.

While some of the outfits donned by celebrities may look a bit too much, you can look for subtle options that work for you. Try seeking images of celebrities and fashion influencers showcasing them in colors that would fit your colorful capsule wardrobe choices. Interestingly, you can pick out a look you love and copy it with the confidence that you would look good.


6. Pastels Are Great Alternatives

capsule wardrobe color guide
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The final and most promising suggestion in a wardrobe capsule guide would refer to pastel colors. Interestingly, you don’t have to choose bold colors for incorporating color into your wardrobe. On the contrary, pastel colors offer a better choice for people who don’t like bold colors.

Pastel colors are softer and could easily settle in a neutral color capsule wardrobe, thereby offering the flexibility for modifying your wardrobe. How? The pastel colors are easy to style with almost every neutral piece of clothing. So, you don’t have to pluck out the neutral colors from your wardrobe just for the sake of adding colors. On top of it, you have the ease of styling as a promising benefit, letting you wear your favorite colors with style.

Tips to Shop for Colorful Outfits

The wardrobe color guide helps you embrace colors in your everyday fashion choices. These are the top essential tips you must consider while shopping for clothes with colors.

  • Start by testing the colors that suit you according to your skin tone, eye color, and hair color. Read online about what colors to look for and try for yourself by placing a piece of clothing in each color against your face and seing whether it makes you light up or not.
  • You can start with pastels or accessories as an easier way to add color to your wardrobe. 
  • Look for inspiration regarding color coordination to understand which colors work well together and which clash.
  • Colors are a great way to add a joyful feel to your wardrobe and mood. Don’t be afraid of adding bright colors to your closet, especially in spring and summer.

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