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Basic Essentials Every Woman Must Have in Her Closet

What do the wardrobe basics for women consist of? In simple terms, wardrobe basics include the wardrobe essentials that are the foundations of any good wardrobe. Let’s dive in to learn more!

The importance of a good set of wardrobe basics would never diminish. However, many people are often confused regarding the selection of basics that would serve as great choices for chic and timeless outfits. Basics form the outline on which you can add other pieces you have in your closet to assemble outfits easily. 

Therefore, it is less likely to ignore wardrobe basics for women when you are planning a stylish wardrobe. Most importantly, wardrobe essentials stay in fashion for years, and you can wear them frequently. What are the best wardrobe essentials you must have in your wardrobe right now?

Best Wardrobe Essentials for Women You Must Have Now

When you are seeking out a wardrobe basics checklist in 2022, you won’t find much of a difference. On the other hand, you must be quite precise in your choices of wardrobe essentials as you won’t be replacing them soon. Here are some of the top choices you can find among wardrobe essentials in 2022.


wardrobe essentials for women
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One of the first choices in wardrobe basics for women is a timeless pair of jeans. It is quite difficult to think of a wardrobe without any jeans. The best thing about jeans is that they are one of the most versatile and flattering items you can have in your wardrobe. So, it would be best to choose a good pair of jeans you love and make sure that they fit well. Interestingly, there is no limitation on the variations in styles of jeans available today. Different variations of jeans such as skinny, dark wash, high waist, and baggy jeans are some of the choices you can try out. 

Oversized Blazer

oversized blazer for women
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Another top answer for ‘how to build a basic women’s wardrobe would be an oversized black blazer. You can add a blazer to different types of outfits such as jeans and a t-shirt or with a dress. Some other ways for styling an oversized blazer would involve wearing them with shorts or in a night-out look. Most importantly, the oversized silhouette of the blazer offers a flattering and chic aesthetic.

Summer Dress

wardrobe basics for women
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The obvious favorite among wardrobe basics for women in the summer season would be a summer dress. A maxi or mini dress in floral prints is definitely a promising choice you would love in your wardrobe. The timeless design of a summer dress works every year and lets you enjoy the summer without thinking too much about styling.


Button-down Shirt

wardrobe basics checklist
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The next candidate in classic wardrobe essentials is a blue or white button-down shirt. It is a top favorite for summer and spring outfits, and you can wear them with sleeves rolled up for refined looks. A button down is also essential in the dall and winter as a layering piece under sweaters and vests. You can pair a button down shirt with jeans or shorts for some timeless looks in your wardrobe. Another interesting aspect about a button-down shirt is that you can wear it open too, on top of a crop top or cami, and get a cool, casual look. In addition, you can wear a button down with a blazer on top for some chic work wear look.

Striped Top

wardrobe basics for women
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You should also look for timeless wardrobe basics for women such as a striped top. A striped top is a classic french style top that works well with jeans, pants, skirts and shorts. This is an all year round piece that is easy to style and always looks chic. Pair the striped top with red lips for a classic look and you won’t regret it.


how to build a basic women's wardrobe
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The addition of shorts in a wardrobe is practically a given when you think about it. Shorts are a summer and spring wardrobe staple you can try wearing in multiple ways. You can take a look at the wardrobe basics checklist 2022, and you will find shorts making a solid impact everywhere. A pair of shorts are versatile, and you can wear them in different ways. Try combining shorts with a tank top, a t-shirt, or a button-down shirt. If you want a more sophisticated look, then a blazer might be a promising choice. You can opt for classic denim shorts, or try other fabrics, depending on your style.

White Jeans

classic wardrobe essentials
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While jeans have dominance over any list of wardrobe basics for women as they have a unique appeal. A pair of white jeans can work as great spring or summer wardrobe staples, adding a fresh vibe to your outfits. On top of it, you can try off-white jeans or a pair of cream colors, and the light color works out great every time. You can pair the light color with blue, black, or beige tops for a chic look.

Long Coat

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Winter wardrobe staples call for classic wardrobe essentials such as a classic long coat. You can select a long coat made of high-quality fabric alongside paying special attention to a neutral color. The neutral color can offer the versatility you need to match it to every winter look. 


Black Leggings

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Think of wardrobe staples and leggings that will obviously have a top spot in the discussion. Black leggings have always been considered suitable picks for yoga or workout sessions. However, they are also great wardrobe basics for women you can wear in different ways for chic and timeless looks. For example, you can wear black leggings with a selected oversized button-down shirt or a sweater. On top of it, you can add a blazer to make the leggings look chicer.

Trench Coat

wardrobe basics checklist 2022
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Another top entry among the classic choices for “how to build a basic women’s wardrobe” is a trench coat. Many of you might think that trench coats are boring and would contribute nothing to your wardrobe. On the contrary, classic trench coats are great choices for transitional seasons as they are not too warm and add a chic vibe. The timeless appeal of the trench coat is the biggest advantage of the trench coat as it works easily to upgrade any look. 

Sweater Dress

how to build a basic women's wardrobe
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The selection of winter wardrobe staples might remain incomplete without drawing references to a sweater dress. As one of the trustworthy picks in wardrobe basics for women, the classic sweater dress is a promising wardrobe staple for autumn and winter wardrobes. Above everything else, the sweater dress offers a unique and flattering look you cannot miss from your wardrobe. 

Classic Trousers

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The items in a wardrobe essentials checklist 2022 would also include a pair of classic trousers. Make sure that you pick a pair suited to your figure, and you can easily style them for work outfits. In addition, you can also wear them in casual looks with a t-shirt or crop top. 

Denim Jackets

how to build a basic women's wardrobe
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You could not build a stylish and trendy wardrobe without denim jackets in them. One of the best highlights about denim jackets as wardrobe basics is their versatility. Denim jackets are easily one of the best classic wardrobe essentials that you can have in your wardrobe. You can pair them with different colors and in outfits for different seasons. The styling options for denim jackets include pairing them with dresses or trousers. With endless possibilities for wearing a denim jacket, there is no reason you should miss out on one in your wardrobe. 


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Winter outfits are incomplete without sweaters, and they are one of the important wardrobe basics for women. You should look for a high-quality sweater as the top choice for winter outfits. You have many ways to style a sweater, for example, with jeans or pants, with skirts, or with shorts in the fall. Make sure to pick a neutral color that would work well with many different looks like a black sweater, nude or brown. A striped sweater is also a classic worth trying. 


White T-shirt

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One of the most common yet mandatory additions required for any wardrobe is a white t-shirt. A classic white t-shirt offers a casual piece of clothing that works amazingly well paired with almost anything you can think of. For example, wear a white t-shirt with a maxi skirt or a pair of jeans of your choice. The styling possibilities are endless, so you must add a few white t-shirts to your closet now.

Jogger Set

classic wardrobe essentials
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The final addition among wardrobe basics for women would be a jogger set. It is a trusted casual wardrobe staple you can wear with a trench coat or a blazer. Jogger sets can also give you great options for lounging looks or casual outings. 

Tips to Shop for Wardrobe Basics

Here are some tips you should follow while shopping for wardrobe basics

  • Make a list of all the essential wardrobe basics for women and check your wardrobe. You can find out the things you already have and avoid excessive shipping.
  • Look for quality materials in wardrobe basics as you will wear them frequently. It is important to ensure that they will last long. 
  • Check the reviews and feedback for every product before placing the purchase order.

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