Styling Vintage Clothing with New Fashion Ideas

vintage style clothing
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The fashion industry has been going through radical shifts in recent times, with a profound emphasis on sustainable clothing. Now, brands are adopting new initiatives to reduce the negative environmental impact of their operations. The increasing awareness regarding the impact of fast fashion had led to the demand for vintage style clothing

As a sustainable alternative to the fast-fashion alternatives, vintage-style apparel and accessories have quite a unique visual impact. Wearing clothes from decades ago can be challenging when trying to incorporate them into a modern wardrobe. That is why styling tips are essential, let us take a quick look at a few pointers that can help you get vintage clothing done right. 

How to Style Up Vintage Style Clothing?

The term ‘vintage’ itself brings a lot of excitement for any fashion lover. Starting from the construction of the garment to the authenticity of its design, vintage dresses for women have a special vibe. However, it is quite difficult to think of ways to style old pieces in the context of new fashion trends. The following tips could help you find some great ideas for the perfect outfit inspired by vintage style. 

      1. Match the Vibe

One of the most common mistakes made by people trying to style vintage clothing is associated with matching. It is quite difficult to match new fashion pieces with vintage fashion trends from the 70s or 90s. The most recommended suggestion, in this case, would be to create an outfit around the vintage piece. If you found a great steal from the 90s or 2000s, you can pair it with modern YTK pieces that are super hot right now. Trends you never thought would come back, do (think fanny pack, who thought that ugly trend would come back in style). If you have a piece that you can’t pair with modern clothes and accessories, try going for a classic simple style. If you dress up in a simple attire like jeans and a white t-shirt you will let the vintage style clothing serve as the highlight. 

      2. Accessorizing Can Help

Whenever you are trying to style up vintage style items, you should not undermine the significance of accessories. The use of accessories helps in highlighting your vintage style outfit with prominence. For example, a modern shoulder bag like JW PEI can work great with vintage pieces from the ’90s and 2000s, and 70’s as well. You can pair the bag with 70’s print dresses or skirts, wide-leg or low waist jeans, or classic slip dresses in bold or muted colors. Vintage clothing women’s outfits can become a lot better with the selection of appropriate accessories.

      3. Timeless Designs Work Wonders

Many trends in vintage style clothing could outperform even the top fashion trends of present times by huge margins. The vintage outfit trends featuring timeless designs could offer adequate scope for trying out experiments with modern outfits. Some of the notable options you can try out among timeless designs include 90’s Calvin Klein or Levi’s, 60’s mini shift dresses, or high-end designer pieces from Gucci, Balmain, Balenciaga, Dior, and many others.  

      4. Expand Your Definitions of What Is Vintage

Vintage is considered an item older than 20 years, but it doesn’t mean that you have to pick a piece of clothing that was trending in the ’60s, 80s, or 90s only. Now, the umbrella of vintage clothing also includes the trends that were prevalent in the early 2000s. So, you can pick up some appealing outfit ideas inspired by the early 2000s as they would match perfectly with present outfits. 

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      5. Search for Inspiration

The internet is a massive source of information on vintage style clothing and popular styles. With so many social media platforms such as Tik Tok, Pinterest, and Instagram, you can follow tons of fashion influencers. The best practice would be to look for influencers with a specific interest in vintage outfits. Ultimately, once you go through various suggestions made by influencers you will come up with some good outfit ideas that will suit you.

      6. Use Your Wardrobe as Reference

More often than not, people are so excited about buying something new that they forget about what they already have. Take a peek into your wardrobe before shopping for vintage dresses for women or other pieces. You could find some great things in your wardrobe that would work exceptionally well with the vintage items you want to purchase. 

      7. Details Are Noteworthy

When you are purchasing vintage style clothing, you need to know that some pieces are actually period-specific due to various reasons such as economic climate or social changes. Many of the vintage-style outfits have been crafted with the trends of the time or a specific individual in mind, and those specifics make the piece unique. Learning about the history of the vintage piece can contribute to understanding how to style it well.

      8. Do Not Go Overboard with Styling

Hair and makeup are great ways to make your vintage style clothing appear authentic if that is what you’re going for. But if you don’t want to imitate the vintage style outfits as they were in past times, minimal makeup and a modern hairstyle will help you look fresh and even highlight the vintage items in your outfit.

      9. Think of Your Comfort & Personal Style

Make sure that you are comfortable in the vintage clothing womens outfit you select. Do not think of the vintage outfit as a Halloween costume, it should feel and fit as well as modern clothes. If you are confused about wearing casual vintage clothes, then try out the classics with subtle retro highlights, like vintage Levi’s jeans. 

      10. Avoid The Pursuit of Perfection

The most important aspect in vintage fashion trends for present times is to focus less on perfection in terms of matching all the pieces of the outfit and making it retro yet contemporary. At the end of the day, all that matters is how you personalize your look and how you feel in it. 

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Suggestions for Vintage Inspired Clothes

Finding the perfect vintage piece could be a difficult job. However, you can always try the following vintage-inspired clothing trends until you do. 

  1. Pick up this short Jacquard dress featuring a straight neckline and wide straps. The mini and A-line silhouette gives a 60’s vibe with a great 70’s print inspiration that is perfect for modern times.

2. The skater knit dress with a squared neckline is everything you have been looking for in vintage style clothing. The wide-straps and A-line silhouette blend the sophistication and chic of the ’60s into present times.

3. This Little House On The Prairie style dress is a perfect alternative for vintage clothing with the comfort of modern clothing. 

4. The high-waist vintage boyfriend jeans are great pieces of clothing to get the perfect 90’s and early 2000’s cool look. 

5. Low-rise, flare, slim-fit jeans are practically one of the symbols of the YTK fashion. So if you didn’t keep your jeans from way back then, this is a good option.

6. A mini-pleated tennis skirt with a mono check print is all about the 90’s Clueless and Grange vibes with the aesthetic design of modern fashion.


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