Best Vintage Items that Increase in Value Over Time

most valuable vintage items
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Vintage clothing, as well as accessories, have a unique visual advantage, as well as environmental. We have been harbouring the perception that the value of products depreciates over the course of time, especially in fashion. No one was eager to pay a lot of money for worn-out old clothes and fashion accessories. Well, times have changed, and vintage has become trendy and in-demand, especially when it comes to the most valuable vintage items that always increase in value. 

For example, vintage bags from or Chanel, vintage jeans from Levi’s, vintage trench coats from Burberry, as well as vintage sunglasses and jewellery, fetch high prices in the second hand market. Why? As the world of fashion reverts back to old trends, it is time to focus on the rarity of an item in fashion. At the same time, vintage fashion pieces also bring the value of uniqueness. 

Top Picks among the Most Valuable Vintage Fashion Items

Vintage shopping can be quite hard when you go to a big store, but when you look for vintage items online it becomes easier to filter and narrow your search. However, you need to work on finding unique pieces that would fit perfectly with your style. Here are some of the vintage pieces you should consider buying in different categories.


Bags are one of the most valuable vintage items you can buy now. Start with a Chanel Timeless shoulder bag in black, featuring diamond quilting highlights and the signature double-flap closure. Another option is the Chanel double-flap shoulder bag from the 1996-1997 collection is also an exciting choice among the most popular vintage items. You could also go for the coveted Hermes Kelly bag from 1996, giving a smooth finish and a sophisticated appeal. 

Your quest for vintage designer handbags will probably also lead you towards Louis Vuitton Monogram Soufflot two-way shoulder bag or the LV Monogram Multicolor Trouville handbag. Another designer brand you can look for when shopping for vintage handbags is Prada. You can go for their Wicker Canvas two-way basket bag handbag in beige and black. 

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Jewellery and Watches

Vintage jewellery and watches are also top picks among vintage items that are worth investing in. Jewellery does not lose its value easily, and proper care will make sure vintage pieces stay in great condition. Furthermore, vintage watches are known to increase in value if they are from a high end brand and considered a classic model. 

The first pick in vintage jewellery and watches comes from Chanel with the Coco Mark Rhinestone Pearl leather chain necklace. You could also go for a Cartier Trinity Ring with three different tones in the unique vintage design. When it comes to watches, go with a Rolex Datejust 26mm watch or a Channel Premiere 15mm watch. Lastly, let’s not forget the classic and desirable Cartier with a silver refurbished pre-owned watch. 


Vintage clothing is also a prominent category in the list of the most valuable vintage items to buy today. Apart from the brand appeal, vintage clothing often has unique designs, fabrics, or a story behind them. For example, a navy tweed jacket or a silk mini dress by Chanel could shift your style back a few decades while making you feel like a million dollars.

Make a statement at any event with the Paco Rabanne glitter mini dress in gold-tone or choose a pink viscose top from the house of Dior. Ace your vintage style game with blue cotton straight jeans from Levi’s, and don’t forget to add a trench coat from Burberry with the iconic monogram. Each vintage clothing item comes with its own distinct advantage, whether it’s the price, the style, or the feeling it gives to the person wearing it.


Your pick of vintage items online should not stay restricted to clothes, bags, jewellery, and watches. Vintage shoes are also becoming top choices among fashion enthusiasts, with designer brands bringing their yesteryear hits back to the store shelves again. Go for the blue ankle boots crafted from cloth by Dior, which were quite a hit in the 2000s. Another great option is the multi-color cloth mule from the house of Gucci. 

You could also choose a classic vintage choice, i.e., leather mules and clogs, in brown from Fendi. If you’re looking for a statement piece, then the silver heels from Miu Miu are the ones for you. Classic and timeless choices in the most valuable vintage items among shoes will obviously include leather mules by Chanel and printed velvet heels in black from Gianni Versace.



The final category in the list of most popular vintage items is accessories because they round up any look. Accessories such as brown printed frame sunglasses or the interlocking buckle patent leather belt in white from the house of Gucci have a unique value of sophistication and chic. 

Chanel is perhaps the most promising designer brand you can turn to for stylish vintage accessories. For example, try on a belt crafted from black pearls or a burgundy silk scarf with floral prints. When it comes to wallets, you can pick up a blue cloth-saddle wallet from Dior as a unique vintage piece in your collection, or elevate your style quotient effortlessly with an ornate Emilie leather wallet in brown color from the house of . 

Tips to Purchase The Most Valuable Vintage Items Online

As you might have noticed, there are many options among the most valuable vintage items that you can add to your wardrobe as an investment. However, it is not easy to shop for vintage items as you can be confused by various factors. Here are some tips to help you purchase vintage items with the least bit of difficulty.

  • Keep in mind that vintage fashion pieces don’t have a wide range of variations, and they are often one-of-a-kind items. 
  • Make sure that you get the sizing right before shopping online for vintage fashion pieces, and ask the seller for exact measurements.
  • Vintage clothing and accessories which are pre-owned or refurbished might come with certain flaws. Take note of the flaws and make sure that you can live with them.
  • Look into your existing wardrobe to find clothes and accessories that can align effectively with your existing outfits. 
  • Learn about the value of the specific vintage item you are interested in buying. Do not think of vintage items as overpriced old goods, rather focus on the value they bring to your looks.    
  • Prices can vary from platform to platform so do your research before buying.


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