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Skater Style Vans Sneakers are Making a Huge Comeback

Did you know that Skater Style Vans Sneakers are trending again? Check out the top choices among the most popular Vans Sneakers for Women now.

Sneakers are synonymous with popular culture in the present times. Among the many sneaker brands, Vans has gained a niche reputation, particularly with teens. Starting in 1966, Vans focused on direct sales to customers rather than bringing retailers in the middle. Most importantly, the brand gained notorious popularity in the 1980s and 90s with the newfound energy revolving around the skate scene. 

Subsequently, the growth of extreme sports resulted in explosive growth in the brand’s popularity. The most popular Vans sneakers for women bring not only style but also an element of history with them. Interestingly, the comeback of Vans sneakers at an opportune moment in fashion history has spawned new prospects of including them in mainstream choices for women’s modern wardrobes. Let us find some of the top picks among Vans sneakers for women that you would love to add to your shoe closet. 

Top Choices in Vans Sneakers for Women 

The comeback of Vans sneakers as a top sneaker option has been one of the reasons for the growing demand for white Vans sneakers and many other styles. Known for its skater style, Vans has successfully tapped into the fashion preferences of its customers worldwide. Vans offers its signature cool style adored even by celebrities such as Hailey Bieber, Rihanna, Megan Fox, and many others.

Most importantly, Vans sneakers can also help you achieve effortless casual looks better than other sneaker brands. With so many promising factors to boost your style, there is no reason to not buy a pair of Vans shoes for women right now. However, you may encounter different doubts regarding the choice of a pair of Vans sneakers. What style of Vans sneakers would suit you? Which pattern of Vans sneakers to choose? Here are the best picks among Vans sneakers for women.

Vans Classic Old Skool Black Sneakers

Your first choice of leather Vans sneakers for your closet must be the Vans classic Old Skool sneakers in black. Made of real leather, the Old Skool sneakers offer the value of authenticity. You can notice the signature Vans logo as a prominent design highlight of the sneakers. In addition, the Old Skool sneakers also offer padding for improved comfort.

At the same time, the chunky sole with the waffle-textured tread adds a characteristic trendy appeal to the sneakers. The minimal design of the sneakers complemented with the lace-up fastening serves you a truly classic choice in Vans sneakers. If you want a classic and timeless pick from the most popular Vans sneakers for women, then the Old Skool sneakers are a promising pick.

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Vans Classic Authentic Triple Black Sneakers

Vans introduce another top pick with the classic triple black sneakers, highlighted with a refined all-black style. The low profile design of the sneakers completed with a vulcanized rubber sole featuring the signature waffle tread is an effortless choice of footwear. Designed with lace-up fastening, the triple black sneakers are classic Vans shoes for women, particularly for work. As a matter of fact, the minimal design of the sneakers works to their advantage for offering flexibility of styling.

Vans SK8-Hi Black Sneakers 

The Vans SK8-Hi black sneakers are also a favorite pick in the most popular Vans sneakers for women with a high-top design. Vans sneakers with a high-top design are also one of the great options to try out as they are a celebrity-favorite sneaker style. The Vans SK8-Hi sneakers feature suede overlays for textural improvement in their classic checkerboard design. In addition, you can notice the classic elements of Vans sneakers, such as logo detailing and the waffle tread sole. The contrast sole incorporates aesthetic highlight in the sneakers, while the padded cuffs ensure improved comfort.

Vans Classic Slip-on Triple White Sneakers

If you love a pair of white Vans sneakers, then you should not miss the classic slip-on triple white sneakers. The classic triple white sneakers feature a slip-on design alongside elasticated inserts as the main highlights. On top of it, you cannot help but notice the classic Vans logo detailing on the sneakers. The waffle-grip tread alongside a durable rubber sole promises stability in a pair of sneakers for the long run. The white color and slip-on design of the triple white sneakers give you one of the best sneaker designs for a chic look.

Vans Old Skool Black Platform Sneakers 

The Vans Old Skool platform sneakers in black are a subtle take on the classic Vans sneakers with platform style. You can find the conventional design of one of the most popular Vans sneakers for women, i.e., Vans Old Skool sneakers in these sneakers. The chunky platform sole is the only noticeable improvement over the classic design of Vans sneakers. The contrast stitching detail complements the chunky white platform sole alongside the lace-up fastening in white color. 

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Vans Classic Slip-on Checkerboard Sneakers

The classic slip-on checkerboard sneakers are another top alternative to leather Vans sneakers with a unique style. The checkerboard slip-ons can easily serve as a top addition in any outfit for the distinctive checkerboard pattern on the upper. In addition, the chunky sole alongside padded and shaped cuff with stretchable inserts are some crucial design highlights that set the checkerboard slip-ons a notch higher in terms of style.

PHOTO: @justjared

You can see how Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox dress up in coordinated outfits as they step out of a studio. Both of them are spotted wearing a pair of classic Vans sneakers, each with their trendy outfits. 

Tips to Shop for Vans Sneakers 

Vans sneakers are undoubtedly a top favorite among sneakers in the present times. However, you have a few choices from the most popular Vans sneakers for women, so you can use a few pointers. 

  • Start off with an overview of the different styles of Vans sneakers available today in different fashion stores. 
  • The classic styles are the most trendy and most versatile. If you want to spice things up you can opt for a platform option or a colorful checkboard instead of black and white.
  • Look for styling suggestions with each pair of Vans sneakers for women before placing your order. If you are comfortable styling a specific pair of sneakers, you are less likely to have any troubles with them. 

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