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15 Affordable & Trendy Sunglasses For Winter 2022

Sunglasses are must-have fashion accessories that women love to style up in a lot of ways. They become more important during the winter as accessories for drawing attention towards your outfit. Sunglasses can easily add style to any look and you can always find trendy sunglasses as the best accessories. However, it is also important to look out for the chicest selections in winter sunglasses for your different looks. So, what are the best choices among sunglasses for winter you can have right now? Let us find the answers. 

Best Sunglasses for the Winter Season

The first thing you can do to find the best winter sunglasses is to follow the trends. By going on social media, you can find rectangle and oval sunglasses in small to medium size range as the top choices for fashionistas. In addition, oversized sunglasses have also become top picks among winter sunglasses for women all over the world. Some of the other noticeable elements which are returning in sunglasses for the winter include colorful options alongside 70s aesthetics. In addition, classic sunglasses such as Celine’s or Ray Ban’s might also be the few timeless pieces you can wear for a long time. With so many options at your disposal, you need to find the best picks among sunglasses for cold weather like the following.

1. Shein 1pair Simple Sunglasses

The Versace dupe sunglasses in a square shape with ornate flower detailing is a great answer for ‘can you wear sunglasses in the winter thanks to the dark color and thick design. 

2. Shein Acrylic Frame Sunglasses

Grab a pair of acrylic frame sunglasses featuring a dark grey color lens in an oval shape. The unique design of the acrylic frame sunglasses adds a refined chic aesthetic to any type of winter look. 

3. Shein Square Frame Sunglasses

The square frame sunglasses are also great alternatives to the Chanel round winter sunglasses with their unique and trendy square frame design. This is a great everyday pair you can easily style with many looks.


4. Cult Gaia Terra Sunglasses

The Cult Gaia Terra sunglasses in black also give the best choice of trendy rectangular frame. The uniquely shaped lenses and plastic frames along with the advantage of gradient lenses give the ideal pick among winter sunglasses for everyone.    

5. Chimi 09 Sunglasses

The Chimi sunglasses are great alternatives among cute sunglasses for cold weather with the cat-eye frame. Chimi has become a top sunglasses brand for modern and trendy options that are perfect all year round.

6. Saint Laurent Pilot Navigator Sunglasses

Pilot Navigator sunglasses by the renowned Saint Laurent is one of the best winter sunglasses with a classic element. The aviator style is always on trend and this pair is perfect for winter thanks to the dark lenses. Pair them with classic looks like jeans a t-shirt for a timeless appeal.

7. ASOS DESIGN Recycled Frame Mid Square Sunglasses with Orange Lens in Black

The recycled frame sunglasses are also some of the best choices you can have in accessories for winters. With the square frames and 70’s vibes alongside colored lenses in orange, you can easily style up in your best looks for the winter with these sunglasses.

8. ASOS DESIGN Mid Square Sunglasses with Wide Temple in Black

You can grab a pair of cute winter sunglasses in black with a wide temple design. The square frame and dark-tinted lenses make these sunglasses expensive-looking. In addition, the thick style is perfect for winter.

9. Quay Flex Women’s Cat Eye Sunglasses in Black

A pair of classic cat-eye frame sunglasses in black is an easy choice for answering “can you wear sunglasses in the winter” with ease. With slim arms and molded nose pads, you can have an unparalleled accessory in your winter wardrobe.

10. H&M Sunglasses

The H&M sunglasses redefine a classic sunglass design with the brown or tortoiseshell pattern frame. These sunglasses resemble the Celine classic style and are perfect for a small budget. They look classic and chic without trying.

11. Anine Bing Sonoma Sunglasses

 Anine Bing’s Sonoma sunglasses are another top choice of winter sunglasses you would love to wear with different outfits. The acetate frame sunglasses feature monogram logo detailing on the side alongside featuring the unique sepia lenses.

12. Burberry B. Monogram

The B-monogram sunglasses from Burberry show how high-end sunglasses can make your looks more chic and sophisticated. With a light Havana and warm brown gradient, the acetate frame sunglasses are a great option for those who love the oversized style. 


13. Devon Windsor Rio Sunglasses

You can find a stylish alternative to Chanel round winter sunglasses in a pair of Devon brown Rio sunglasses. The metal frames and a double nose bridge design make the sunglasses look unique and effortlessly stylish. 

14. Devon Windsor Rome Sunglasses

The Rome sunglasses in black from Devon Windsor strengthen your accessory collection with some 90s vibes. You can sport them as winter sunglasses with rectangular frames that do not fall back in terms of style. 

15. BP Oval Sunglasses

The final addition in your collection of winter sunglasses would be BP Oval sunglasses. Recreate the 90s style in your winter wardrobe with the unique design of these sunglasses tailored for every modern woman. 

Tips to Shop for Sunglasses for Winter Season

As you can see, there are many alternatives among sunglasses for cold weather that everyone would love to wear. However, there are many significant concerns you should take into account before investing in a pair of chic sunglasses. 

  • Winter sunglasses need to be more thick in design and darker in color so they fit with the winter theme.
  • When you are looking for winter sunglasses you have the option of trendy pieces and timeless classics like Ray Ban’s.
  • Plan your budget in advance and look for the current styles that match it. If you have a small budget, there are many great dupes that look expensive, so don’t compromise.
  • Sunglasses are the final touch to any outfit, so make sure they work well with your look. 

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