20 Trendy and Cheap Handbags Worth The Investment In 2022

Trendy Women Bags
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Handbags are a basic addition to the outfit of any woman. The benefits of handbags are obviously style, while also providing a scope of functionality. Women need handbags to carry their essentials and feel like they have everything they need throughout the day. Therefore, the demand for trendy women bags is always high, especially with the introduction of new trends. 

Some of the prominent trends that have made their mark in today’s fashion include ruched bags, shoulder bags, baguettes, oversized leather tote bags, and many other notable variants. As a result, it is quite reasonable for an individual to be confused about the choices in bags for women when you have so many alternatives. Let us find some of the top trendy bags that can work effectively in any wardrobe. 

The ‘It Bag’ Phenomenon

The earliest known design of handbags goes back to the 15th century when small pouches were used to carry coins and seeds. By the first part of the 20th century, the handbag became an inevitable part of women’s outfits. However, the 1990s brought a unique trend known as the ‘it bag’ phenomenon. 

Gucci started off the ‘it bag’ trend with its bamboo bag. ‘It bags’ basically refer to the premium-priced designer handbags, which have gained staggering levels of popularity. Notable brands such as Prada, Hermes, Chanel, Bottega Veneta, and Louis Vuitton have also introduced trendy women bags that became worldwide favorites. 

Top Choices in Trendy Handbags for Women 

One of the prominent setbacks with ‘it bags’ is the cost factor. Why would you spend thousands of dollars on a designer handbag? The most obvious answer points out the brand value alongside quality and other favorable factors. However, it is also reasonable to take a look at low-budget options among bags for women

Interestingly, retailers have been coming up with great designs which resemble popular trending designer handbags. Most importantly, these new designs by retailers come at astoundingly low costs in comparison to original designer pieces. Here are the top picks among affordable designer handbags for women all over the world. 

      1. H&M Faux-leather Cellphone Bag

The faux-leather cellphone bag with a crocodile pattern comes with an attached case for your smartphone and resembles the Jacquemus mini bag. You can find interesting design highlights in this bag, such as metal carabiner hooks, three card slots, and the narrow, detachable shoulder strap.

      2. H&M Quilted Mini Bag

The quilted mini bag can compete in the category of best designer work bags due to its minimal design. You get the advantage of light padding along with quilting detail for a neutral yet visually dominating appearance. This bag is similar to Bottega Veneta’s famous quilted design and can work well day or night.

      3. H&M Faux Fur Shoulder Bag

Get an alluring shoulder bag crafted from soft faux fur as one of the top options as a stylist ladies bag. The wide shoulder strap and magnetic clasp at the top offer considerable ease of use and convenience, and the style is the hottest trend in fashion bags in 2022.

      4. H&M Straw Bag

Another top addition among ‘It Bags’ today would take you to the straw bag. This straw bag has been crafted from firm, braided straw, and has an addition of faux leather details to add up to the charm.

      5. Label Rail X Olivia & Alice Contrast-spotted Grab Bag

The grab bag with a polka-dot design and a ruched grab handle along with tie details is also one of the top trendy women bags you can pick now. The design makes this bag perfect for Tik Tok and will elevate any plain outfit or a Y2K look.

      6. Asos Design 90s Shoulder Bag

The choice of a vintage 90s-inspired shoulder bag is also the best choice of a stylist ladies bag. The zip-top fastening along with the silver-tone hardware makes the bag functional while delivering profound style advantages thanks to the neutral color and basic shape. 

      7. Asos Design Oversized Ruched Clutch

Your search for the best bags for women can also find relevant answers in the oversized clutch bag with ruched detail, similar to Bottega Veneta’s pouch bag. The striking detail in this clutch bag becomes evident in the detachable shoulder chain. 

      8. Ego Chain Trim Tote Bag

The chain trim tote bag gives the value of size and style together in one place. Discover a unique aesthetic element with the chain detail in this designer tote bag.

      9. Zara Vinyl Floral Mini Shopper Bag

You could also go for trendy women bags, such as the vinyl floral mini shopper bag. The unique tote bag comes with a floral print which boosts its style quotient effortlessly.

      10. Zara Pearl Mini Bucket Bag

The prominent choice in best designer work bags might fall short of excellence before the pearl mini bucket bag. The white bag features a pearl exterior along with a cross-body chain shoulder strap and a handle.

      11. Zara Mini City Bag

The most commonly adopted trend in bags today is to bring mini bags like the Saint Laurent mini bag to the front. Get the mini-city bag dupe from Zara with the two cross-body straps and beautiful design.

      12. Zara Animal Print Crossbody Bag with Buckle

You could also find the best pick in trendy women bags with the animal print cross-body bag. The mini crossbody bag features an animal-embossed exterior with interesting front buckle detail.

      13. Shein Croc Embossed Flap Satchel Bag

The square-design satchel bag inspired by Jacquemus in pink color features a distinct croc pattern to add aesthetic ingenuity to your look. As a small-sized bag, you can find this option suitable for night outs or a day when you don’t carry much with you. 

      14. Shein Floral Graphic Straw Baguette Bag

The floral graphic straw baguette bag is also another cost-effective choice in trendy women bags. It serves as an ideal pick for a vacation bag with floral prints, and most interestingly, it is completely made of paper.

      15. Shein Flower Print Crochet Shopper Bag

You should also try out the floral print crochet shopper bag as another top choice for a vacation bag or a grocery store run. The double-handle design and floral prints with the crochet pattern serve as unique highlights for the shoulder tote bag.

      16. Shein Knot-décor Braided Design Satchel Bag

The knot-décor braided design satchel bag features an elegant square design while maintaining simplicity in its looks. This Bottega Veneta dupe has great reviews, so it’s worth a try.

      17. Mango Baguette Bag with Flap

Another promising cost-effective choice of a stylist ladies bag would take you to the baguette bag with flap closure. The short strap works efficiently in a minimal design while offering the convenience of upper zip fastening. 

      18. Mango Buckled Flap Bag

You could also go for a classic buckled flap bag among the top additions in trendy women bags. Featuring a front lapel and a long removable strap, this bag brings a timeless chic aesthetic value to your outfit. 

      19. Mango Chain Leather Bag

The chain leather bag manufactured from 100% suede fabric also offers distinct design elements such as a front lapel and a long detachable chain strap.

      20. Mango Wood Beaded Bag

The final addition to this list of trendy women bags would definitely refer to the wood beaded bag. The unique highlight of this bag is visible in the wooden beads, which are tailored with a handmade design. 

Tips for Purchasing Trendy Women Handbags

While women handbags are definitely a must-have, there are a lot of factors that play an important role in the selection of women handbags. Here are some pointers which can help you find a selected assortment of women handbags.

  • Look for bags that can fit in effectively with your existing wardrobe.  
  • Read about current trends and try the ones that match your style.
  • Look at your bag selection and see what is missing before making a purchase.
  • Check the material and read reviews to make sure the quality is good.
  • Try adding a statement bag to your wardrobe, like a sequin bucket bag, or a bold color leather mini bag.        


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