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Best Tips to Seamlessly Transition Your Outfit from Day to Night

Planning outfits can be a challenging task, especially if you have somewhere to go right after work. In addition, there might be scenarios where you don’t have the time to pick elaborate ensembles for a night-out outfit after returning from work. You can easily make the most of ideas for shifting day to night outfits easily with just minimal changes. 

Imagine switching from your casual day outfit to an adorable night-out outfit by changing only your shoes or adding a few accessories. You don’t have to try hard to find the best day to night outfits as you can also go with a few changes like adding to your makeup or choosing a different jacket. With a few tweaks to your casual outfit, you can get a party-appropriate look within no time. Let us find some ideas for transitioning your day outfits to night outfits. 

Best Ideas for Day to Night Outfits

Many people ask the question “How do you make a night to day look?” and there is a good reason behind it. Here are some ideas to show you how little changes can help you make a casual day outfit work for night outfits. 

1. From a Work Outfit to a Sexy Night Out Look

One of the best ideas for day to night outfits would be the obvious transition from work outfits to a night-out look. Pick a pair of flowy wide leg pants in camel color with a high waist design and combine it with a white satin effect shirt. Add an oversized black blazer with back buttoned detailing and a pair of high-heeled classic stylish boots with croc embossing. You have the classic work outfit ready at your disposal. How do you change the day to night style with this outfit? 

You can easily craft a sexy night-out look with your work outfit by changing the top and adding accessories. Go for a fitted jersey shirt in black as the sexy top for a night out look in place of the satin effect shirt. Accessorize with a pair of 14K gold plated hoop earrings with crystal detailing and a rhinestone décor evening bag to add some glamour to your look. 

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2. Preppy Casual to Sophisticated Glam

The choices for day to night outfits can also include options for switching from preppy casual outfits to sophisticated glam looks. Assemble a preppy casual outfit by starting with a black mini skirt featuring split detailing at the front. Top it up with a solid button-front blouse in white, and a cable knit V-neck sweater vest in apricot. Choose a pair of minimalist chunky boots in beige with back zipper detailing, and complete your look with a pair of beige tights. 

The best way to change such a preppy casual outfit into a nighttime look is by taking out the sweater vest. Just open the buttons of the button front blouse with two buttons done in the middle for a sexy look. Add a leather blazer in place of the sweater vest and go with heeled boots for a sophisticated, glamorous look. The fashionable slip-on chunky heeled fashion boots elevate your best day to night outfits with ease.

3. From a Day Dress to a Night Show Stopper

Another common concern for transitioning your outfit from day to night is the selection of a day to night dress. The best pick for you, in this case, would be a solid scoop neck sweater dress in black. All you need to complement the dress is a pair of Converse canvas platform sneakers in black. The choice of accessories would also be quite minimal with a high crown baker boy hat in black. You can add another distinct element to your day dress look with a black crossbody bag with a purse and chain décor detailing. 

The monochrome outfit with a black day dress gives you one of the best foundations for day to night outfits. For a nighttime showstopper look, you can just take away the hat and make some new additions. For example, you can add a twisted buckle belt and ditch the sneakers for a pair of elastic heeled booties, both in black. In addition, replace the bag with a quilted chain strap shoulder bag in green. Most importantly, don’t forget to add an oversized long coat in black as your top layer. 

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4. Elevate the Casual Jeans and T-Shirt Look

More often than not, we can find easy ways to shift day to night style with jeans and t-shirt outfits. Take a pair of slim-fit jeans in navy blue color with slit detailing at the hem and a high waist design. Now, you can add an oversized round neck t-shirt with navy and ecru stripes with the jeans. The jeans and t-shirt outfit calls for a chic footwear choice like a pair of black minimalist chunky heeled boots. Add a zip-up puffer down coat in black and grab a tassel décor chain circle bag with a quilted pattern. 

You don’t have to do much for day to night outfits with jeans and t-shirt combinations. The jeans and t-shirt look can easily transform into a nighttime look by just changing the top. In addition, you can also bring a coat with more elegance and accessorize with additional jewelry. Go with an asymmetric top in black, tailored from thick jersey with narrow and adjustable shoulder straps with rhinestone décor. The elegant design of a knee-length faux fur coat in black with an A-line silhouette and gently dropped shoulders add charm to your night outfit. For additional jewelry, grab a pair of golden open hoop earrings with sparkly motifs. 

Tips to Style Day to Night Outfits

Here are some tips you should keep in mind for styling day to night outfits with ease.            

  • You can style a day to night dress easily by changing the shoes, coat and accessories you wear. 
  • Basic looks like jeans and a t-shirt can easily transform from day to night by changing to a more nighttime top and adding some heels. 
  • Focus on hair and makeup as the final aspect of your day to night transformation. A bold red lip or smokey eyes make a huge difference. 

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