15 Tips On How To Thrift Shop Like A Pro

Tips to Thrift Shop Like a Pro
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Thrift shopping has slowly become one of the biggest trends among people who have a soft side for fashion. Rather than opting for the chaos and waste of fast fashion, people are turning towards sustainable options like thrift shopping. The concept of thrifting basically implies that you visit a thrift store, flea market, or garage sale and look for used items at a discounted price. 

The point of thrifting is to find used goods at a good price or unique pieces you won’t find anywhere else. However, thrift store shopping can be difficult because there is a lot to sort through and some sizes can be hard to find. This is why you need some tips to thrift shop like a pro that will help you find your way in the second hand world and get some exciting items.

Thrift like a Professional

Is there any special school for training on thrifting for clothes like a pro? Well, not yet, but the internet is a great resource for tips on thrift shopping. Let us find out some of the best tips that can help you round up with some amazing thrift shopping finds.

     1. Look for the Best Shops

The first entry among tips to thrift shop like a pro is the selection of best vintage shops through a simple online search. Do your research on each vintage shop and find the one that has the products that fit your style preferences best.

     2. Open-mindedness

When you are going thrift shopping, you need to prepare yourself mentally for pre-owned goods. You are not going in for brand new clothes and accessories. Furthermore, you have to keep an open mind for anything that may come your way from the unique collection at thrift stores.

     3. Always Vintage

Thrifting tips and tricks don’t focus only on purchasing pre-owned items. As a matter of fact, you should keep in mind old trends coming back today while you thrift and you might find the vintage origin of them. For example, you can find early 2000s gems like True Religion low waist jeans or Juicy Couture velour sets. 

     4. Classics Are Timeless

When we talk about tips to thrift shop like a pro the first tip that comes to mind is to look for classics. Generally, thrift stores offer exciting collections of vintage Levi’s jeans and band tees that always stay in style. 

     5. Patience is Important

Sometimes when you thrift you can find great items instantly, and on other unfortunate days, you might end up spending hours navigating thrift stores only to end up with disappointment. Thrift shopping tips recommended by experts always focus on giving the required time to browse all the racks and look closely at all the items in the store. You have a massive collection of pre-owned items, and there are many factors that determine whether any of them is a good find for you or not, for example, size, quality, style, and condition. Therefore, you should not rush while thrift shopping. Take your time, examine each rail and item and think carefully if you really love what you picked.

     6. Choose Favorites

More often than not, one of the best thrifting tips and tricks ends up being the simplest one. Just put everything you like in the cart. Before you head to the checkout counter, pick out your favorites and remove the rest from the cart. You can save a lot of time this way while ensuring that you get the best thrift shopping deals. 

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     7. Don’t Aim For Perfection

Perfection is obviously one of the most sought-after traits in fashion. However, tips to thrift shop like a pro would tell you otherwise. Rather than worrying about finding the perfect item from a thrift store, you should consider looking for pieces that are unique or of great value, and once you’ve purchased them, go to a tailor to customize them according to your needs.

     8. Be Careful of Sizing

Vintage clothes in thrift stores are often marked as a certain size while fitting another, for example, a size 4 might actually fit a 2 or an 8. Therefore, you should check every item by trying them on or with a visual inspection. 

     9. Be an Early Bird

Thrift stores can get pretty crowded easily in the busiest hours. Therefore, one of the most recommended tips to thrift shop like a pro suggests that you should come to the store early. If you come early you can find an empty store that is easy to navigate through and have a calmer experience. 

     10. Visit the Store Frequently

People who want to get the best value while thrift shopping should visit the thrift store regularly. If it is not possible to visit the store weekly, make it a habit to drop in at the thrift store once a month. Thrift stores generally bring new clothes and accessories every day, so you may find new stuff each week you visit. 

     11. Be Prepared for Trials

You may have to try on many clothes to find the right choice. However, a bodysuit and pair of leggings can help you avoid the unnecessary trouble of visiting the fitting room frequently.

     12. Cheap is Not Always Good 

You should not purchase any fashion item from thrift stores just because they are inexpensive. Remember that second hand shopping means you are taking the right step towards sustainable fashion consumption. Therefore, thrifting for clothes like a pro must focus on pieces you absolutely love and how well you can incorporate them in your existing wardrobe. 

     13. Snacking is Important 

Thrifting is a challenge at times and it can be quite time-consuming and overwhelming, especially if you visit more than one store a day. So, you must have snacks and a bottle of water ready to keep you energized while shopping.

     14. The Men’s Section May Work

It may come off as a surprise among tips to thrift shop like a pro when you think of men’s clothes as a possible choice. However, ladies could find some exceptional unisex alternatives such as jeans and shirts in the men’s section. 

     15. Take a Good Look at the Store

The final and most important entry among thrifting tips and tricks refers to the fact that you should look at the store carefully. Cover all the racks and look at every item they have on them. Keep in mind that you don’t want to miss a bargain.

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Tips for Thrift Shopping on a Budget

Thrift shopping is really exciting when you find some exceptional fashion pieces at low prices. However, it is important to follow the thrift shopping tips to make sure you find those treasures. Here are some of the tips for cost-effective thrift shopping.

  • Go through all the racks methodically, even the men section and different sizes as well. 
  • Look for inspiration on Tik Tok and Instagram, learn about the trends coming back in style, and write down your wishlist.
  • Don’t be tempted to buy a lot because it is cheap, the purpose of thrifting is to consume fashion more sustainably and reduce waste.
  • If you can’t find the perfect fit, consider a “thrift flip” which is essentially buying an item at the thrift store and turning it into something else, or upgrading it.
  • You could also try restricting the time you spend on thrift shopping. Try visiting the thrift store with a specific amount of money and leave your credit cards at home.     


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