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7 Interesting Tips to Find Vintage Treasures

The vintage gems we all wish to find require ample excavation throughout second hand stores and markets. The vintage treasures you can find when it comes to clothing or accessories have a charm that modern trends can never match. You can find treasures from decades ago that are one-of-a-kind and even desired designer pieces. Vintage is all about exploring and finding things you never thought of! Keep your eyes out for vintage treasures that will spice up your wardrobe and make you look unique everyday.

This article is all about bringing you the best tips to follow if you want to find the best vintage fashion style.

Considerable factors for discovering the best vintage treasures

Many Women are fashion enthusiasts with a keen eye for trends, shopping in sales, and building great modern looks. But when it comes to vintage, it is understandable to struggle with where to start! Once you get the basic approach of how to thrift vintage fashion, you would never struggle to find great vintage treasures ever again. The tips are:

1. Prepare a List of Vintage Stores

The first step in your hunt for great vintage finds is to make a list of vintage fashion stores you have around your city. Explore both online as well as offline options! You will eventually find many places to look for vintage treasures that you haven’t even thought of before. The more stores you explore, the better your chances are to find a true vintage gem. Read reviews online regarding each store to narrow down your hunt and only visit the stores that are relevant to you.

2. Learn from Pro Instagram Influencers

If you want to consider which options would go well with your style and body, have a glimpse at what your favorite Instagram influencers in the field of vintage fashion are wearing. They might have shared some of their tips on where they found vintage treasures all around the world. 

modern vintage aesthetic
PHOTO: @vintagefashion

Also, look at Instagram accounts that upload old celeb pics from the past decades and get some ideas on what was fashionable in each era, and how to style your vintage finds.


3. When Searching for a Bargain Patience is Key

Take your time when you search for treasures or vintage bargains as they are not so easy to find. If you want a true wow piece like old designer items or one of the king pieces, you need to prepare for a long search. Finding the right vintage treasures is a waiting game! You might have to visit your favorite store online or offline a few times until you find that treasure. Don’t feel discouraged if you can’t find a wow piece at your first thrift store or online browse because stock changes daily in these stores so you never know what tomorrow holds.

4. Explore Vintage Markets on Your Next Trip Abroad 

Whether you are travelling for work or planning a fun getaway with your partner to different countries around the world, make sure to add some vintage stores to your list. Look for the special vintage markets in the area you are vacationing in, and you might find something truly unique when you head back to your homeland. Some countries such as France and Italy are quite popular for their vintage collections. They have the best of gems from all decades and styles! So, the next time you book your tickets, make sure you keep a vintage hunt day to satisfy your craving for modern vintage aesthetic appeal.

vintage fashion history
PHOTO: @vintagefashion

Can you believe the hunt for vintage treasures is trending again? 30 years later and we are still wearing oversized suits. It proves that vintage fashion isn’t outdated or not cool, you just need to find the right aesthetic for you.

5. Keep Digging

Don’t hold back when it comes to digging deep in vintage or second hand markets and online stores as well. You need to explore every rack and section of your local thrift store, and also browse till the last page of your favorite online store to find hidden gems.


6. Check out the Local Sales or Garage Sales

When people clean out their homes, they eventually find some great vintage treasures that the older generations kept for many years and are mostly in great condition. Visiting such garage sales or local sales is a great way to find items that haven’t been picked through before and may have a true nostalgic and monetary value.

vintage fashion
PHOTO: @vintagefashion

Your grandparents might have the best collections of their time in the past. If you get your hands on some true vintage gems like that, keep them close! Even decades that we thought no good fashion finds can come out of them, like the 80s, can have some surprising treasures that are relevant in modern days.

7. Put an Alert or Request Online For Your Wishlist

There are some websites online where you can put up a request for the type of vintage treasures you are looking for! Furthermore, you can put an alert over a website like Vestiaire Collective for a specific piece. You will get notifications immediately when an item matches your requests online so you can buy them on the spot and save a lot of time searching!

vintage fashion style
PHOTO: @vintagefashion

You can also take inspiration from the past for fun costumes and new ways of building outfits. As trends circle around and eventually come back, even clothes from 50 or 70 years ago can suddenly become relevant again.

Tips on Styling Top Vintage Outfits

To help you get a glimpse at how you could style the best vintage outfits, here are a few tips as a bonus:

  • Add a modern piece to your vintage attire. It will give you a perfectly blended look of new and old. For instance, go with a vintage dress, but pair it with trendy shoes and a bag.
  • Make sure the vintage piece you found fits your style and isn’t costumy! Don’t match the entire look to a past era like the 50s, keep the look current.
  • Remember that vintage fashion history is ever repeating itself, so what you feel is outdated today, can be a fashion must have tomorrow. Keep your mind open when you thrift.

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