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Tik Tok DIY Hacks to Shorten Your Long Pants & Jeans Without Sewing

Fashion is all about finding the right balance between style, comfort, and functionality in all elements of your outfits. Sometimes, you need to make a few adjustments in otherwise perfect pieces of clothing to ensure that they fit perfectly on you. Think of a pair of jeans or pants that you really love and cannot wear just because they are long. Quite disappointing though, isn’t it? However, you don’t have to worry when you know how to shorten your jeans without sewing or any complicated modifications. Is it possible? Let us find out.

Ideas for Shortening Hems without Sewing

You may have different reasons to shorten your jeans or pants. For example, you may have a petite body shape, and shorter jeans would look good on you. You can also shorten jeans without sewing if you love the cropped look. With TikTok videos featuring innovative fashion hacks, you don’t have to visit your tailor anymore to shorten your jeans and pants. Here are some of the most promising fashion hacks featured in TikTok videos for shortening your pants. 

Video 1- The cutting strategy 

@sabaghaffari DIY: How to Shorten Zara Jeans #zarajeans #widelegjeans #DIY #fashionhack #DIYtutorial #fashiontiktok #fyp ♬ The Journey – Sol Rising

The TikTok video shows how to shorten jeans without cutting, which works best for raw hem pants or jeans. All you need to do is cut them according to your desired length and re-fray them for a raw hem look. Pick up your favorite pair of jeans with raw hem and roll them up to the desired length. 

How do you do that? Start by trying the pants on and rolling them to the desired length. Then, flat iron the rolled-over portion at low heat and fold the jeans in half. Make sure that you line up the seams, particularly the crotch seam, and cut along the crease with fabric scissors. Repeat the same for the other side of the pants and use tweezers to pluck the new hem and re-fray the pants. 

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Video 2- Using hem tape

@_heycarmen how i hem my pants in 5 mins, quick & cheap ✂️ #clothingdiy #pantsdiy #hemmingpants #quickdiy ♬ original sound – heycarmen

Another interesting answer for “how to shorten your jeans without sewing” would be to use hem tape. You can just fold your pants or jeans according to the length you want. You can remove the excess portions if required by using scissors. Now, you can just put a hem tape on the inside of the jeans. Take a flat iron and press it over the hem to secure it perfectly. Finally, you can get natural-looking short jeans or pants with a shorter hem and no trouble. 

Video 3- Sewing at home

@kuebra_ams Should I also make a Video on how to shorten it w/o a machine? #fashion #sewing #pants #foryou #summer #365DaysQuarantine ♬ Please Don’t Go – Mike Posner

TikTok is a treasure trove of fashion hacks on how to shorten jeans without cutting like the ones in this video. You can discover a simple step-by-step guide on sewing the hem to shorten your jeans or pants. Since you cannot avoid sewing for this hack, you need a sewing machine at home. Interestingly, you won’t have any problems following the hack, even if you don’t know how to sew. The basic steps in the tutorial are easy to follow. First of all, wear pants or jeans, especially with shoes, and decide the length you want. Fold the pants to your desired length and secure the fold with safety pins. Now, you can just sew near the edge and cut off the excess fabric. 

Video 4- A temporary fix

@ttaanyaa Being 5’2” in fashion is hard, so here are some hacks 😎 #fashionhacks ♬ SugarCrash! – ElyOtto

One of the easiest hacks for shortening long hem pants without sewing would involve a headband. You can use only a headband to shorten long jeans within seconds. Most importantly, you don’t have to invest a huge share of your time and efforts in this hack, and it’s reversible. Take a headband and use it to cuff the pants inwards in the desired length. 

As you will notice, this definitely shows how to shorten your jeans without sewing in the most effortless manner possible. A simple headband can do all the job of holding your pants and jeans at the desired length. If you don’t like visiting the tailor or any type of sewing and cutting, then this hack is the right option for you. 

Video 5- Hand sewing

@asiahmadi Make your pants shorter in 2min #sewinghacks #youmayneedit #lifehacks #learnontiktok ♬ Ultimate life hacks – Kelly – The Life Bath

If you love baggy jeans, then you might have to face the fact that they always come quite long. However, you can try to shorten the jeans with a little bit of hand sewing. Such a cool hack not only helps you shorten the jeans but also avoids any compromises with the original design of the pants. All you need to do is develop your fluency in implementing the technique, and you can find an easy way to shorten your jeans and pants. You can just observe the hack carefully and see that hand sewing is not as complicated as many assume it to be. 

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Video 6- The fold trick

@annamaegroves I’m 5’4” and had to shorten my jeans so many times when I’m in a hurry. Been doing this for 10 years!TIP: best with rigid denim! #fashionhacks ♬ Praise God – Kanye West

Another interesting hack for how to shorten your jeans without sewing is an ideal pick for shorter girls and women. The best thing about this hack is that you don’t have to worry about a permanently shortened pair of jeans or pants. Fold over the hem and pull it up. Now, take the excess fabric and tuck it inside the hem for a cropped look. One can clearly notice how the fold does not affect the original hem. 

You can flaunt the original design of the jeans and pants without having to sew or cut. Just fold the pants to your desired length, and you are ready to go. Such a fashion hack for shortening your jeans or pants is a favorable option whenever you are in a hurry. On top of it, you can choose this hack if you don’t want any permanent modifications to your favorite pants or jeans.

Tips for Shortening Jeans and Pants Easily

The answers for how to shorten your jeans without sewing provide many solutions you can try out for styling pants and jeans. Here are some pointers you may love to try out. 

  • There are great reversible solutions to shortening pants like folding them in different ways.
  • If you want a fast solution, try cutting the jeans to the desired length, or using hem tape.
  • If you have a large number of pants that need altering, consider going to a tailor for more precise work.

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