Terry-Towelling Fashion Trend

Terry Towelling Trend
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The new fashion trend of towelling is slowly proving to be one of the most comfortable choices to make in fashion today. Towel clothes crafted from terry cloth fabric have been responsible for driving the popularity of terry towelling trend. The soft and pretty fabric is the best choice for summer clothing, largely due to its breathability and use of pastel colors. 

Terry towelling clothing is more than just a practical take on fashion with its exceptional levels of versatility and aesthetic appeal. Let us take a look at some of the best items you can find in the towelling trend that you should add to your wardrobe. 

Top Terry Towelling Dresses

One of the first priorities in arranging your summer wardrobe is comfort and style. At the same time, keeping up with the trends might also qualify as a prominent concern for women worldwide. The terry towelling trend brings the value of a soft, absorbent, and extremely cute fabric and vibe to any outfit. The first uses of terry cloth can be dated back to the 1850s and the pool party fashion trend in the 1970s. As the trend makes a comeback in 2022, here is an outline of some top choices for your summer wardrobe.

      1. ASOS 70s Inspired Skirt and Bralette Set

Get ready for the beach with the terry towelling summer trend and make a statement with the floral co-ord set right now. The vintage 70s style skirt and bralette offer a distinctly retro vibe with functional design elements. 

      2. ASYOU 3 pcs Lounge Set

The three-piece lounge set from ASYOU is an exceptional addition to the terry towelling trend thanks to its versatility. The set includes a zip-through funnel neck jumper with fitted trims and drop shoulder, alongside matching joggers with elastic drawstring waist and cuffs. The third piece is a bralette with a scoop-neck design and cropped length. You can wear this set together or separately and it will transform easily to make a great fall outfit with boots.

      3. Stradivarius Pink Polo Shirt

The pink polo shirt by Stradivarius comes with looped towelling fabric and a classic polo collar design. As one of the best additions among terry towelling summer trend, this pink polo shirt features short sleeves and a partial button placket. The cropped length and the regular fit of the pink polo will give a very 2000s vibe to any look. 

      4. Reclaimed Vintage Cap

A unique choice among the towelling pieces in this article is a cap in beautiful pastel purple. The cap is a great summer addition as it is fun and lightweight.

      5. Fila Pink Shoulder Bag

The terry towelling trend also has some surprising accessories in store like the fila pink shoulder bag. This bag will elevate any simple jeans and t-shirt look, and add a youthful vibe.


      6. Fila Sweatshirt

Grab one of the top choices in terry towelling clothing, which is the exclusive high-neck sweatshirt from Fila. The embroidered logo on the chest is a great 90s inspiration, while the lilac color makes it summer appropriate.

      7. Raid Heeled Sandals

The terry towelling trend hadn’t skipped the footwear section as you can see with these heeled sandals by Raid. The towelling heels are inspired by a Balenciaga towelling collection but at a more affordable price and wearability.

      8. Mango Playsuit

The Mango pastel blue towel-texture cotton playsuit could also be an interesting addition to your collection of terry towelling dresses. The straight design with a classic collar and short sleeves render a classic appearance while maintaining simplicity. This is a great everyday piece that you can wear and feel comfortable while looking super cute.

      9. Mango Striped Polo Mini Dress

The Mango striped polo mini dress is also an interesting choice among the different terry towelling summer dresses. With a minimal and stylish design, you will enjoy a trend without looking like you tried too hard. 

      10. Mango Pink Shorts

Towelling shorts, especially in pink, could also be another striking choice in the towelling trend. They feature a high-waist design with an elasticated waist for a great fit and versatile use. The sustainably sourced towel fabric in these pink shorts lets you stay cool effortlessly during the summer while excelling in your style.

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      11. Shein Orange Halter Top

If you are looking for a vibrant addition to the terry towelling trend, then you should try this orange halter top. The tie-back cutout halter top in orange crafted from terry clothing is a great Y2K inspired piece. This halter top will work great with low waist jeans, graphic printed pants, and tennis skirts.

      12. Flounce London Cream Crop Top

Featuring the exceptional comfort and texture of looped towelling fabric, the new cream crop top from Flounce London is a perfect pick among terry towelling dresses. The cropped length and neutral color mean this top will pair nicely with high waist jeans, pants, or shorts. The towelling cream crop top can easily become your go to this summer.

Tips to Purchase Terry Towelling Clothes

The Terry clothing trend is another Y2K trend coming back and making an impact on fashion. However, it is quite difficult to purchase terry towelling clothes when you don’t have the right guidance. Here are some pointers to keep in mind before you purchase terry towelling clothes.

  • Remember that terry towelling clothes are a trend and likely won’t last more than a couple of summers, so opt for cheaper options.
  • Towelling sets are a great option to wear the trend this summer, with a simple white t-shirt and sneakers. 
  • If you’re not sure how to wear the trend and looking for a more subtle way to join the hype, stick with neutral colors, or go for towelling accessories instead. 
  • When shopping online, take a look at reviews of customers to find more about distinct features in the clothes you choose.          


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