10 Ways to Style a Sweater Vest

women sweater vest trend
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Fashion changes over the course of time and new trends are ever-evolving. In some cases, new trends are just old styles with a modern twist. One of the prominent examples of such trends is the women sweater vest trend

The trend of sweater vests in fashion emerged primarily as the first choice for men. The sweater vest was once thought of as the go-to outfit choice for grandfathers all over the world, alongside geography teachers and accountants. Nowadays, the sweater vest is considered a huge fashion trend that fashion bloggers and celebs love. On the other hand, many women all over the world are not sure how to style this item and make it look chic. The following discussion will help you find some top choices among sweater vests for women, along with reliable styling tips. 

Top Picks in Sweater Vest Trend 2022

The trend of sweater vests gained attention last year, with notable celebrities such as Bella Hadid and Harry Styles donning them and looking great. The rise of 90’s and 2000’s trends have made the sweater vest trend prominent and versatile, with different variations such as printed knits, oversized options, pastel colors, and vest as tops options. You can wear vests as a top layer on top of poplin tops and dresses or just by themselves. The growing interest in sweater vests is definitely the best reason to dive into an outline of the best sweater vests presented as follows.

      1. Zara Seamed Linen Blend Vest

The first choice in the sweater vest trend 2022 for your wardrobe would refer to Zara’s cropped vest with tonal seam detail. The front button closure resembles the classic sweater vest design, while the cropped cut and V-neckline incorporate professional vibes and a modern feel. 

      2. Zara Linen Blend Halter Vest

Another effective selection in the women sweater vest trend would refer to the Zara linen-blend halter vest. The unique highlights of the halter vest include the metal hook closure along with front false welt pockets, similar to a vest Emily Ratajkowski wore. 

      3. Zara Buttoned Vest

Zara’s buttoned vest in nude is one of the simplest and most versatile additions among sweater vests for women. The chic design and neutral color mean you can incorporate it in countless outfits easily and wear it all year long.

      4. Monki Dogstooth Button-down Vest

The Monki dogtooth design vest offers another promising addition to your wardrobe and a new take on the sweater vest trend 2022. The sleeveless suit vest is the newest vest style to become popular, and this option from Monki is a great option. Wear this vest on its own, with no top underneath, and pair it with tailored trousers or wide-leg jeans.  

      5. Mango Tweed Cotton Vest

The options among sweater vests you can find in 2022 have to include a tweed cotton vest. The classic Mango vest is made of cotton and tweed fabric with a beautiful shape and accents that will elevate any outfit. 


      6. H&M Crop Sweater Vest

Do you love the tennis player trend that is huge right now? The cropped sweater vest might be the perfect choice for you to master the tennis player trend and women’s sweater vest trend casually. The short sweater vest features a soft knit and can be worn on its own or on top of a button-down shirt. 

      7. Shein Single-breasted Solid Vest

The single-breasted solid vest is also a great choice for those who love the sweater vest trend 2022 addition. It features the trendy suit style with buttons and a classic shape. 

      8. Shein V-neck Vest Jacket

You could get the perfect pick in the women sweater vest trend with the elegant V-neck vest jacket. The sleeveless vest jacket offers a front button and a wrap closure that makes it chic and timeless. 

      9. Shein Double-button Plaid Blazer Vest

Sweater vests could also be the ideal choices for professional and formal events, especially if you pair the vest with matching trousers. The plaid pattern and regular fit design, along with the double-breasted placket, provide functionality as well as sophistication. 

      10. Revolve Denim Vest

The Ava denim vest is also another Y2K inspired item you can come across when looking for sweater vest style tips. The EB denim vest features a front-button closure design and a retro feel thanks to the denim fabric. You can easily complete your look with straight-leg jeans or a midi skirt.

This vest is the closest among the options in this article that will help you recreate an iconic vest worn by Kendall Jenner in the below outfit

women sweater vest trend
PHOTO: @kendalljennerstyleicon

Tips for Styling up Sweater Vests

The different options among the best sweater vests available now show their exceptional potential for style. However, the minimal nature of sweater vests as an addition to women’s outfits makes it difficult to pick the perfect one for you. Here is an outline of the best sweater vest style tips to help you master this huge fashion trend effortlessly. 

  • When it comes to styling, you can wear the sweater vest on its own or on top of a button-down shirt or t-shirt. 
  • Sweater vests look amazingly styled with matching trousers but also with jeans for a casual everyday look.
  • Another common choice for styling in the women’s sweater vest trend refers to dresses. You can try on sweater vests with long or short poplin dresses. 
  • Don’t forget that sweater vests have many variations, so pick the style you love the most, whether it’s a suit-style vest, a sweater or knit vest, an oversized fit, or a printed crop vest.

The most promising and contemporary way to style up your look in sweater vests for women is to wear them without layering. Wearing a sleeveless sweater vest as a top with high-waist mom-fit jeans is the best way to make the trend look amazing.


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