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4 Steps to Become a Sustainable Fashion Lover

Wondering what is sustainable fashion and how can you become a sustainable fashion lover? Becoming a sustainable fashion lover takes only four steps, let’s dive in to learn!

The impact of fashion on the world around us is probably one of the most important issues any fashion lover should take into account. If you are thinking about the cultural and social impact of fashion, then you might be looking in the wrong direction. While fashion has had a massive influence on culture and society, it has also become one of the formidable detriments to the environment around us. 

Have you heard of discussions on sustainable fashion in recent times? If you know about the demand for sustainability in fashion, then you must have a basic impression of the effect of fashion on the environment. The world wants a change towards environment-friendly fashion grounded in the principles and best practices of sustainability. Is it easy to adopt sustainability in modern fashion?

Importance of Sustainability in Fashion 

Many of you wonder about how fashion can negatively affect the environment around us. You might think your clothes don’t emit harmful gasses and particulate matter into the environment. Well, you would be wrong in thinking that. That is why it is important to educate yourself about ‘what is sustainable fashion’ and how it resolves the environmental impact of fast fashion.

According to estimates, the fashion industry accounts for almost 10% of global carbon emissions. The US alone throws almost 11.3 million tons of textile waste annually. In addition, washing your clothes also releases around 500,000 tons of microfibers into the ocean annually. That amounts to almost 50 billion plastic bottles! 

The numbers clearly show how the fashion industry has had a catastrophic influence on the world. The negative impact of fashion has also been responsible for climate change on a global level. As a result, the demand for awareness regarding sustainable fashion has been gaining momentum in recent times.

How Can You Adopt Sustainable Fashion?

Considering the negative impacts of the fashion industry on the environment, it would be reasonable to look for sustainable options. You don’t have to stop shopping for new clothes just because fashion is harming the environment. On the contrary, you need to make some changes in your fashion consumption to create a more sustainable style statement. You need to change the way you think of the whole process of consuming fashion. At the same time, you must also pay attention to the negative aspects of the fashion industry, such as supply chain consequences and worker exploitation.

Social media and mainstream advertising can push you constantly to adopt new trends and consume fast fashion. However, you must navigate the difficult path in order to become a more sustainable and ethical fashion consumer. You can take up the responsibility of safeguarding your future generations from the impact of fast fashion with the following pointers.

1. Awareness

The foremost requirement for starting your journey towards sustainable fashion is awareness. Many people look for sustainable choices in clothing to comply with the latest trends in fashion consumption. However, you must dive deeper into the impact of fast fashion and the costs inflicted by the fashion industry on the planet. Without a comprehensive overview of what fast fashion can do to this planet, if left unchecked, you are more likely to assume sustainability is a fad.

You need to learn more about the negative effects of the fashion industry on our environment and the people working in the industry. Solid knowledge of what’s wrong with the fashion industry can help you build a commitment toward sustainability in fashion. A clear understanding of ‘what is sustainable fashion’ also helps you make favorable decisions in fashion consumption. For example, you might purchase fewer clothes when you know about the damage it causes.      


2. Action

The second step in pursuing your sustainable fashion journey focuses on action. Now that you know about the negative effects of fashion on the environment, you can work on basic actions for sustainable and ethical fashion consumption. As a consumer, you can introduce various modifications, such as limiting consumption for a certain period of time. 

One of the most trusted approaches for adopting sustainability in fashion focuses on purchasing from sustainable brands. However, the examples of sustainable fashion set by the brands matter more than their claims. Look for brands that actually contribute to sustainability with their actions. You can shop for clothes and accessories from local stores rather than ordering them online, thereby saving the damage due to supply chain operations. 

Second-hand and vintage clothes are also another trusted answer for anyone seeking sustainable fashion choices. You would not impose any additional burden on the environment by shopping for second-hand or vintage clothes. As a matter of fact, you can reduce the amount of waste going to landfills.

Reduce the pieces you have in your closet and keep only what you need without stuffing it up with new trendy pieces. If you don’t love a certain dress or pair of jeans anymore, then you can donate it or resell it. You can also opt for a few reworks on the clothes you have and tailor them according to your style preferences. Definitely, some better choices than sending them to landfills, aren’t they?

3. Small Steps

You must note the examples of sustainable fashion practices if you want to start with small steps toward sustainability in fashion. Baby steps are an essential requirement for an easier and less complicated process of adopting sustainability. No one is pressurizing you to become a sustainable fashion lover in one day. Once you have realized the importance of sustainability, you can work on some basic steps one by one with commitment. Here are some of the promising steps that can help you incorporate sustainability into your closet.

  • Shopping Diet– First of all, don’t throw away your entire closet just because you want to become sustainable in terms of fashion. You can start by limiting the number of new clothes you purchase, otherwise known as a shopping diet. For example, if you love purchasing 10 new pieces every month, you can cut it to 5 pieces per month. On the other hand, if you don’t purchase clothes regularly, you can try limiting your purchases to 2 or 3 new pieces annually. 
  • Buy From Sustainable Brands– The best way to solidify your identity as an advocate of sustainability in fashion focuses on understanding “what is sustainable fashion” and its vision. This can help you identify the sustainable brands that work in alignment with the principles of sustainability. 
  • Wardrobe Decluttering This is an interesting method for adopting sustainability in fashion. Take a look at the pieces you have in your wardrobe and identify the ones you don’t need anymore. Make sure that you don’t throw them away in the waste though. You can donate them, resell them, or take the clothes to a tailor and make some changes. 
  • Thrift shopping is another best practice for sustainable fashion you should try for fun. You can find some exclusive vintage and pre-owned clothing and accessories in thrift shops. While you find some amazing choices for chic and stylish outfits, you would not impose any negative effect on the environment with your purchases.


4. Commitment

The final requirement in adopting sustainability would point towards commitment. After developing a solid impression of the examples of sustainable fashion, you must show your commitment. Dedication is one of the key things you would need for planning your future actions in a consuming fashion.

You can identify the tasks you can maintain and the actions which are more difficult. In addition, you must work on developing a commitment to bigger steps with new rules in fashion consumption. Whether you want to avoid shopping completely or opt for a minimal closet, you need a solid direction. Stay strong in your path, and you can become a true connoisseur of sustainable fashion in no time.

Tips to Shop for Sustainable Clothes and Accessories

Here are some tips you should follow for purchasing sustainable clothes and accessories.

  • Check the answer to “what is sustainable fashion” in detail to know what sustainability actually means in fashion. It can help you identify the clothes and accessories which are actually sustainable.
  • Look for inspiration on sustainable fashion outfit choices and popular sustainable brands to find the best sustainable picks for your closet.
  • Being a sustainable fashion lover can be many different things, so don’t be afraid to follow your own path. You can try minimalism, a shopping diet, thrifting, closet swaps, reworking your clothes, and so much more options.

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