27 Sustainable and Ethical Fashion Brands to Shop in 2022

best sustainable fashion brands
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Brands and consumers in the present times are inclined towards sustainability in different types of purchases. Interestingly, the call for sustainability in the fashion industry just might reverberate across other industries in the future. The growing popularity of the best sustainable fashion brands is one of the foremost reasons for considering the feasibility of sustainability in fashion. 

In the beginning, sustainable clothing included only some inadequately fabricated pieces and extremely high prices. However, the number of brands with sustainable fashion products has been increasing and changing the perception of sustainable clothing. The following discussion introduces you to some of the top sustainable brands in fashion right now.

Best Sustainable Fashion Brands

Before finding out the renowned sustainable brands in fashion, it is important to find out what brands are sustainable. What exactly qualifies a brand as a sustainable one? The simplest answer for the question points out that a sustainable brand in fashion is one that has a positive impact on people as well as the planet. 

Sustainable brands offer not only fashion crafted from recycled items but also fair treatment for all workers across the supply chain. Furthermore, sustainable brands also ensure that their environmental footprint imposes limited damage. Another trait of the best sustainable fashion brands is the facility of none or few animal products such as leather or wool. 

With the clarity on specific traits of sustainable fashion brands, it is important to find some of the top brands which are leading the trend of women’s sustainable fashion. Here are some of the top choices among sustainable brands for women you can find right now.

1. Reformation

Reformation is one of the top brands when it comes to sustainable brands of clothing that are trendy and coveted. Reformation features a specific program, known as RefScale, aimed at tracking its environmental footprint. The brand showcases the numbers regarding the savings of water, carbon dioxide, and waste in comparison to other clothes. 

2. Everlane

Everlane is also one of the best sustainable fashion brands with a specific focus on maintaining transparency in its supply chain and working relentlessly for sustainability.

3. Sezane

Sezane is a renowned French brand known for its sustainable offerings in women’s clothing. The four distinct pillars of the brand’s sustainability plan are social sustainability, environmental sustainability, circular practices, and slower production speed.


4. House of Sunny

House of Sunny or HOS is also a top choice for sustainable brands clothing among millenials and Gen-Z’s. The brand follows fair and safe labor practices in manufacturing. With proper screening for all suppliers, HOS produces two seasonal collections yearly with an emphasis on sustainable manufacturing methods and fabrics. 

5. Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney is a milestone brand in the domain of sustainable fashion. It introduced eco-friendly and, most important of all, vegan materials to the emerging fashion market with specific sustainability commitments. 

6. Baum Und Pferdgaten

Baum Und Pferdgaten also makes it to the best sustainable fashion brands. It has recently released a capsule collection featuring organic cotton pieces. The certification of organic cotton by GOTS also works in favor of the sustainability claims of the brand. 

7. Veja

The demand for Veja sneakers has been rocketing up since 2005. The brand’s sustainability is evident in the eco-friendly sneakers that are manufactured with raw materials obtained from organic farming and ecological agriculture. 

8. Faithfull The Brand

Faithfull The Brand is one of the top answers to the question what brands are sustainable and desirable. The Bali-based fashion brand offers travel-ready fashion with the support of well-qualified local artisans, ensuring a mutually beneficial relationship. 

9. Re/Done

Re/Done came to the mainstream fashion scene in 2014 and has found its place among top sustainable brands. The brand basically focuses on repurposing old Levis jeans and re-making them into some innovative and unique styles. Most recently, the brand has shifted attention to sweats, dresses, suits, and t-shirts. 

10. Alohas

Alohas also makes it to the list of best sustainable fashion brands for many reasons. Interestingly, it works as an on-demand style shopping platform, thereby reducing the scope of textile waste. In addition, the 2nd Life project by Alohas focuses on finding out the possibilities for using sustainable vegan materials. 

11. Acne

Acne Studios has also made it among the renowned sustainable fashion brands with promising performance in certain areas. The sustainability practices of the brand focus on the products, operations, and suppliers of the brand with transparent reporting.

12. Theory

The New York-based brand, Theory, has some premium wardrobe essentials with a formidable commitment to sustainability. The brand maintains a focus on its supply chain with an emphasis on increasing the awareness of consumers about the manufacturing process.

13. Mother of Pearl

Your search for sustainable women’s fashion could also take you to the brand Mother of Pearl. It is a sustainable fashion brand for luxury fashion and accessories for women with a commitment to ethical activism. 

14. Girlfriend Collective

Girlfriend Collective brings sustainability into the world of affordable loungewear and athleisure wear with materials such as fishing nets, plastic bottles, and other types of waste. 

15. Mara Hoffman

Mara Hoffman has worked on reducing the environmental footprint of the swimwear and resort wear offered by the brand. The brand uses recycled polyester and nylon along with organic materials such as cotton, linen, and hemp.

16. Lucy & Yak

Lucy & Yak has also strengthened its reputation as one of the top additions among the best sustainable fashion brands. It leverages eco-friendly materials such as recycled polyester along with handmade products in order to reduce environmental impact.

17. Eileen Fisher

There is absolutely no need to introduce Eileen Fisher when it comes to sustainability. The brand’s Horizon 2030 program emphasizes on prospects of regenerative farming and the identification of new techniques for repurposing materials.


18. Boden

The London-based Boden brand has a reputation as a sustainable brand for its ethical practices. Some of them include eco-friendly practices, the use of sustainable cotton, and an ethical supply chain.

19. People Tree

People Tree is another top addition among the best sustainable fashion brands without any doubts. The core mission of People Tree has been focused on manufacturing products with the highest environmental and ethical standards. 

20. House of Dagmar

The Swedish brand, House of Dagmar, brings a cultural vibe into the contemporary, playful aesthetics of the brand. The brand has received adequate recognition for its efforts to boost sustainability in the fashion industry.

21. Gaala Paris

If you are looking for sustainable brands clothing, then you should not miss out on Gaala. The brand has almost everything from work-friendly pieces to summer dresses with a chic appeal and sustainability advantages.

22. Boyish Jeans   

Boyish Jeans also carves a unique place in the best sustainable fashion brands, especially in the arena of women’s denim. The brand focuses on designing locally with ethical and sustainable practices alongside the use of sustainable fabrics.

23. Simon Miller

Sustainability and Simon Miller go hand in hand with some of the most fashionable handbags. The sustainability of the brand is evident in the reduction of the environmental impact of the brand alongside ensuring conservation of water. 

24. Pangaia

Pangaia is one of the latest additions among the best choices for new wardrobe essentials with the benefit of bio-based fabric and recycled materials used for manufacturing. 

25. Outerknown

The popular sustainable fashion brands also include Outerknown thanks to their relentless commitment to sustainability. Almost 90% of fabric sourced by Outerknown is organic, regenerated, or recycled.

26. Christy Dawn 

Christy Dawn also marks a prominent highlight among the best sustainable fashion brands for its timeless, vintage dresses. The use of residual fabric in the clothes with designer appeal makes Christy Dawn an instant favorite.

27. Mate the Label

The laidback essentials of Mate the Label and other offerings focus on the mission of clean clothing. It maintains the use of organic materials in production and keeps the factories in close proximity for better monitoring.

Tips to Shop for Sustainable Clothing

Here are some tips to help you shop for sustainable clothing.

  • Make the most of the clothes you already have in your wardrobe if you want to practice sustainable clothing.
  • Do not fall for trends and look for the necessary things you must have in your wardrobe. 
  • If you want to add something new to your wardrobe try looking at second hand options or sustainable brands like the ones on this list.
  • Read the sustainability assurance on the website of each brand to make sure they are truly committed to the cause.


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