Tips to Transform Your Summer Outfits Into Fall Clothing

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As the temperatures start to drop after a hot summer season, the demand for fall clothing becomes clearly noticeable. However, the transition from cute summer to fall outfits can be quite difficult, especially due to uncertainty regarding the weather in the fall season. While it is imperative to opt for a wardrobe revamp upon moving away from the summer season, you should also have to depart from your favorite summer outfits. At this point in time, many people look for the best ways to transform summer clothes to fall-appropriate, for example, how to turn a summer dress into a fall dress. How is this possible? Let us find out.

Best Ways to Shift from Summer to Fall Outfits

While many people wonder about the difficulty of summer to fall transition fashion, it is completely the opposite. You don’t have to completely let go of your summer outfits and buy an all-new fall wardrobe. Just select the ideal fall pieces that will help you upgrade any summer outfit and make it warmer as well as chic. Most importantly, you have to keep in mind that fall is an unexpected season so layering is a good idea, therefore you can still use your summer clothes, you just need a bit of reinforcement. Here are some interesting ways to turn a summer dress into a fall outfit, which you can try out easily.

      1. Colorful Sweaters

You could start with the transition of cute summer to fall outfits by including colorful sweaters in your wardrobe. Your fall collection can be versatile with the use of sweaters for layering over summer looks and adding some boots. Try on a chevron binding sweater with striped contrast details over your summer outfits. Colorful sweaters over summer dresses with some cool cowboy boots are a great trend for fall 2022.

      2. Long Pants

The next important pointer for summer to fall transition fashion is the choice of long pants instead of shorts. It is recommended to go with long pants crafted from thicker fabric like wool, corduroy, or a warm blend. One of the best choices would be split-hem trousers in tan color that you will wear all year round.

      3. Cardigan and Tank Top Set

A cardigan and tank top set also serves as an exceptional piece in your wardrobe for the transition season. It is another Tik Tok trend that got mainstream and for a good reason. A cardigan will help you stay warm while allowing adequate room for breathability. The matching cropped tank top is just an added bonus of style.

      4. Choose Sneakers

The summer to fall transition outfits in 2022 will also look better with sneakers instead of sandals. Sneakers are a great way to keep you warmer and look cool. The best timeless sneakers are the Stan Smith trainers from the house Adidas because they go with any outfit and always look chic. The white and orange detailing with Trefoil make these sneakers a top addition in your summer to fall outfits.

      5. Faux Leather

One of the most trusted recommendations to turn your summer outfits into fall outfits is the use of faux leather items. Try to go with a faux leather skater dress in black that you can pair with a short or long sleeve top underneath, depending on the weather.

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      6. Leather-like Jackets

Take a look at the faux leather trench coat in black as another good choice for mastering the cute summer to fall outfits transition. It can work perfectly for layering over an outfit suitable for the summer season.

      7. Sweatshirts

You could also choose Y2K inspired sweatshirts as a viable addition to your summer outfits if you want to make them suitable for the fall season. It is easier to turn a summer dress into a fall outfit with a sweatshirt that you can pair over mini dresses. A butterfly-print drop shoulder pullover is one of the promising choices in this case. you can add a skinny belt to cinch and crop the sweatshirt and make it look super cute on top of any dress.

      8. Darker Wash Long Jeans 

Pick up a pair of vintage mom jeans with a dark stonewash or mid-rise flared cropped jeans for this fall. Pair them with a classic button-down or fine knit and you got the perfect summer to fall transition outfits in 2022.

      9. Cardigans

Discard all suggestions about a cardigan being too clichéd for the fall season. Go with a cable-knit cropped cardigan with a drop shoulder design as a functional staple for your wardrobe for the transitional season.

      10. Flowy Dresses with Long Sleeves

Few design modifications in summer dresses make them perfectly suitable for the transition season from summer to fall. You should try a shirred bodice dress with floral prints all over or a shirred bodice maxi dress with blue stripe prints and a square neckline. If it’s not warm enough, you can add a leather or denim jacket on top.

      11. Thicker Pants, Warmer Colors

Another prolific suggestion for moving from cute summer to fall outfits is the selection of thicker pants in warmer colors. The best example, in this case, would be high-waist corduroy straight-leg pants. 

      12. Boots

Adding up boots to your summer looks, such as dresses, jeans, and tops could also make your outfit fall-appropriate. A pair of western heeled boots with seamless stitching detail can work wonders for your looks in the transition season. 

      13. Denim Jackets

Simple 90s denim jackets could also be great choices for ‘how to turn a summer dress into a fall dress.’ A 90s denim jacket crafted from organic cotton blend could fit in with almost any summer outfit and make it fall-appropriate.


      14. Two-piece Midi Dress with Cardigan

Experiment with a combination of a striped midi dress and a cardigan in black as one of the possible ideas for excelling in the summer to fall transition fashion.

      15. Long-sleeve Tops or Warmer Fabric Tops

Take your summer bottoms and put on some long-sleeve tops or ones made of warmer fabric. For instance, you can choose a sweetheart neckline jumper with ribbed detailing or a basic knit sweater over your summer bottoms. You could aim for sophistication with the printed lapel collar top paired with beige tailored trousers and some classic boots. 

      16. Poplin Tops

Use poplin tops to the best of your advantage in shifting from cute summer to fall outfits. You can have a poplin shirt over tank tops or under vests for warmth in the transition season. They are so versatile and easy to style, that is why they are a staple all year round.

      17. Cardigan Dress

A versatile fall piece you will use again and again over the fall is a cardigan dress that you can wear both ways. The oversized cardigan dress in knit fabric presents the flexibility of changing your looks according to the weather.

      18. Blazers

Blazers are always a perfect addition to any outfit, no matter the season. Pick a blazer with rolled-up sleeves as your first choice for mastering the use of blazers in transition season looks.

      19. Fall-appropriate Accessories

The transition of cute summer to fall outfits becomes a lot more stylish with fall-appropriate accessories. Your best choices might include a fine frame, mid-square sunglasses with a tortoiseshell frame, and a ruched baguette bag with a warmer tone.

      20. Chunky Jewelry

The most prominent choice in fashion during the transition from summer to fall also focuses on chunkier jewelry. Hoop earrings or a mixed chain necklace will help you impose a formidable fashion statement without compromising on sophistication.

Tips to Purchase Clothes for the Transition Season

Here are some tips to help you purchase efficiently for the transition season.

  • Have your measurements ready before you sit to shop for fall pieces.
  • Try to pick versatile items such as a denim jacket or western boots that will work well in the winter and next year as well.
  • Pay adequate attention to your wardrobe so you can find the missing pieces for fall. 
  • Choose warmer tones and thicker fabrics that will keep you warm.    


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