24 Stylish and Comfortable Summer Sandals and Flip

Best Summer Sandals for Women
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Shopping for shoes has become quite a challenging task in recent times with the massive wave of online fashion stores. Apart from your favorite local stores, branded houses, and top designers, there is a varied assortment of shoes out there for every occasion. During the summer season, one would reasonably look for the best summer sandals for women that are comfortable and chic in design. 

Sandals are one of the best choices of footwear for women during the summer season. The other choices, such as slides, mules, and heels, are also functional additions to any woman’s summer wardrobe. On the other hand, it is also reasonable to wonder whether it is easy to select and buy the most comfortable sandals for summer. 

Top Trendy Summer Sandals for Women in 2022

The choice of shoes is critical because they are a focal point in any outfit. At the same time, it is also critical to find shoes that offer not only style but also comfort. The most plausible solution, in this case, would point towards sandals. If you are searching for cute summer sandals for 2022, then you should take a look at the following best picks. 

      1. Zara Strappy Sandals

The strappy sandals are one of the best summer sandals for women with a squared toe design. You have the perfect chunky platform sandal featuring buckled ankle-strap closure as the highlights in these sandals. 

      2. Zara Knotted Mesh Heeled Sandals

Try on the mesh design stiletto heel sandals featuring a knot detail on the vinyl straps along with buckled ankle strap closure. They are a great Bottega Veneta dupe at a fraction of the price. 

      3. Zara Sparkly Strap Heeled Sandals

Enjoy the party this summer with one of the best trendy summer sandals reminiscent of the Amina Muaddi design thanks to the sparkly details and overall shape.

      4. Zara Tied Raffia Wedges

Simplicity gets a completely glamorous makeover with tied raffia wedges featuring wraparound straps around the ankle. The espadrille wedge is a classic that you will wear for years to come.

      5. Zara Slide Sandals with Pearls

Another top pick among the best summer sandals for women would definitely point towards Zara’s slide sandals with pearls. They are a summer favorite thanks to the comfortable sole and pearl accents that make them stand out.

      6. Zara Thick Heeled Sandals

The next must have in any summer footwear collection would be Zara’s heeled sandals that come in great colors and comfy thick heels. 


      7. Zara Flat Strappy Sandals

You could also look at flat strappy sandals as one of the cute summer sandals for 2022. These sandals feature tubular straps along with a uniquely geometric-shaped insole. This is a simple and minimalistic design that will work well with all your summer dresses.

      8. Miista Chunky Toe Loop Slides

The chunky toe loop slides blend style and functionality together and gives a true 90s vibe. If you are looking for a trendy and comfortable sandal, this is the one for you.

      9. Asos Design Embellished Heeled Mules

You should also try on embellished heeled mules as one of the best summer sandals for women. The diamante embellishment, along with the peep toe and mid-point heel design makes them the perfect party shoe for summer.

      10. Topshop Leather Mid-clog Mule

Summer footwear style in 2022 cannot be complete without the trendy clog. Chunky sole clog mules with a mid-block heel would be a great choice for you when it comes to comfort and style in the summer. 

      11. Public Desire Chunky Sandals in Bone

Add a trendy chunky sandal to your wardrobe, with ruched straps in nude that will make any look more interesting and fun.

      12. Birkenstock Big Buckle Flat Sandals

If you are looking for the most comfortable sandals this summer, then you must try on the big-buckle flat sandals from Birkenstock. The classic Birkenstock Arizona model is a must have for everyday running around and staying comfortable.

      13. Asos Design Hillary Strappy Heeled Mules 

The low-rounded heel in the Hillary Strappy heeled mules by Asos is reminiscent of the Cult Gaya designs. Along with the slip-on style and the open-toe design these sandals are an ideal choice among trendy summer sandals.

      14. New Look Plaited Thong Sandals

Plaited thong sandals are also one of the best choices thanks to the similarity to Bottega Veneta’s braided sandals design. The coral color ads a wow factor to the minimal design and makes them perfect for summer.

      15. River Island Ankle Tie Kitten Heels

Ankle-tie kitten heels should also make their way into your footwear collection for this summer. They are cute, and the open-toe design, along with the stiletto heels, makes you look graceful. 

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      16. Mango Asymmetric Leather Sandals

The best summer sandals for women would also include asymmetric leather sandals made of 100% bovine leather. The square-toed design with straps alongside the wood-style sole gives a perfectly contemporary aesthetic.

      17. Mango Leather Straps Sandals

You could also find a strappy sandals with flat soles in the list of best summer sandals for women. These sandals are made from 100% leather material so they will last and look expensive.

      18. H&M Slip-on Sandals

The next possible choice for your summer footwear would be a pair of slip-on sandals made of faux leather. These sandals feature a wide and twisted foot strap as the best highlights for your wardrobe this summer. 

      19. H&M Light Beige Quilted Slides

Slides are obviously the best style of footwear you can wear in the summer, and these faux leather slides with quilted straps make up for an interesting addition to your footwear collection. 

      20. Shein Pink Faux Leather Open-toe Stiletto Heels

Another party favorite among best summer sandals for women would definitely include the pink faux leather open-toe stiletto heels from Shein. The sleek, simplistic design will elevate your party dress without stealing the spotlight. 

      21. Shein Faux Leather Square Toe-Thong Sandals

Flats thong sandals are the best alternative for casual summer footwear. Thong sandals made of faux leather with a square toe design can be a graceful addition to your everyday outfits with ease.

      22. Shein Vegan Leather Square Toe Slip-on Block Heels

Try out one of the cute summer sandals for 2022 with the slip-on block heels featuring a square toe design and a striking resemblance to the Gucci rubber slides.

      23. Shein Studded Décor Slide Sandals

Flat sandals are quite flexible choices for summer, and you should look for studded décor slide sandals as the best pick. They bring a unique mix of convenience with the flat sole and the striking embellishments on the straps.

      24. Shein Toe-post Stiletto Heels Slingback Sandals

Make your footwear collection shine with style with the gorgeous pair of best summer sandals for women. Wear the toe-post Slingback sandals with stiletto heels to parties or even work since they work well with any type of outfit.

Tips to Purchase Trendy Sandals for Women

Many women experience difficulties in finding the ideal pair of sandals that meet their requirements. Here are a few important tips to keep in mind when you buy sandals for women.

  • Always make sure you have your foot measurements before shopping online. 
  • Read the reviews to make sure the quality is good and the sizing is on point.
  • Pick shoes that are relevant to your lifestyle, for example, if you work at a law firm and love an after-work drink, then go for heeled sandals in nude or black. If you’re more of a casual dresser, flats are a great option.
  • Read about new trends and styles and try some new designs.


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