10 Summer Fashion Trends worth Adopting in 2022

summer fashion trends
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Summer is just around the corner, and you can’t help but wonder about the statement you’re going to make. Just the right time to bring loose and airy fabrics into your wardrobe, bold colors, and the right amount of skin showing. The fashion trends summer 2022 are just what we were looking for, and some of them are here to stay for a few seasons. 

Top 10 Summer Fashion Trends for Summer 2022

The most important aspect among fashion trends summer 2022 would be bold colors, prints, and an early 2000’s comeback. This summer we say goodbye to neutrals and make room for fun!  Gen Z brought back baggy jeans, halter tops, and colorful crochet. But also a romantic aesthetic with milkmaid dresses, cottagecore, and picnic vibes. So, before you hit the add to cart button, here are the key fashion trends 2022 you need to know about. 

     1. Ugly Sandals

Ugly Sandals
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The name might scare anyone for a moment when it comes to one of the top summer trends in 2022. However, ugly sandals truly deserve applause for bringing the classic blend of style and comfort. Summers are all about walking around and having a good time, and flat chunky sandals are the perfect choice for a comfy and stylish statement this summer. Try out multiple colors or even materials like leather or rubber, ugly sandals have a lot of options and are easy to style. 

      2. Rope Sandals

Rope Sandals
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Summers call for casual footwear options, and beach-ready shoe options. Rope sandals are one of the most comfortable and chic fashion trends summer 2022. You have flat rope sandals and high platform rope sandals to choose from. You can go for the classic rope color or make a statement with a bold color, both will be cute!

      3. Prints

summer fashion trends
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Colors and designs are definitely one of the staples in key fashion trends summer 2022. Therefore, prints are making a solid impression among all the top trends prevailing in the summer market. What’s so different about prints? They give a 2000’s feel, a bit of 70’s vibes, and make any outfit more fun. You can add one patterned item to your outfits like a top or skirt, or go all out with a co-ord. The expert fashionistas know how to make the best out of prints and how to mix and match patterns perfectly.

      4. Halter Top

Halter Top
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Another 2000’s trend coming back in fashion trends summer 2022 is the halter top. Halter tops and halter crop tops are the hottest trends for summer, with endless possibilities to style them. Halter tops suit everyone and give any look sophistication and youthfulness at the same time. They go perfect with baggy jeans or a midi skirt and some cute sunglasses with a 2000’s feel.

      5. Crochet

PHOTO: @asos

The summer heat has a lot of impact on the way people hot fashion trends summer 2022, and croche is the perfect example. Crochet dresses, pants, and tops are not only a beachwear essential nowadays, they’ve become a fashion statement with cute designs like daisies and pastel colors. Crochet is also making a statement in the accessories department with crochet bags and jewelry and therefore a perfect addition to any outfit you create this summer.


      6. Cutouts

PHOTO: @georgiamay_xoxo

When choosing the best fashion trends summer 2022 you might want to take cutouts into consideration. Whether it is a tank top, a mini dress, or a swimsuit, cutouts elevate any piece of clothing and make it fashionable. Side cutouts are everywhere this summer, and they are chicer than ever. The wide variety of designs with cutouts gives you excellent choices to put a new spin over old and tried fashion trends. 

      7. Ruffles

PHOTO: @iamrachelspencer

Summers call for bringing out your lively spirits, and ruffles can be the perfect way to bring out your inner style or romantic persona. Ruffle trims on tops and dresses, exaggerated ruffle sleeves, or ruffles all over, the choice is yours. Ruffles make any outfit look more feminine and chic.

      8. Shirred Midi Dress

Shirred Midi Dress
PHOTO: @josieldn

Casual is the word everyone looks for in top fashion trends summer 2022. The shirred midi dress is the perfect example of blending sophistication with a casual vibe. The open neck design, elasticity, and flowiness make these dresses the perfect choice for both chic and comfort. The shirred pattern complements the attire perfectly with unique patterns, often highlighting the waistline or the chest. So, if you’re looking for the right choice to have comfort in casual attire that even works for family gatherings and date nights, then a shirred midi dress is the one. 

      9. Wide Leg

summer trends 2022
PHOTO: @modeblogg

Take a turn back to the 90s with wide-leg jeans and just let it loose. High waist, linen-blend, wide-leg pants add a classic touch to your summer wardrobe and are easier to style than denim. The wide pants leave enough room for comfort over long periods of time and are the new queen after the death of the skinny jean. Style them with a crop top or a button-down, according to your preference and occasion. 

      10. Bold Colors

Bold Colors
PHOTO: @aimeesong

If you are looking to make an impact with your fashion style in the summer of 2022, then you must try out bold colors. A single color expresses a formidable statement when it comes to fashion. Rather than considering them as one of the summer trends in 2022, bold colors can be perceived as an evergreen style preference. After the year of beige, the bold color trend is a breath of fresh air, just what we all want in the summer.

Tips on Choosing the Right Summer Fashion Trends

It is definitely a tough job to find the best choice among the top fashion trends summer 2022. The summer of 2022 brings about a lot of change, and there is a lot to consider when we think of top trends, which should we adopt, and how. 

  • Keep comfort the first priority. It is important to select the comfortable fabric for yourself while choosing the fashion trends for summer 2022. Think linen or cotton, and skip polyester. 
  • Remember, you don’t have to choose only one trend, you can try a few, just make sure they go with the clothes you already have and your style preferences. 
  • If you don’t like a trend, don’t buy it, it’s ok to say no to some and love others.
  • Don’t forget to do some research on how to style new pieces and the best places to shop from.      


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