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The Most Important Handbag Trends of Summer 2022

The wardrobe of every woman includes all the important things required for a complete outfit. The best collection of clothes and a good selection of shoes are obviously the essential highlights in any woman’s closet. But, are you missing something? You can’t think of a wardrobe without any handbags. With summer approaching soon, the trends in the best summer bags 2022 have started popping up on numerous fashion websites. Most importantly, influencers are setting some solid fashion goals in different looks. You can get inspiration for the trendiest bags from the looks of influencers as their fashion choices to grab mainstream attention quickly. What are the best choices for you in summer handbags?

How Can Influencers Help You Find Summer Handbags?

Influencers are undoubtedly a reliable source of inspiration for finding the best summer designer bags for your closet. Fashion influencers give us a first glimpse of the hottest bag trends each year and also styling ideas. They often get these bags for free to make a bag look more popular or viral.

You can find the best summer bags 2022 in the Instagram feeds of top fashionistas with great taste in clothes and accessories. This is the easiest way to find out what bags are the bags worth your investment. A good designer bag is timeless and isn’t trend-led, but even classics like Chanel, have picks of popularity every few seasons. 

Best Summer Handbags for 2022

The onset of the summer season not only raises the temperature but also introduces a massive transformation in everyone’s wardrobes. Fashion influencers show what’s in style for the summer and help in making some great fashion choices. You can look at the selected images of influencers with designer beach bags 2022 to help you choose your next summer handbag. The outfits of fashion influencers and the bags of their choice show the best way for styling your summer looks. Here are some of the best trendy summer handbags in fashion right now according to top influencers.

1. Julie Sarinana

best summer bags
PHOTO: @sincerelyjules

Julie Sarinana shows off her JW PEI bag in orange as the best addition to any vibrant summer look. You can explore the best summer bags 2022 from JW PEI with the assurance of a chic look and also at an affordable price. Most important of all, you can find many of these brands’ handbags simply on Amazon. Therefore, you don’t have to think too hard while seeking out summer handbags. The best thing about JW PEI bags is that they look and feel like high-end pieces without the massive price tags. On top of it, many celebrities such as Emily Ratajkowski have also shown their love for these bags.

2. Caroline Daur

summer designer bag
PHOTO: @carodaur

Summer is all about choosing light colors or vibrant hues. The cute pink Hermes bag Caroline wears in this look is definitely a summer favorite for every woman. You have everything to like in the pink bag, including the small size, hardware detailing and the adorable pink color. Interestingly, such picks among summer designer bags can serve as the biggest highlight of any simple outfit.


3. Leonie Hanne

designer bags
PHOTO: @leoniehanne

Another fashion influencer setting some inspiration for chic handbags is Leonie Hanne with a classic Lady Dior bag. The design of the bag is a distinctive highlight which separates it from most of the best white summer bags for its color and timeless appeal. The light yellow color and summery vibes in the design highlights offer you a practical and elegant handbag you can carry effortlessly.

4. Georgia May

summer bags
PHOTO: @georgiamay

Georgia May adorns a cute summer dress with the petite and graceful YSL Loulou bag. You can go for a similar design in cream or beige to ensure that your handbag aligns with the summer clothes you wear, like a white dress or linen beige suit. The collection of best summer bags 2022 will definitely become better with a choice like the YSL Loulou bag. You cannot undermine how the airy-looking appearance of the handbag provides the perfect balance to any summer outfit.

5. Danielle Bernstein 

designer beach bags
PHOTO: @weworewhat

Your search for designer beach bags 2022 might end up with an answer in this look by Danielle Bernstein. The Prada crochet bag in pink is definitely a must have for trips to the beach with a luxurious vibe. The adorable color, the summer-worthy crochet design and the lightweight bag are the ideal things you need for chic effortless looks in your summer outfits.

6. Lena Perminova

white summer bags
PHOTO: @lenaperminova

Lena Perminova stuns in a casual sensuous look with the Bottega Veneta Jodie mini bag in white. As a matter of fact, it is one of the best white summer bags you can add to your closet. The mini bag with a unique knot detailing is a classic choice for all your summer styling needs. All you need to do is pick one that is a light color that will pair perfectly with your summer dresses. With lighter colors, you can match the classic bag with almost any type of summer outfit.


7. Elsa Hosk

best summer designer bags
PHOTO: @hoskelsa

The next addition among the best summer bags 2022 comes with inspiration from Elsa Hosk and her vintage Dior saddle bag. You can see a lot of the vintage style bags in the summer handbag trends for 2022. Elsa carries a Dior Saddle bag, which looks exceptionally chic and modern paired with other trends. If you have been seeking a timeless addition to your handbag collection, then the Dior Saddle bag is something you can trust for great summer looks.

8. Lydia Jane Tomlinson

best summer bags 2022
PHOTO: @lydiajanetomlinson

Popular fashion influencer, Lydia Jane Tomlinson has shown yet another chic outfit in this look with the Loewe basket bag. The classic basket bag is also a top choice for anyone seeking designer beach bags 2022 for their summer wardrobes. The classic appeal of the Loewe basket bag is one of the reasons for which influencers have been showering their love for this brand. It has been a popular choice of summer bag for influencers for years while also offering desired functionality. The Loewe basket bag is undoubtedly one of the best summer bags 2022 that you can use for everyday outings and not only for the beach. The practical design of the bag and different sizing options are some top highlights in one of the classic picks in summer handbags.

9. Leonie Hanne

best summer bags
PHOTO: @leoniehanne

Leonie Hanne makes it back again to this list with her Balenciaga Cagole bag. The Balenciaga Cagole bag is the ‘it bag’ of 2022 and works perfectly as a summer handbag in this gorgeous purple shade. Celebrities all over the world love the Balenciaga Cagole handbag and you can pick one in pastel colours for a fun summery outfit. 

Tips to Shop for Summer Handbags

Here are some pointers you should keep in mind while shopping for summer designer bags in 2022.

  • Functionality is equally important as design while looking for the best summer bags 2022 as you need handbags for more than just style. Choose handbags that offer enough space to hold all your essential belongings.
  • Go through all available options among trending designs in summer handbags for 2022. Pick the summer handbags that are closer to your style preferences i.e. buy what you like to wear.
  • Purchase handbags that fit your budget plan. Designer bags vary in price, so you can find affordable, as well as pricey options to buy.

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