How To Build A Summer Capsule Wardrobe?

summer capsule wardrobe
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As the summer heat is already here, it is the perfect time to discuss how to build the perfect summer capsule wardrobe. The concept of summer capsule wardrobes is a great way to reduce over-consumption and also have fewer styling dilemmas.

The best thing about the summer capsules idea is that you can mix and match the pieces and create multiple looks that will work great for different contexts. You can basically use the pieces in your summer capsule wardrobes as a complete wardrobe. In addition, you can also choose wisely enough so that some pieces can shift effectively to transitional seasons. Let us find out how you can create a perfect summer capsule wardrobe.

Top Picks for Summer Capsule Wardrobe

The mere mention of the summer capsule wardrobe can cause anxiety due to the small number of clothes you can work with. Also, you might be concerned about having to purchase many new items. However, you could avail a budget-friendly summer capsule wardrobe with a few simple tips and suggestions. Here are some exciting ideas you can try out for your summer capsule wardrobe. 

     1. Shorts

Pick up these Levi’s classic light wash high-rise shorts that will work with any top in the capsule wardrobe. It would be the perfect addition to a minimalist summer capsule wardrobe as it is minimal and stylish. 

     2. Bermuda Shorts

Relaxed-fit, knee-length classic Bermuda shorts with a high-waist design would be the perfect pick for a breathable and sophisticated summer outfit. Bermuda shorts can blend well with shirts, crop tops, and flounce-sleeve blouses.

     3. Light Wash Denim

High-waist mom-fit jeans might also be an exceptional addition to your summer capsule wardrobe. The best thing about these light wash mom-fit denim jeans is the versatile color and ability to work beautifully with many other summer outfit ideas.

     4. Linen Trousers

Classic beige linen trousers are one of the best choices among summer capsule ideas. The ankle-length trousers with a high-waist design and neutral color will be perfect as workwear, casual everyday look, and even a night out with heels and a bodysuit. The neutral color can blend means any top you choose would be great.

     5. White T-Shirt

White is a staple color in summer fashion, and a white v-neck t-shirt with short sleeves is the ultimate basic. It can pair up nicely with shorts, jeans, and beige linen trousers.

     6. Linen Shirt

A basic linen shirt made of completely 100% linen is also a great addition to your summer capsule wardrobe. The fabric is lightweight and the design is elegant yet casual.

     7. Tank Top

A ribbed tank top with a low-cut sweetheart neckline is also a must-have in a minimalist summer capsule wardrobe. Tank tops in neutral colors are ubiquitous additions in summer wardrobes because they exhibit versatility in style.

     8. Dressy Top

Go for a tie-detail sleeveless top with softly draped woven fabric. The ruffled-trimmed neckline makes this shirt a sophisticated piece that will work well as office attire, but also as a wedding guest outfit option.

     9. White Dress

A poplin maxi dress with an oversized collar and tie waist design will also be a suitable pick for any summer capsule wardrobe. A white maxi dress is casual and summery and can be accessorized differently to create different looks.

     10. Floral Dress

A floral midi dress with a v-neck and slit is another summer classic worth adding to your capsule wardrobe. The shape and style of it make it appropriate for casual and dressy events too.

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     11. Event Dress

A simple black satin midi slip dress with a scoop neck is a great event wear option for those who want to build a capsule wardrobe and also make a fashion statement. Furthermore, because the dress is very subtle and chic you can wear it to different events and no one will know.

     12. Co-ord

Co-ords are also a great addition to any summer capsule wardrobe because they can be worn together or separately to create many different outfits. For example, a sleeveless blazer and mini tennis skirt co-ord is a gorgeous look when you wear it together but you can also wear it separately to maximize the use of it. 

     13. Swimsuit

There is no doubt about adding a swimsuit to your summer wardrobe. The key is to choose a classic design and color you won’t be bored with and feel great in. 

     14. Flat Sandals

Summer footwear includes many minimalist designs, so go with a simple flat sandal in tan that works well with all the above-mentioned. 

     15. Heeled Sandals

Heeled slip-on sandals made of faux leather are also a must in a budget-friendly summer capsule wardrobe. This design will work great in a casual look and also with dressier clothes. 

     16. Straw Hat

Protect yourself from the summer heat in style with this straw hat with decorative bow detail and an adjustable chin strap. It can work perfectly with dresses and a ruched shoulder bag along with flat sandals.

     17. Straw Bag

An everyday bag that will fit with the theme of the summer capsule wardrobe is definitely a straw bag thanks to its size, color, and functionality.

     18. Shoulder Bag

An evening bag that will work with any outfit you go for is a slouchy ruched shoulder bag in tan that will add glamor to your summer wardrobe. 

     19. Belt 

As we’ve reached the accessories section, you must not miss out on belts as they are one of the most important additions to any look. The best suggestion, in this case, would be a 2 pack of belts in black and brown with gold and silver buckles.  

     20. Sunglasses

Complete your summer capsule wardrobe with square-framed sunglasses in pink, featuring colored lenses. The vibrant color adds joy while blending well with all the summer outfits.

     21. Necklace

Your best pick for necklaces in a summer capsule wardrobe should also be minimal. This initial necklace is a throwback design with a modern twist that is meant to never leave your neck.

     22. Bracelet 

The final addition to your summer capsule wardrobe must be a bracelet. One of the promising suggestions would be to pick up a chunky gold bracelet that is chic and not overpowering.

Tips for Picking the Summer Capsule Wardrobe

You should follow the tips mentioned below when shopping for your perfect summer capsule wardrobe.

  • Make a list of the items needed to create your personalized capsule wardrobe. You can use lists you find online but make sure to tailor them to your needs.
  • Make sure you think carefully about the use you can get out of each item and how they all work together.
  • See what you already have in your closet and make a list of the items you need to purchase.
  • Take note of the costs associated with each product and the value it delivers to your wardrobe. You can also consider thrifting as a great eco-friendly and affordable option.
  • Donate or sell what you don’t need anymore instead of throwing it away.


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