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Spring Nail Designs for 2022 That You Must Try

Are you fond of those unique and pretty nail designs? Here we bring the 1op spring nail color ideas that will bloom your love for colored nail designs. 

The importance of nails in the general appearance of an individual is never a question, especially when it comes to styling. When you want to look your best, you should pay attention to every part of your body. As a matter of fact, you can accent your appearance in any outfit with the right nail design. Nail colors and designs can easily help you express your personality, style, and the season too. 

Most importantly, the growing demand for top spring nail color ideas is also a clear indication of how designing your nails can offer aesthetic value benefits. However, many of you can harbor apprehensions regarding what nail designs will suit the upcoming season. Let us find the answers to your doubts with inspiration for stylish nail designs that are perfect for this time of year.

How Are Colored Nails Suitable for Spring and Summer Seasons? 

The choice for coloring or not coloring your nails is a personal preference. However, if you do love a good gel nail, you should notice how colors and designs can complement your spring outfits. Some adorable spring nail designs can help you add some color to rather plain outfits. Interestingly, coloring your nails gives you many options for styling spring season outfits with ease. You can make the most of top spring nail color ideas in accordance with some of the notable nail color trends for 2022. 

Powdery pastels, shades of green or quirky accents alongside no-frills neutrals are some of the promising ideas for nail design in 2022. The varying preferences for styling nails in nail color trends showcase different possibilities for styling your looks for spring season. Therefore, you can welcome the spring nail trends with open arms into your different looks for spring season. 

Inspiring Ideas for Spring Nail Designs

The aesthetic appeal of colored nails can obviously provide some credible improvement in the way you look in spring outfits. However, you have to be careful about the choice of colors for your nails in spring season outfits. Here are some of the top cute spring nail designs you would love to try out this year.

1. Floral Design

Spring Nail Designs
PHOTO: @nailsbyravi

You can see how neutral colors can look effortlessly elegant with floral designs. Add a small daisy floral print over neutral shades, which not only accents the neutral background but also adds a cute element to your look.

2. Sparkly Florals

acrylic spring nail designs
PHOTO: @heygreatnails

Designing your nails is not always about colors. You can try acrylic spring nail designs with floral prints in purple color complemented with sparkling studs. Such types of nail design would look good when you are wearing rings and bracelets. You can try different color combinations in the same design according to different outfit choices you pick for the spring season. 

3. Cherry Nails

Spring Nail Designs That You Must Try
PHOTO: @heygreatnails

Another promising option in top spring nail color ideas would introduce cherry nails. The design carries romantic vibes, with the adorable shades of pink applied evenly on different parts. However, the cherry blossom design accenting the nails serves as a chic and preppy improvement in the appearance of your nails. Wear your cherry nails with preppy outfits that have some pieces in pink. 


4. Green/Blue Gradient

spring nail designs
PHOTO: @emenstudio_

The next favorable choice in spring nail designs would obviously refer to the green/blue gradient styling option. Green and blue are quite close to each other in the color spectrum, thereby allowing you to experiment with their variations. Take a look at how the dark green color on the thumb gradually lightens up and ends with blue on the extreme end. The asymmetry of colors alongside the visible transition between the shades is an attractive highlight. Most importantly, the mix of colors is a great choice for complementing spring outfits with ease. 

5. Color Combo

acrylic spring nail designs
PHOTO: @stephanieyianni_

You can try an interesting choice in top spring nail color ideas like the color combination with neutral and fluorescent colors. The two-tone color variation at the base of the nails over the neutral shade on the rest of the nail is a spring favorite for many reasons. You get the value of spring-like vibes in the design while maintaining a simple look. 

6. Cotton Candy and Butterflies

Cotton Candy nail Designs
PHOTO: @overglowedit

The trend of glowing finger nail colors has been gaining popularity, and you should make the most of it. Notice how the look incorporates sheer jelly polishes alongside prominent butterfly design highlights for a preppy and adorable look. 

7. Purple Studded Nails

Purple Studded Nails
PHOTO: @amberjhnails

You can also find cute spring nail designs like the purple colored nails with studded designs on top of the nails. The cute studs complement the visual appeal of the purple pigment colored nails. With nails like this, you can upgrade the simplest spring outfits effortlessly with a cute aesthetic. 

8. Rainbow Nails

spring nail design
PHOTO: @amberjhnails

If you are up for trying the top spring nail color ideas, you wouldn’t have any issues with rainbow colors. You can go with each color of the rainbow as the choice of color for each fingernail. However, you should try coloring the top of the nails only to create an appealing aesthetic. 

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9. Queen of Hearts

Purple Studded Nails
PHOTO: @jenny.jennys

Yes, you heard it right! Take inspiration from a neutral yet chic nail design featuring small hearts over a neutral nail color shade. The design looks cute and simple without any concerns about styling outfits. 

10. Colorful Florals

Colorful Floral nail designs
PHOTO: @styleofrebel

While florals are a great choice in top spring nail color ideas, especially over neutral shades, you can also opt for a colorful pastel base. You can try a violet blast color on your nails and paint floral prints, particularly white daisies. The final design will fit in with different spring season outfits you may have planned. 

Tips for the Perfect Nail Colors & Designs

Here are some of the top tips you need to take into account before visiting your favorite manicurist or doing your nails at home. 

  • Identify the colors that suit your skin tone and also your spring season wardrobe. Take note of the season staples such as pink and pastel purple. 
  • Make sure that you have at least two nude shades that can help you create neutral base layers. 
  • Add fun designs that are out of the box and unique. You can take inspiration from Pinterest or Instagram and try them for yourself.

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