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Top 10 Trendy & Affordable Slit Mini Skirts to Shop Now

While many of the new fashion trends have their unique vibe, micro-trends have been garnering a lot of hype recently. One of the prominent micro-trends that have gained a formidable reputation in recent times is the slit mini skirt with the front slit detailing. The slit detail mini skirt has become popular in the last few months, largely due to the popularity of preppy style outfits.

The best thing about slit mini skirts is the diversity of styles you can choose from. However, the black mini skirt with slit detailing is a classic option with better flexibility for styling. For example, you can wear a mini skirt with tights for winter outfits. On the other hand, you can go for just the mini skirt, combined with a button down top for a chic look.

Best Picks in Slit Mini skirts for Your Wardrobe

The different types of mini skirts with slit detailing at the front can be quite confusing for an average fashion shopper. Which mini skirt would be the best choice for your wardrobe? The answer to this question can be found only in a curated selection of the best slit mini skirt offerings right now. Here are some of the top picks in the latest micro-trend in mini skirts for your modern wardrobe.

1. Shein High Waist Solid Split Hem Suede Skirt

Grab a high waist solid mini skirt in black with front split detailing as your first choice. The slightly stretchable suede fabric alongside the casual design of the side slit mini skirt gives you much-needed versatility for styling. With a straight fit, the mini skirt offers a plain aesthetic that stands out for its unique design. Wear it with a vest or oversized shirt for a classic look. 

2. Shein Split Hem Pleated Skirt

A split hem pleated skirt is also another promising choice of a slit mini skirt for your wardrobe. The pleated design and chocolate brown color of the skirt accent the front slit design and add preppy vibes. Tailored from slightly stretchable viscose fabric, the preppy mini skirt is the uncontended choice for cute, chic outfits. Pair the mini skirt with a cardigan in vibrant color and go out in style.

3. Shein Confetti Print Split Mini Skirt

You can also choose a black mini skirt with slit detailing at the front, albeit with an all-over print. The A-line skirt featuring a casual style is a perfect spring and summer wardrobe staple for casual outfits. Combine the high waist split hem mini skirt with a white top for a casual look. Add a pair of chunky loafers to your outfit, and you will see how slit mini skirts are truly a wardrobe must have.

4. Muubaa Slit Front Leather Mini Skirt in Patent Cream

The next top choice in pencil skirts with slits would refer to a leather mini skirt with slit front detailing. With a signature patent cream color, you can also find other promising design highlights in the leather pencil skirt. The bodycon fit and the zip-back fastening alongside the patent color make the leather mini skirt a unique addition to your wardrobe for casual looks and night outs as well.

5. H&M Short Skirt

Choose a chic slit mini skirt with the short skirt by H&M featuring a black and brown plaid pattern that is very 90s inspired. The short skirt tailored from jersey fabric with a high waist design and a concealed elastic waistband offers everything you need in a comfortable mini skirt. In addition, the preppy plaid pattern elevates the aesthetic appeal of the H&M short skirt.

6. Missguided Blue Single Split Denim Mini Skirt

A single split denim mini skirt is another top alternative to a classic black mini skirt with slit detailing at the front. The denim mini skirt featuring a single split hem detail is obviously the favorite addition to any spring-summer wardrobe for its versatility and timeless appeal.

7. Princess Polly Miss Sally Mini Skirt Green

The Miss Sally mini skirt with green check print is another best choice in pencil skirts with slits for you. You cannot help but notice how the split detailing complements the check print and the preppy green color. Wear the slim fit mini skirt with split detailing along with camisole tank tops for chic y2k inspired looks. 

8. Sunday Best Tatiana Skirt

The Tatiana Skirt is another top example of a slit mini skirt you must have in your wardrobe now. The high waist A-line mini skirt comes with a side slit detail, and 5 colors to choose from. On top of it, the drapey, pebbled crepe fabric also improves the appearance of the mini skirt without any doubt.

9. Wilfred Patio Linen Skirt

You can also choose a white mini skirt with slit detailing like the Patio linen skirt in natural off-white color. The high waist skirt tailored with an A-line silhouette features a thigh slit, thereby serving as a classic choice. Most importantly, the linen and lyocell blend fabric provide the assurance of comfort while imposing little damage to the environment.

10. Cider Love Clover Mini Skirt

The final choice of a side slit mini skirt brings you a cute and preppy mini skirt in pink. Apart from the side split detailing, the pink color of the mini skirt elevates its preppy facet. Furthermore, you also have cute heart clover prints all over the skirt, which improve its aesthetics effortlessly. You can wear a cute mini skirt with an oversized cardigan or white t-shirt for everyday outings.

Tips to Shop for Mini Skirts with Side Slit

Here are some pointers which will help you find the best slit mini skirt for your wardrobe.

  • Browse the offerings of renowned online fashion retailers and look for the best picks according to your preferences.
  • Choose a classic style and color like a black mini skirt with a front slit. A classic style is easier to wear and is more versatile.
  • Look for inspiration for styling the slit mini skirt on Pinterest, Instagram, and Tiktok.

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