Are Skinny Jeans Really Dead?

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Skinny jeans have become a wardrobe staple in almost every wardrobe in the past decade. Skinny jeans have a long history in fashion as they basically evolved from breeches, which were popular in France in the 17th century. The womens skinny jeans trend started after the death of the ultra low rise flare jeans of the early 2000s and soon became a favorite among all ages and body types.

Even men who wore skinny jeans, and baby clothes also exhibited more narrow legs. Over the years, the womens skinny jeans trend has turned into a classic. In order to understand whether skinny jeans and pants are really dead, it is reasonable to reflect back on their origins. 

The History of The Womens Skinny Jeans Trend

The skinny jeans we all know and love today started about a decade ago with classics like J-Brand and their blue mid waist jeans. The skinny jean evolved and became more high-waisted, many jegging styles appeared, and different washes and distressing too.

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The Beginnings

The excessively tight men’s trousers came forward in the 1800s with a focus on mobility. In the late 1800s, skinny pants actually became an option for ladies too, which gradually evolves into skinny pants for work womens. The arrival of bloomers with a tapered down, legging-style fit indicated the first entries among skinny jean trends in western society. However, they were still not suitable for social appearances. 

  • Close-fitting pants started gaining popularity around 1915, and they became more comfortable as women wore them. On the other hand, they were still limited in functionality to tasks such as manual labor or sports. 
  • The 1950s introduced the gender-neutral style of the Beatniks with the tight denim and black turtleneck style. 
  • By the 1960s, Doris Day and Butterick sewing patterns made a huge impact on skinny pants fashion with the arrival of Capri pants.      
  • The 1970s witnessed the womens skinny jeans trend in 2022 playing an important role in driving a counter-cultural movement. Skinny pants with a ripped, undone look gave fuel to the rise of punk fashion. During this time, denim garments were particularly attention-worthy with the modifications such as questionable stains, patches, and safety pins. 
  • The skinny jeans takeover was finally complete in 2010 and is still here today.


Now, it is inevitable to wonder whether skinny-fit jeans actually went obsolete. Well, we think not. The best skinny-fit jeans for tall ladies continue to bear the identity of classics and still have a place in our wardrobes. Having said that, they will take the back seat to the new trends in jeans, which are straight and wide fit, and some types of skinny jeans will disappear, like jeggings. This is the millennial perception, but if you ask Gen Z if they’re dead, they will say YES, because Gen Z is all about YTK fashion and their aesthetics are far from the classics. 

Options for Trendy Alternatives to Classic Skinny Fit Jeans

If you have a hard time parting from skinny jeans, slim straight jeans or mom jeans are viable alternatives. When you are trying to find the best alternatives to skinny jeans, you could come across some interesting options. Some of the top picks which can help you get the perfect vintage look with highlights of modern fashion trends include the following-

      1. Vintage Straight Leg Jeans

The vintage straight-leg jeans inspired by the 90s skinny jeans trend feature a mid-rise waist and a regular fit. Although not an exact alternative for skinny-fit jeans, the straight-leg jeans have a slight touch of skinny jeans with a design tailored more for present times.

      2. High-Waist Mom Jeans

Mom jeans have emerged as one of the favorable options for reliving the dead trend of skinny-fit jeans. Made of organic cotton with a relaxed fit, the high-waist mom jeans come with a tapered leg resembling skinny-fit jeans.

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      3. Straight Leg Jeans with Rips

If you want the perfect casual look, then go for straight-fit jeans with a distressed finish and ripped details.

      4. Flare High-Waist Jeans

This particular trend could also find suitable replacements in high-waist flare jeans with light-washed denim fabric and it helps with the options on how to rock skinny jeans for ladies. The patch front pockets and flared leg are a great throwback with a modern twist.

      5. Washed Effect Mom Jeans

These Zara washed effect mom jeans with a high-waist design and almost no stretch are the new classic jeans you need in your closet.

      6. High-Rise Vintage Straight Jeans

Wide-leg jeans with a high-rise design are another trendy yet classic alternative to the skinny jeans trends 2022. Try them out with a crop top and sneakers for a casual summer look. 

Tips On Wearing Skinny Jeans Alternatives in Style

As you might have noticed, the womens skinny jeans trend is dead, at least according to Gen Z. However, you have the most reliable alternatives that can help you let go of the trend with ease. Here are some tips to help you do it in style.

  1. Style your outfit according to your preferences. If you love the skinny look, go for mom jeans that are narrow in the leg, and if you love comfort then go for jeans with more than 1% elastane in them. After all, it’s about your choice!
  2. Make the most of the new trends in jeans and style them with other trendy pieces like chunky shoes, crop tops, knit tops, and crochet. 
  3. Finally, remember that the jeans you buy need to work in your wardrobe with many pieces you already own, so go for a color that works well, length, waist height, and style that will ensure you make the most of them.


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