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Best Skims Loungewear Dupes – Get the Look for Less

Kim Kardashian is one of the most dominant influencers when it comes to fashion and there’s no reason to deny it. Whether you admire or loathe her, you cannot help but notice that she has introduced some noteworthy fashion trends over the years. Think of snakeskin boots or cycling shorts, Kim has shown exceptional ways to change fashion. Her new undergarments brand, Skims, has turned out to be a notable favorite to an extent where the popularity of Skims dupes has skyrocketed. Why? 

The exceptional quality of Skims shapewear and underwear comes with unbelievably massive price tags. So, you are most likely to look for Skims loungewear dupe on Amazon or any other trustworthy fashion retailer. Let us find some dupes for Skims loungewear to style up your wardrobe.

Top Additions among Skims Dupes

The originals in Skims loungewear collection offer a prolific impression because of their high costs and quality. You can find different ranges of collections in Skims loungewear suited to your style preferences. However, let us take a look at three prominent collections of Skims and the suitable Skims dupes for each collection. 

Cozy Collection

The Cozy collection of Skims has been tailored for warmth and comfort in loungewear. You would notice that the use of knit fabric in all clothes of the Cozy collection of Skims helps them fulfill their purpose. Some of the notable additions in the Cozy collection include tank tops, wrap tops, cropped t-shirts, zip-up hoodies, shorts, joggers, robe, pants, and short joggers. 

Now, you might be wondering about where to buy Skims loungewear at lesser prices. Here are some dupes for the Cozy collection to help you craft the perfect loungewear outfit. 

1. Shein 3pcs Solid Drop Shoulder Open Front Flannel Robe Lounge Set

You can have the perfect Skims dupes with a three-piece set featuring shorts, a short robe, and a cropped tank, especially with the flannel fabric. 

2. Shein Belted Flannel Robe & Crop Tank Top and Pants Lounge Set

Another interesting addition among Skims dupe on Shein is the combination of a belted flannel robe with a crop tank top. On top of it, you have pants accompanying the outfit for the ideal loungewear experience.

3. Shein Pocket Front Belted Lounge Robe

The pocket front belted lounge robe in beige is one of the best Skims dupes for the long Cozy knit robe. You can clearly notice the similarities between the shawl collar neckline and long sleeves. 

4. Shein Knot Back Flannel Wrap Lounge Top

The knot back wrap lounge top could also be a promising dupe for the Skims Cozy knit wrap top. With a long sleeve and tie-back detailing, you can have loungewear like Skims at favorably lower costs.


5. Shein Solid Teddy Lounge Set

The solid teddy lounge set resembles the Cozy knit joggers with a slight stretch. You can also find similarities with a Cozy knit tank top in the scoop neck top available with the set. 

6. Shein Solid Flannel Lounge Set

The solid flannel lounge set in casual mocha brown with a strapped bralette and joggers also resembles the Skims Cozy collection. 

7. Shein Solid Teddy Top & Pants Lounge set

The solid teddy top and pants lounge set also qualify as Skims dupe on Shein for the striking similarities. You can find the round neck top similar to the style of a Cozy knit cropped t-shirt. While the plain pants provide a clear resemblance to the Cozy knit pants. 

8. ASOS DESIGN Lounge Fluffy Cami & Trouser Set in Mink

The lounge fluffy cami top and trouser set in mink showcase promising similarities to the Cozy knit pants and tank top. 

9. ASOS DESIGN Lounge Fluffy Crop Top and Short Set in Mink

The fluffy crop top and short set could be your best Skims dupes for a Cozy knit bralette and shorts. 

10. ASOS DESIGN Mix & Match Lounge Fluffy Maxi Robe in Pink

The maxi length lounge-style fluffy robe in pink is also a top choice of Skims dupe. It gives you the perfect resemblance to the Skims Cozy knit long robe.

11. TOLENY Women’s Fuzzy 3 Piece Lounge Sets Tank Top Wide Leg Pants Cardigan Jacket Fleece Pajamas Set

The three-piece lounge set is also one of the best skims loungewear dupe Amazon offers now. You have a fleece fluff stretch crop top or a bralette and even a tank top alongside high waist wide leg pants. Over it, you have the layer of cardigan jacket robes like Skims’ Cozy knit short robe. 

12. Boohoo Premium Fluffy Lounge Set

The knitted fluffy lounge set with sleeveless loungewear top and wide-leg fluffy pants is also one of the Skims dupes with many resemblances to the Skims Cozy collection. 

13. Cardigan, Flared Trousers, and Crop Top Outfit

You can also pick loungewear like Skims on Pretty Little Thing with some exciting additions. The cream chenille longline belted cardigan with pocket detail paired up with high waist flared trousers and a scoop neck crop top make one of the best Skims loungewear set dupes.

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The Teddy Collection 

Skims also offers another interesting collection in loungewear with The Teddy Collection. You can find some stylish picks in the collection such as a zip-up hoodie, jogger, and track pants. As a matter of fact, the Teddy collection largely focuses on outerwear alongside warm and snuggly outfits for cold weather. 

Here are some interesting Skims dupes for the Teddy Collection.

14. Shein Zip-up Drawstring Hooded Fleece Jacket

The zip-up drawstring hooded fleece jacket resembles the Skims Teddy zip-up hoodie from various aspects. First of all, you have the design and then the drawstring and zipper detailing alongside the comfortable, snuggly fleece fabric. 

15. ASOS DESIGN Lounge Mix & Match Borg Set in Beige

You can also find an interesting dupe for Skims Teddy line with the Asos Design straight leg trouser in the lounge mix and match Borg set.

The Velour Collection

Another promising collection from Skims is the Velour collection, which is known for the soft velour fleece fabric. The common choices in the Velour collection include the hoodie, track pants, and jogger. 

Here are some of the best dupes for loungewear like Skims Velour collection.

16. ASOS DESIGN Lounge Super Soft Fleece Zip-up Sweat & Jogger Set in Black

The zip-up sweatshirt and regular joggers in super soft fleece fabric match perfectly with the Skims Velour collection. 

17. Jogging Sweat Suits for Women 2 Piece Outfits Velvet Tracksuit Sets Velour Zip Hoodie Sweatshirt & Sweatpants Sweatsuits

The two-piece outfits with velvet tracksuit and zip-up hoodie also present some striking similarities to the Skims Velour track pants and hoodie. 

Tips to Shop for Skims Dupes

Here are some helpful tips to shop for Skims dupes to get the best deals.

  • Look for the fluffy, soft material that is the signature Skims trademark. Many retailers create copies of the Cozy line sets, and you can find them for much less than the original.
  • Notice the reviews of the dupes you have selected and try to find any potential red flags you should worry about.
  • You don’t have to buy a full set if it looks too much for you. You can go for the pants or top and pair them with other loungewear pieces you own. 

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