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Online shopping can become a lot more fun when you shop for the perfect outfit for every season. It’s time to shop for the hottest co-ord sets and set new benchmarks of versatility in your style. Co-ord sets are basically matching pairs of clothing, generally made of similar colors or styles. 

While you can choose to wear the co-ord set as is, there are some interesting variations which you could try out with them. You can wear each part of the co-ord, whether it’s a skirt, top or pants, with different items from your wardrobe, and that way each co-ord can be the base of numerous outfits. You can also pair co-ords for women with different accessories and shoes and create different looks that way. Let us take a look at the exciting options among co-ord sets you can buy online. 

Top Choices to Shop Hottest Co-Ord Sets

Co-ord sets are basically two piece outfits. So, you don’t have to go through the process of matching the perfect top to bottom when selecting co-ord sets. Here are some of the trendy co-ord sets you might want to try out. 

      1. 2-Pack Oversized T-shirt and Leggings

One of the first choices to shop hottest co-ord sets is an oversized t-shirt with legging shorts. The crew-neck t-shirt with drop shoulders and short legging set is perfect for a casual look. Most importantly, the oversized fit of the t-shirt gives it a chic aesthetic advantage. The blue color and the fabric of the set reflect the uniformity of the co-ord fashion

      2. Crochet Top and Trousers Co-ord

Undoubtedly one of the best co-ord sets right now would be a crochet top and trousers co-ord. You have the crochet design that is super trendy, and the black color is a unique fashion statement. The scoop neck top with fixed straps and scallop-edge trim could also pair perfectly with jeans or wide-leg trousers. The high-rise, wide-leg crochet trousers are perfect for a beach day or vacation and this is why they are one of the hottest co-ord sets for summer


      3. Cropped Boxy Blazer Co-ord

Sometimes fashion choices seem so amazing, especially when you see this pink cropped boxy blazer and shorts set. Featuring a hot pink color, this is probably one of the top co-ords for women. Wear it to an event or as a casual day look, it will surely turn around some heads. The shoulder padding and cropped length of the blazer, along with the notch lapel, make this top a true fashion statement. You can wear this set together or each piece individually, for example, the blazer can be worn with jeans and the skirt with a plain white t-shirt.

      4. Plaid Print Blouse and Split-Hem Skirt Co-ord

Your choices to shop hottest co-ord sets are endless, but when you see this plaid print blouse and split hem skirt co-ord you can be sure you found the best one. The preppy style of the co-ord design makes it a perfect addition to any wardrobe. 

      5. Twisted Front Shirred Back Cami Top & Floral Trousers Co-ord

Floral prints are definitely fit for summer, and the right design could take the heat level to new heights. The beautiful crop top and wide-leg trouser pants with a floral pattern are the right examples of co-ord fashion done right. 

      6. Ruffled Hem Cami Top and Shorts Co-ord

Summer is all about walking around and having fun, and this co-ord is perfect for any summer occasion like going to the beach, meeting friends, or having a cocktail. This crop top and shorts set in black is a perfect co-ord set because it works great separately as well. This versatility is the reason everyone is looking to buy more two piece outfits.

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Tips for Styling up Co-ords

Sometimes even when you choose the best co-ord sets it still might not be enough to get it right. Depending on the occasion and the co-ord you chose, you have to pick up suitable accessories and footwear. If the event is a casual one, then you could opt for trainers or sandals along with a cute shoulder bag. On the other hand, matching heels or nude heels along with a sequin bag could work perfectly for special events. Let us take a look at some interesting ideas that can help you master the perfect co-ord style.

  • Styling Idea 1

Pick up a straight-cut long-sleeve blazer featuring a lapel collar and pair it up with a high-waist short skirt. If you are looking to shop the hottest co-ord sets then look no further. This set would work great for day and night looks. For a casual look, pair it with white sneakers or flats, a cute basket bag or crossbody bag, and subtle gold jewellery. For nighttime go with heeled sandals, a small handbag, and statement earrings.

  • Styling Idea 2

A linen blend crop top and a midi skirt in delicious brown can be a good addition to your classy summer two piece outfits wardrobe. The ideal co-ord companion for this look will be black flat sandals or mules, wood bracelets, and a crochet bag.

  • Styling Idea 3

You can shop the hottest co-ord sets with ideas like a short sleeve cardigan in lilac and purple color. The ribbed trim and lightweight fabric with the faux pearl button highlights give a very Chanel inspired vibe. This set will be perfect as a wedding guest outfit look or for a special occasion with black heels and handbags, but can also be worn separately if you want to create a more casual look. Just pair the skirt with a black t-shirt and flat sandals, or the cardigan with mom jeans.

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Pointers for Choosing The Hottest Co-Ord Sets

It can be difficult to shop the hottest co-ord sets when you don’t have any foundation or reference to build your choices on. Here are some tips to help you choose co-ord sets.

  1. Do not think of co-ord assets that must be worn together. You can mix and match co-ord sets with other items in your wardrobe and create different looks.
  2. If you are not sold on the co-ord style, you can often buy just one of the pieces and style it differently. 
  3. Take note of your style preferences while looking out for co-ord sets and pick the items which appeal to your fashion taste. If you love a classic look, go with a blazer and skirt set. If you are more of a casual lover, go for light fabric and a simple silhouette.
  4. Go for co-ord sets that will work well with the rest of your wardrobe.
  5. If you can’t buy different sizes for top and bottom and you need to, just skip that set. 


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