18 Most Popular Shein Winter Staples to Shop Now

shein winter staples
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Winter is almost here, and we cannot help but wonder about the freezing temperatures during the winter months. As the winter season comes closer, people are preparing their wardrobe and making sure they have all the winter essentials. Just like every season, you need a few staple pieces of clothing in your wardrobe for the winter. Are you bothered about finding all the winter wardrobe staples at a budget friendly cost? You can get some promising picks with the Shein winter staples collection and the right guidance. Let us explore some of the best additions to the winter essentials collection available on Shein. 

Best Winter Staples to Buy Now on Shein

One of the foremost highlights about Shein is that it is a global fashion retailer. The fashion giant has widespread reach across many countries and offers a one-stop destination to shop for multiple items. On top of it, Shein also provides some of the best deals on Shein winter dresses, thereby offering affordable alternatives. Here is an outline of some of the most essential additions among Shein winter staples you cannot afford to miss.

1. Leather Jacket or Blazer

A leather jacket or blazer is one of the first additions to Shein winter clothes you should have in your wardrobes for the winter season. You can choose a black Moto jacket made of PU leather with a lapel neck design alongside a belt and zip detailing.   

2. Warm Sweater

It is impossible to imagine entering the winter months without a warm sweater in your wardrobe. You can go with Shein winter staples like a cable knit drop shoulder sweater with a round neckline and long sleeves.

3. Sweater Vest

Capitalize on the looks of one of the most influential fashion trends in recent times with a sweater vest for your winter wardrobe. Grab a cable knit sweater vest in khaki with a regular fit and V-neck design in a casual style. 

4. Leather-look Leggings

A pair of leather-look leggings can be a solid addition to your winter wardrobe for some glamorous outfit combinations. Pick a pair of PU leather leggings in black with a wideband waist as one of the best winter wardrobe staples.

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5. Cozy Joggers

Prepare for the brisk morning walks or your Netflix chill dates with best winter staples to buy now on Shein. Add a pair of cozy joggers to your winter capsule wardrobe with solid elastic waist sweatpants featuring a slant pocket design. 

6. Winter Dress

Choosing a winter dress can be a bit confusing, especially considering the climate during the winter season. The ideal recommendation for selecting a winter dress refers to the selection of warm fabrics. Think of a unique choice like a drop shoulder sweater dress with tie front detailing as your top pick from Shein winter staples.

7. Jeans

Well, there is no reason to debate over the addition of a timeless classic to your winter wardrobe. Jeans are a plausible fashion choice in any season and offer multiple alternatives in terms of style. You can choose different styles of winter jeans such as mom fit, straight leg, or wide fit jeans. One of the best picks among winter wardrobe staples on Shein would refer to high waist straight leg jeans in denim blue. 

8. Coat

The majority of outfit recommendations for the winter season would include a coat. You need to choose a thicker coat with a longline design for winter outfits. Try on a black lapel collar coat with a double-breasted design made from a thicker wool blend fabric.

9. Puffer Jacket

One of the notable winter fashion trends that have emerged in recent years is the puffer jacket. It offers warmth and, most important of all, adds a vibe of cuteness to any winter outfit. You can find Shein winter staples such as a zipper-up crop winter coat in apricot color as the best puffer jacket for your wardrobe. 

10. Shacket

You can also discover a promising answer for your doubts regarding the best winter staples to buy now with a shacket. The blend of a shirt and a jacket, a shacket can offer an additional layer for warmth while elevating the chic appeal in your outfits. A button-through overshirt with a plaid pattern and flap pocket might be your best pick in Shein winter staples

11. Blazer

Another mandatory addition to your wardrobe from Shein winter clothes collection would be a blazer. You need to pick up an oversized blazer in a neutral color. Grab a lapel neck double button blazer in black with an oversized fit. 

12. Black Basic Top

A black basic top is also one of the Shein winter staples you would not want to miss. Check out a figure-hugging solid tee in black with long sleeves as your chosen option for a black basic top.

13. Poplin Shirt

You could also rely on a basic poplin shirt as one of the winter wardrobe essentials for work outfits and casual layered looks (with a sweater vest for example). Choose a simple solid button-up blouse in white from Shein winter staples for your winter wardrobe.

14. Hoodie

Winter outfits also include trendy choices such as hoodies. Interestingly, you can find many promising choices among hoodies to buy in the winter staples collection on Shein. Pick up a solid thermal hoodie with a kangaroo pocket in khaki for a trendy addition to your winter wardrobe. 

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15. Tailored Pants

Tailored pants could also serve as promising alternatives among winter wardrobe staples for women on Shein. Most importantly, you need to choose tailored pants with thicker fabric for the winter season. Go with a set of solid plicated tailored pants in black for casual as well as formal outfits

16. Skirt

The selection of Shein winter dresses also features skirts, and you need to select one which suits your style perfectly. An ideal pick of a skirt from Shein for your winter wardrobe would be a split hem skirt with a black and white plaid pattern.

17. Tights

Tights can also be a great and promising addition to your winter wardrobe from the Shein winter staples collection. They are an important layer under skirts, dresses, or thin trousers. Choose a pair of solid tights in black tailored from a polyamide and spandex blend for a better fit. 

18. Boots

The final addition to your wardrobe for the winter would obviously include stylish boots as they are a must-have. You can select the style of boots you prefer alongside the color and heel height according to your style. However, the classic choices such as Chelsea boots or chunky and knee-high boots are great alternatives in Shein winter staples. You can think of a pair of zip-up block heel ankle boots in black made of vegan leather as a favorable choice in this case. 

Tips to Shop for Winter Staples

Here are some helpful pointers to shop for winter wardrobe staples on Shein.

  • Go through your wardrobe and organize it perfectly to find the pieces that are missing from this list for winter. 
  • Make a list of things you need in your wardrobe and set a budget.
  • If you’re on a tight budget, try Shein as a great shopping website to shop for affordable options.  
  • Don’t compromise on quality and fit, make sure to read the reviews and item descriptions before making any purchase.    


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