The Best Vintage & Second-Hand Designer Bags To Buy Online

second hand designer bags
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Looking for the best picks among second hand designer bags? If you answered yes, here we bring you the exclusive list of second-hand vintage designer bags that are true masterpieces!

The consumption behaviors in the world of fashion have transformed considerably in the aftermath of a disastrous global pandemic. People have been restricted to the walls of their homes for quite a long time. As the world returns back to normalcy, it is important to think of common preferences in fashion purchases. 

One of the most common aspects which have been making a mark in modern fashion trends is the return of vintage clothing and accessories. Therefore, the increasing demand for second hand designer bags has created equal amounts of excitement and confusion. Is it reasonable to invest a lot of money in vintage designer handbags

Demand for Vintage Designer Handbags

The foremost reason for the growing demand for luxury pre-owned designer handbags is the element of sophistication. Vintage designer handbags have unique design highlights which are not found commonly in existing handbag designs. In addition, the pricing of vintage designer handbags also depends profoundly on the fact that they are valued by buyers. Second-hand designer bags have the advantage of durable material, which ages finely over the course of time. 

In addition, the price of vintage designer handbags increases every year owing to their exclusiveness. As a matter of fact, vintage handbags are also known as ‘investment bags’ with continuous appreciation in their value. The price of used authentic designer bags increases with time, thereby presenting a prominent advantage. 

Best Second Hand Designer Handbags

The most promising answers for your doubts on where to buy second hand designer bags and the best alternatives would refer to the classics. Classic brands such as Hermes, Dior, Louis Vuitton, Prada, and Chanel provide the assurance of the best quality designer handbags. In addition, the prices of designer handbags also increase further with some pieces such as a classic Chanel. Here are some of the top options among vintage designer handbags you would love to have.

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      1. Hermes Birkin and Kelly

The Hermes Birkin 30 leather handbag is one of the promising additions in second hand designer handbags. The brown leather of the handbag renders a distinct visual appeal with prominence in sophistication. Another notable choice in vintage designer bags from Hermes is the Kelly handle bag in black. The noir leather and gold-tone hardware in the Kelly bag make it a sure favorite for true admirers of style. 

      2. Dior Lady Dior Bag

The Small Lady Dior bag is also one of the top entries among preloved designer bags with promising value. The top handle bag from the famed house of Christian Dior brings not only vintage sophistication but also modern style trends into the equation. You could find the Cannage pattern on the black leather handbag quite visually appealing. In addition, you can find gold-tone hardware elevating the finesse of the Lady Dior bag. 

      3. Louis Vuitton Neverfull/Alma/Pochette/Speedy

When it comes to second-hand designer bags, it is impossible to take Louis Vuitton out of the picture. Interestingly, you can discover four exclusive vintage designer handbag options from the house of Louis Vuitton. 

The first option you should consider when looking for second hand Louis Vuitton’s is the classic Neverfull leather tote in brown color. The checkered pattern on the bag, along with the top handle design, signifies the ideal blend of functionality and style. 

Another addition in luxury pre-owned designer handbags from Louis Vuitton is the Alma bag. It belongs to the 2003 collection, and the vintage bag crafted from brown leather is surely a worthy investment. 

The Pochette mini bag from Louis Vuitton is also one of the preloved designer bags you would love to have. The Pochette mini bag comes with multicolor patterns, and interestingly, it is tailored from cloth, thereby adding a unique aspect to its style. 

Louis Vuitton also has the Speedy cloth handbag in brown color as a promising pick in second-hand designer bags.

      4. Dior Saddle Bag

Add some uniqueness to your looks with the Dior navy cloth saddle bag. The distinct saddle bag design of this Dior handbag not only lends a fashionable vibe but also makes your look stand out prominently. The vintage aesthetic, along with the letter motif in metal hardware, mark some distinct highlights of the Dior saddle bag. 

      5. Fendi Baguette

Fendi has also garnered a promising reputation for its second hand designer bags with unique designs. The Zucca Mama Forever baguette from Fendi shows exactly the same. Crafted from cloth and leather, the Fendi baguette comes with a distinct Fendi print and gunmetal hardware, adding a unique statement. 

      6. Gucci Jackie and Pochette

The Jackie vintage handbag crafted from cloth from the house of Gucci is also one of the renowned used authentic designer bags. The Jackie Kennedy inspired bag has an adjustable top handle, zip opening and strap closure, and a metal hardware detail. 

You also have the option of a canvas boat Pochette bag from Gucci, which works perfectly as a top handle bag. The classic GG canvas, along with the silver-tone hardware and leather trim embellishment, makes the Gucci Pochette bag highly appealing. 


      7. Chanel 2.55 and Classic 11.12 Chanel 

The Chanel 2.55 leather handbag in black is nothing short of an amazing accessory with a bold impact. The chain detail in the minimalist design of the Chanel 2.55 leather handbag alongside the quilted pattern mark some promising highlights. 

Another promising alternative in second hand designer bags from Chanel is the Classic 11.12 Chanel leather handbags. Also known as the Timeless or Classique leather handbags, the Classic 11.12 Chanel handbags work effectively as a clutch also. The gold-tone hardware detail elevates the visual brilliance of the handbag effortlessly. 

      8. Celine Classic Box

The classic box leather handbag from Celine is also another top addition you would love among second hand designer bags. The classic and simplistic design of the bag is one of the foremost highlights, making it a bag suitable for decades to come. The adjustable strap helps you carry the classic box bag effortlessly with grace, and the gold-tone hardware adds the wow factor.

      9. Prada Tessuto and Galleria

The Prada Tessuto shoulder bag from the 2000s collection of the famed designer house offers the style value of neutrals. The thin strap on the Tessuto shoulder bag helps you carry it around easily. 

In addition, the second hand designer bags from Prada also include the Galleria leather handbag in blue. The dark hue pairs up perfectly with the subtle gold-tone hardware details in the Galleria leather handbag from Prada.         


      10. Burberry Check Mini Shoulder Bag

The final addition among the best second hand designer handbags you should have is from Burberry. The classic Burberry beige checkered patterns are always in fashion and will remain a statement piece for years to come. The small shoulder bag is the perfect size and fits with current trends perfectly.

Tips to Shop for Second Hand Designer Bags

Here are some tips you can follow for purchasing second-hand designer handbags. 

  • Stick to the classic brands when purchasing vintage designer handbags. The prices of vintage designer bags from classic brands could be high, however, you could find their value increasing over the course of time. 
  • Check the item’s condition properly before buying. Keep in mind that vintage pre-owned goods would come with defects and damage. However, it is possible to find vintage handbags with limited defects.
  • Make a list of your preferences regarding the type of handbags you want. The clear awareness of the variants of handbags helps in identifying suitable second-hand designer handbags easily.


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