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Rihanna’s Cutest Pregnancy Looks That You can Try

The pregnancy looks of celebrities have been one of the biggest sources of fashion inspiration for expecting mothers. If you are looking for some interesting outfit ideas to dress up during your pregnancy, then some of Rihanna’s pregnancy looks in 2022 can offer you some great answers.

The unique style statement of Rihanna has always featured cutting edge designs and individuality. She is carrying her first child now, and many are eager to find out how she styles her pregnancy outfits. Interestingly, you don’t have to try hard to find out what Rihanna wears while pregnant. Her images on Instagram are a great source of inspiration for women seeking stylish pregnancy outfits.

Best Pregnancy Outfits of Rihanna in 2022

Rihanna is one of the most popular celebrities, not only renowned for her voice but also for her iconic style. As she expects her first child with her rapper boyfriend, ASAP Rocky, Rihanna has been dressing up in chic pregnancy outfits. If you want to find some ideas for cute pregnancy outfits, then you can take some inspiration from Rihanna. Here is an overview of some of the best pregnancy outfits Rihanna has been spotted wearing recently.

Night-Out Look

rihanna's night-out looks
PHOTO: @rihannas_updates

Rihanna wears a red hooded dress on a romantic dinner date with her boyfriend. She matches her dress with her partner’s shoes for a coordinated aesthetic. On top of it, this is one of the best entries among Rihanna’s pregnancy looks in 2022 for the stunning total-red look. The belt in the coat dress serves as the ideal highlight to accent her belly. Most importantly, she looks unbelievably cute in the outfit, which requires minimal accessories

Sparkly Outfit 

cute pregnancy outfits
PHOTO: @justjared

While attending the Fenty Beauty Brand party in LA, she looks stunning in a unique sparkly set on the red carpet. Probably one of the best pregnancy outfits of Rihanna, the drapey pants and top set stands out as an unconventional choice. The drapes offer a glimpse of her growing belly and show how proud she is to become a mother. 

Street-Style Dinner Look

Rihanna's street-style look
PHOTO: @justjared

Another top choice in Rihanna’s pregnancy looks in 2022 for your wardrobe would be her street-style looks. She steps out for dinner while maintaining her iconic pre-pregnancy style without any issues. The street-style night out look with oversized jeans alongside a big fur coat featuring patches on the top has a unique vibe. 

In addition, she does not shy away from showing off her growing belly. However, you cannot help but notice how she gives inspiration for cute pregnancy outfits with her accessories selection. Rihanna chooses only a hat and tops her look with a considerable amount of jewellery to incorporate the element of luxury.

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All-Black Look

Rihanna's pregnancy looks 2022
PHOTO: @rihannas_updates

Some say that attitude defines fashion, and Rihanna proves the same. She shows exactly how you can dress up in pregnancy outfits and still look sensuous. Most importantly, pregnancy outfit ideas inspired by Rihanna give unique ideas for flaunting the pregnancy belly. At the same time, you can also notice the way Rihanna styles her pregnancy outfits to find easy ways of recreating her outfits. The all-black outfit she wears while out in Beverly Hills with an open-front top with a crisscross strap design is an edgy take on the cutout trend with a pregnancy twist. The oversized jacket in black and the chick sunglasses elevate her confident vibe in the outfit. 

Leopard Prints and Heels

pregnancy outfits of rihanna
PHOTO: @justjared

The next promising choice for Rihanna’s pregnancy looks in 2022 showing how she is not holding back when it comes to heels. Rihanna went on a shopping trip in New York with confidence and elevated her outfit with a leopard print jacket. In addition, she also brings in a belly chain to further attract attention to her growing belly. You can see how she really thinks hard about every outfit she wears. Rihanna shows the perfect example of assembling cute pregnancy outfits with attention to the little details.                         

Superbowl Look 

Rihanna's pregnancy looks 2022
PHOTO: @justjared

If you are seeking something out of the box in Rihanna’s pregnancy looks in 2022, then you need to see her Super Bowl look. Rihanna went for a sheer top alongside a Fenty Bra underneath, which are some bold choices. You can see how she flaunts her pregnancy in style by showing off her belly with the top and bra combination. 

However, the striking highlight of the outfit is the color she adds to her jacket. Furthermore, you can also notice how the choice of accessories elevates her outfit. Interestingly, Rihanna has opted for practical choices like a scarf alongside matching sunglasses and shoes. Truly a treasure trove of inspiration for pregnancy outfits, isn’t she?

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Casual Look

cute pregnancy outfits
PHOTO: @rihannas_updates

Rihanna has something unique about her style, and she that well with her choice of casual pregnancy outfits. One of Rihanna’s pregnancy looks in 2022 to watch out for; is the casual look with jeans and a sweatshirt seems almost easy to do. However, you can also notice the distinct style statement of Rihanna in the outfit. She adds a lot of accessories, heels, and of course, loads of bling. 

With such an outfit, Rihanna shows how you can bring perfect balance to your outfits. Simple choices such as jeans and sweatshirts could also look better with the right choice of accessories. You can recreate this look of Rihanna wears while leaving a restaurant for everyday outfits. 

Tips to Shop for Pregnancy Outfits 

While the best pregnancy outfits of Rihanna can provide you with the inspiration to dress in some chic looks, you need to find the right pieces. You need a clear impression of the best ways to assemble cute pregnancy outfits together. Here are some pointers you must keep in mind while shopping for pregnancy outfits. 

  • While you might admire Rihanna’s pregnancy looks in 2022 it might be hard to recreate for an everyday look. Consider taking elements she uses like flaunting her belly, adding a sexy edge, or using lots of accessories, as ways to upgrade your regular pregnancy looks.
  • Opt for pregnancy clothes that are comfortable and can adjust to your growing body like smock dresses, or stretchy pants.
  • The further along you get, try wearing more fitted clothes to accentuate your belly.

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