Rainy Day Outfit Ideas – 11 Cute Ways to Dress on Rainy Days

how to dress in rainy weather
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The weather is not a predictable entity, and almost all of us have encountered the wrath of weather’s uncertainty at some point in our lives. With the fall season just about to end and the winter just around the corner, it is quite impossible to predict what will happen next. Among the many unpredictable things you can experience this winter, rain is probably the worst of concerns. As a matter of fact, rain could present some notable difficulties in how to dress in rainy weather. On the contrary, you could always find some pointers to keep your style statement and fashion preferences intact in rainy weather. 

Tips for Dressing up in winter during Rainy Weather

Rain during the winter season presents many difficulties in finding answers on how to dress cute on a rainy day. The rain only adds to the chilling cold of the winter season, making it hard to come up with great outfits and go out of the warm house. So, what could you do to save yourself from the rainy weather during the winter season? Here are some exclusive tips on styling up a rainy season dress.

1. A Hat is Your Best Friend 

If you thought of hats as staple additions for the summer season only, then you need to think again. Hats could be your key to finding answers for ‘how to dress in rainy weather’ thanks to their ability to protect your hair and makeup from the rain. Hats could help in preventing your hair from coming in contact with water and getting wet and frizzy. Hats will make you look effortlessly stylish in your outfits while providing warmth. Some choices might include fedora hats, wool beanies, furry bucket hats, or cap-style hats.

2. Never Leave Your Umbrella Behind

Keep your umbrella next to you at all times, and you won’t have to wonder how to dress cute on a rainy day. Umbrellas work perfectly as more than just a fashion accessory in rainy weather. The recommended practice would point towards the selection of plain or solid-color umbrellas. In addition, you also have the option of choosing an umbrella that suits your outfit. 

3. Light Layering

You can discover unique rainy day dress outfits hack with light layering, particularly for days with a slight warmth. When the temperatures are not very cold, even in rainy weather, you could choose light layers for warmth and style. The ideal choices, in this case, would be bodysuits or nice tops paired up with cardigans or oversized blazers.          



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4. Trench Coats

One of the must-haves for any wardrobe during the fall/winter season, trench coats are also helpful in rainy weather. The best thing about trench coats is that they are stylish and highly functional. Trench coats are perfectly suited for rainy weather due to the waterproof fabric, which does not absorb water. Since you will be dry in a trench coat, you don’t have to worry about how to dress in rainy weather.  


5. Rain Boots

Rainy weather immediately calls for a replacement of your choice of footwear. As a matter of fact, the selection of footwear has a considerable influence on your rainy season dress. So, it would be completely unreasonable to go with footwear that does not have waterproofing capabilities. Therefore, it is right to keep your suede shoes or sneakers aside if you want to step out in rainy weather. The best option, in this case, would be chunky boots or rain boots with sturdy and durable construction. 


6. Additional Layering for Comfort 

The Winter season brings extremely harsh weather conditions, and rainy weather could worsen matters further. So, if the weather is extremely cold, you could go with additional layers and still wear your stylish outfits comfortably. For example, you could add leggings under your pants or wear two pairs of socks. Layering offers you one of the easiest hacks for how to dress in rainy weather without suffering in the cold. 


7. Sweater around the Shoulder

Sometimes, the answer to the question of ‘how to dress cute on a rainy day’ is evident in simple choices like a sweater. You can just wrap a sweater around the shoulders as a style statement and an homage to the preppy aesthetic. If the weather experiences further drops in temperatures, you can just take that sweater and wear it as another layer. 


8. Match up Accessories

You might be surprised to know how good accessories can work together on a rainy day. With very little to show off in your outfit, you need to work on assembling different season-relevant accessories. Some of the common choices among accessories in answers for how to dress up in the rainy season include gloves, cute scarves, an umbrella matching with your outfit, and a hat. The ensemble of accessories looks exceptionally good together while also offering you warmth during the rainy season.


9. Oversized Coats

Another common element in pointers for how to dress in rainy weather directly takes you to oversized coats. You could easily go for a simple, casual look with a sweatshirt and joggers set. The oversized coat on top is not only a layer of warmth, it adds a bit of sophistication and a lot of chic to your look. 


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10. Long Coat for Dry Pants

You need a long coat in the rainy season as one of the best picks in rainy day dress outfits for its exclusive value. The long coat will add sophistication to your winter outfits while protecting your pants from the rain. You can have your style intact with a long coat wherever you go without investing too much effort. 


11. Thicker Pants

The most obvious choice for pants when it comes to how to dress up in the rainy season, refer to thicker pants. Pants made of thicker fabric such as corduroy or wool can keep the body warm while adding substantial style. Even a pair of joggers are great picks for the rainy weather in the winter season for keeping your body warm. 


Tips to Style up for Rainy Weather

Here are some of the important pointers to style up your looks for rainy weather in the winter.

  • Make sure to follow the weather forecast to have a clear impression of how the weather will be on particular days.
  • Purchase coats and other accessories for rainy weather like umbrellas and hats with special attention to durability.
  • Take note from many social media influencers and celebrities for inspiration on wearing dresses in winter during rainy weather.         


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