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Here’s the 2022 Way to Wear the Preppy Fashion Trend

The first image that comes to mind when thinking about preppy fashion would point to the iconic Clueless look. You might be surprised to know that preppy style is making a comeback with new color combinations and silhouettes. Having said that, the core of the preppy aesthetic remains, with plaid patterns, mini skirts, cable knit vests, and sweaters.

The interesting fact about preppy fashion is that it blends classic and contemporary elements in a completely new way. You can select some basic preppy garments and experiment with the color or fit and even choose minimalist preppy style clothing. However, many people do not have any specific idea about crafting a preppy outfit. Would you like to find out some interesting outfit ideas with preppy fashion elements?

Best Recommendations for Preppy Style Outfits

One of the significant highlights about preppy style refers to the overall rich school girl vibe. Therefore, when thinking about assembling a preppy outfit keep in mind characters from Gossip Girl or other TV dramas about rich kids. Some of the notable elements in the preppy fashion style include a mini skirt or a sweater on shoulders, argyle and check prints, and let’s not forget cute accessories like a beret or a headband. 

You can also find loafers, sweater vests over button-down shirts, and blazers in preppy fashion. Here are some interesting outfits that can help you show “what is preppy style” in the best way possible.

Outfit 1

When you try to find answers for “what is preppy style”, you are most likely to come across a pleated skirt as the first option. You can pick a solid pleated skirt in black as the foundation for one of the common preppy casual outfits. Now, you need to top it up with a solid, elegant form-fitted bodysuit in black. On top of it, wear a letter and stripes preppy cardigan that will make the look very college girl in vibe. You can accessorize with a wool beret hat and a pair of minimalist chain décor chunky loafers in black.

Outfit 2

You could also choose minimal outfits in preppy style clothing like faux leather leggings with side zipper and slit detailing. The black color of the leggings matches the solid mock neck fitted tee in black and creates a clean look. Another interesting option in this outfit would include a graphic V-neck knit vest which elevates the preppy style further. Most important of all, you have a striking choice of footwear in the minimalist Chelsea boots in black that will complete the look. This is a great way to wear the preppy style in a more subtle way that is also very modern.


Outfit 3

The next important suggestion among preppy casual outfits would obviously point to a solid slit hem mini skirt. The solid black color also makes the mini skirt a suitable pick for formal occasions without any doubts. On top of it, you can pair a long-sleeved button shirt in green with check patterns and embroidery. You should also find an ideal pair of footwear for this preppy style outfit like the knee high chunky heeled slip-on boots. 

Outfit 4

Bringing the preppy fashion style to your outfits can be quite simple when you incorporate iconic preppy pieces that are inspired by Clueless like the plaid blazer and mini skirt combo. You can find a plaid mini skirt with a high waist design and asymmetric hem as the first piece in your preppy outfit. The best choice for a top for the plaid mini skirt would be a matching multicolored plaid pattern blazer

Since layering is a great option for incorporating preppy style in your outfits, you can try a Cashmere crew-neck sweater as a top under the blazer. Grab a pair of simple sheer tights to style up the preppy look further and add warmth. Finally, you can add on black knee high boots as the choice of footwear in the outfit.

Outfit 5

Tik Tok preppy style looks are quite common inspirations for many trendy outfits in present times. Think of a pair of high-waist straight pants in blue and a cropped sweater set with argyle print in blue and cream-colored tones. The cropped sweater set lends a subtly sensuous vibe, while the thick knit material assures comfort. 

The ideal pick of footwear for this outfit would be a pair of high-top All-Star Converse with lace-up fastening. It is a classic that never fails.

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Outfit 6

The final recommendation for preppy style outfits would also include some modern choices inspired by classics. You can try a pair of high-waist gingham pants with front welt pockets in pink and white color tones. The best companion for the gingham pants would be a solid button-front blouse in white, which renders a casual and sophisticated vibe. The best garment choice for layering over the solid button-front blouse would be a cable knit raglan sleeve cropped sweater.

You can have the perfect outfit for the winter season with the best pick from preppy casual outfits. In addition, you can also elevate this outfit further with accessories such as a minimalist shoulder bag that can be worn in many different ways. The white bag accents the uniformity in the look and makes it chic. Furthermore, the minimalist back zipper detail combat boots in beige also make great choices of footwear for a preppy look. 

Tips to Shop for Preppy Style Clothing

Here are some tips you should keep in mind when you shop for preppy style clothes. 

  • Take note of what exactly accounts for preppy fashion and learn about the style in detail. As a result, you can pick the ideal pieces for a preppy wardrobe.
  • Observe the quality of materials and the fit carefully before purchasing any clothes or accessories for preppy looks.
  • Plan some outfits in advance to make your shopping quicker and easier. 
  • Write “preppy” in the search bar at different websites and see what results you get. It might save you some time.

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