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5 Cool Ways to Style An Oversized Hoodie

Wondering how can an oversized hoodie make you look stylish? Check out the best ideas on how to style oversized hoodie to look effortlessly chic. 

Oversized clothing has become one of the top trends in recent times, especially with the growing demand for oversized blazers and coats. At the same time, the popularity of oversized hoodies has also escalated considerably. Hoodies have been a prominent choice in modern fashion, popularized by influencers

They are a great piece of casual clothing with different interesting ways of styling them. You might wonder about how to style oversized hoodie and create different looks that would suit you. However, some simple tricks for styling oversized hoodies can give you the much-needed flexibility and fashionable appeal.

Best Ideas for Styling Women’s Oversized Hoodies

Hoodies are largely associated with winter fashion and casual outfits. On the other hand, there is no written rule that oversized hoodies can’t be styled to look more elevated. In addition, the new ideas on how to wear oversized hoodies are also serving some vital opportunities for women to choose hoodies as their wardrobe favorites. Here are some interesting tips and outfit ideas you can try for styling oversized hoodies. 

1. Pair with Bike Shorts

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One of the first choices you can have for styling an oversized hoodie style look is a pair of biker shorts. The biker shorts complement an oversized hoodie in a classic 90s manner. Your outfit looks easier with a sporty aesthetic and a comfy feel. 

If you are trying to find how to style oversized hoodie, then you can start with choices like an oversized hoodie in nude color with butterfly and letter graphic print. The casual design of the long oversized hoodie with a drawstring and front pocket detailing is something you don’t want to miss. 

With a cute y2k graphic butterfly and letter print at the back, this oversized hoodie is a trendy outfit choice. Now, bring in a pair of high waist sweater knit bike shorts in sepia brown color. The soft rib-knit texture in the shorts adds up to the cozy feel in your oversized hoodie outfit for this look. Complete your look with a pair of chunky trainers in an ice white color for a cute, trendy elevation.

2. Wear Your Hoodie as a Dress

oversized hoodies for women
PHOTO: @bethmccreadie

While this may seem a bit quirky for some of you, you can wear your oversized hoodie as a dress (if it’s long enough). Yes, you can try an oversized hoodie as a dress for cute oversized hoodie outfits that become better with the right styling picks. The best footwear pick for this look would be sneakers that will keep the look casual or knee-high boots for a more feminine aesthetic.  

Choose a long-sleeved hoodie dress in solid white color, to begin with. The relaxed-fit hoodie dress with voluminous sleeves takes away all your doubts about how to style oversized hoodie with ease. Tailored with a high-low hem and a cute front pocket, the oversized hoodie dress doesn’t need much for styling. You can just slip into a pair of chunky knee-high boots in camel with a pull-on style design. In addition, you can put on a knitted beanie in camel color with a faux fur pom-pom as your accessory. A perfectly minimal way to assemble a chic outfit with oversized hoodie dresses, isn’t it?


3. Add some Balance

how to style oversized hoodie
PHOTO: @aliciabonora

The next important pointer on how to wear oversized hoodies in stylish outfits would focus on balance. You must focus on balancing the oversized fit of the hoodie by picking up slimmer bottoms such as leggings. Skinny jeans or even leather-look leggings are some promising choices for chic oversized hoodie style looks.

Grab a pair of black high waist leggings made of faux leather and pair it with an oversized sweatshirt hoodie in blue featuring the Yale University graphic letter print. The print, heavily dropped shoulders, gently rounded hem alongside ribbing at cuffs, make this sweatshirt hoodie a trendy outfit choice. For the choice of footwear, you can go with low heel ankle boots with thick lug soles in black. 

Another interesting way of balancing the oversized fit of the hoodie is to choose skinny jeans. Choose an oversized cotton sweatshirt hoodie in a light grey-blue tone for a casual oversized hoodie outfit with skinny jeans. You can go with high waist skinny jeans in black to complement the sweatshirt hoodie. Finally, you can top up your oversized hoodie look with chunky trainers in off white color.

4. Try An All-Oversized Outfit

oversized hoodies for women
PHOTO: @hoskelsa

If you have doubts about how to style oversized hoodie no matter what, you need to try something different. For example, try an all-oversized look by pairing up the oversized hoodie with an oversized jogger. You can have an ultra-casual and chic, comfy look with such an interesting and proven styling suggestion for oversized hoodies. 

Think of a basic choice like an oversized essential hoodie in khaki green with a pair of oversized matching joggers. The ideal pick for this combination would be a pair of black Nike Air Force 1 sneakers

You can also try cute oversized hoodie outfits with a drop shoulder hoodie and sweatpants set in lime green. The casual design of the set, alongside the pleasant and adorable lime green color, takes away all the styling troubles. Just add a pair of trainers in grey and white for a cute oversized hoodie outfit in an all-oversized look. 


5. Elevated Looks with Oversized Blazers

how to style oversized hoodies
PHOTO: @pernilleteisbaek

Speaking of going all out on the oversized style, you can also find how to style oversized hoodie by adding an oversized blazer. The oversized blazer on top is a trendy choice that is perfect for oversized hoodie outfits. 

The best choice for an elevated look with oversized hoodies would be an oversized hoodie in camel color. An oversized blazer made of faux leather in chocolate brown along with padded shoulders and notched lapels is a trustworthy pick that will refine your looks in an oversized hoodie. Another important addition to this outfit would be a pair of high waist leggings in taupe brown color made of faux suede fabric.

Tips to Shop for Oversized Hoodies

Here are important tips you need to note before shopping for women’s oversized hoodies. 

  • There are many options for styling an oversized hoodie- pair it with a bike short or jeans, add a blazer, go for a matching suit look, and more.
  • Hoodies come in a range of prices, you have high-end options that cost hundreds of dollars, and affordable pieces as well from websites like Shein and Asos.
  • Take notes from fashion icons and influencers to get more ideas on selecting oversized hoodies and styling them in chic outfits.

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