Kendall Jenner Reminds Us About The Oversized Bag Trend

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If you have been following the world of fashion closely, you know that it is ever changing. When it comes to bags, there are many trends that have come and gone over the course of time. In the last couple of years, the world started following the oversized handbag trend introduced by French fashion designer Simon Porte Jacquemus. 

However, mini bags, or micro-bags as they are known, are slowly fading away and opening the path for this particular trend. So, how did the world of fashion decide to shift its emphasis towards larger handbags from micro-bags? Wouldn’t the large handbags mess up your style? Let us try to find some relevant answers in the following discussion.

Kendall Jenner and Her Oversized Handbag Style

First of all, let us start by focusing on the factor which shifted the trend toward oversized bags. The answer lies within the worldwide epidemic that led to the shift from impractical accessories to huge bags that can hold many essentials in a time of uncertainty. The second part of the answer is Kendall Jenner wore it. It is practically impossible for anyone involved with the world of fashion or people following fashion trends not to know Kendall Jenner. She is a supermodel, fashion icon, and her Instagram is on fire. As a matter of fact, she has adorned some of the best-oversized bags in her outfits, thereby validating her identity as a fashion influencer. You can take a look at one of the oversized bags she wore recently.

Bottega Veneta Maxi BV Jodie Shoulder Bag

The Maxi BV Jodie shoulder bag from Bottega Veneta worn by Kendall Jenner shows the perfect example of impeccable Italian leather weaving technique. The signature Intrecciato design takes care of the exquisite weaving pattern, and the shoulder strap lets you carry the bag easily. With a top-zip fastening and internal compartments, you can find this option as one of the best choices among women’s large bags for carrying everything you need.       

Top Picks among Large Designer Handbags

Since the oversized handbag trend is making a comeback, you need to pick some of the best bags in the category. As a matter of fact, you can be confused by the sheer variety of options you can find in oversized bags. Here are some of the best huge bags which can be promising additions to your handbag collection.

  • Quilted Oversized Shoulder Bag

With the Mango oversized quilted shoulder bag, you don’t have to worry about running out of space. This bag is practical as it is cute.

  • Shoulder Bag with Jewel Trim

If you’re looking for a more work-appropriate bag or a winter bag, this Ego shoulder bag in mock-croc design featuring jewel trim highlights and a V-shape design is a great option. This bag is reminiscent of the style of Kendall Jenner handbags. The detachable shoulder strap, along with the zip-top fastening, gives you adequate flexibility when using it.

  • Oversized Knot-detail Nylon Hobo Bag

Talk about making a strong statement with your bag with this Topshop oversized hobo bag in reflective silver. The minimalist design is similar to the Bottega Veneta aesthetic, therefore the bag will be perfect for many different outfits and occasions. 

  • Canova Shoulder Bag

The Claudia Canove oversized bag is an oversized dupe version of the Celine Sangle bucket bag. This shoulder bag is one of the best picks for mastering the oversized handbag trend. The beautiful color and chic design mean you will reach out to use it every day. 

  • Oversized Knot-detail Nylon Hobo Bag in Khaki

The Topshop oversized hobo bag style with knot details is also one of the best oversized bags you can have today. Crafted from nylon, this khaki-colored bag offers a versatile mix of sophisticated simplicity with a modern twist. 

Outfit Ideas for Oversized Bags

Because the oversized handbag trend is gaining popularity in recent times, it is important to find the right outfit that will stand out along the huge bag. Many women are apprehensive about purchasing oversized handbags as they think that the large bags can mess up their style. However, you can try the following outfit ideas to make your look stand out even when you wear Kendall Jenner handbags dupes.

Outfit 1

The first outfit idea is to copy the style choices Kendall Jenner made with her huge bag. Start with black straight leg jeans, add a graphic t-shirt and an oversized blazer, and finish with braided chunky slides and a pair of rectangle-frame sunglasses.

Outfit 2

This type of Kendall Jenner handbags can be difficult to style in many cases due to the imposing appearance of the bags. However, a minimal chic outfit can be the ideal choice for balancing the oversized aesthetic of the bag with a fitted dress. Go with a rib-knit fitted, sleeveless dress featuring a narrow cut at the top with a racerback design. Try on a pair of chunky heeled thong sandals along with a chunky gold bracelet that will add sophistication to the look.

Outfit 3

The oversized handbag trend can work best on vacation. Oversized handbags are perfectly suitable for vacations as they let you carry a lot of things easily and still look stylish. However, styling oversized bags for vacations should follow a minimalist design aesthetic. Start with an O-ring cut-out jumpsuit in a neutral color, add ruched slide sandals for comfort, and don’t forget a straw hat with a wide brim. 

Tips to Purchasing Oversized Handbags

The different suggestions for women’s large bags could be quite confusing. So, you could go with the following pointers to ensure that you find the best-oversized handbags.                

  • Among the many things to consider while purchasing large handbags, ease of use will obviously be a top priority. If you don’t feel that you will be comfortable carrying the bag, then skip it.
  • Oversized bags may be heavy, and remember that you have to put many things in there. So, make sure that the bag you look at is lightweight. 
  • Choose an oversized handbag design that is versatile enough to work with different outfit ideas. 
  • Style the oversized bag with a minimalistic look and form fitting clothes.


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