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5 Outfit Ideas to Wear When You Feel Bloated

The choices in fashion are never restricted only to one type of style or aesthetic. As of late, comfort has become one of the significant keywords for every new fashion trend. You can adjust your fashion choices according to the time of the day or occasion and the way you feel. There is no shame in trying to find what to wear when you feel bloated, as it is completely normal. 

Many of us have days when we feel bloated and uncomfortable in any type of outfit. In such cases, you need to choose outfits that can make the bloat appear less obvious. Let us find out some of the best outfits for bloating that you can wear effortlessly and without discomfort. 

Outfit Ideas You Can Try When You Feel Bloated

The different possible suggestions for outfits to wear when you are bloated would rely on certain tricks. You can try on a pair of high waist pants such as leggings or jeans, depending on your comfort level. Another promising answer for what to wear when you feel bloated would include flowy or oversized clothes. You need to ensure that the flowy or oversized clothes give adequate room for your belly for a comfortable ensemble. Here are some notable outfit ideas you can try whenever you are feeling bloated. 

Outfit 1

One of the first recommendations of outfits for bloated days would be a pair of high rise slim jeans and an oversized white t-shirt. The high waist ankle-length jeans in black complement the oversized t-shirt featuring side splits and stitch detailing. Make sure that you tuck the t-shirt a bit in the pants to create a flowy aesthetic which covers up the belly area. On top of it, you can add an oversized blazer in light gray to create a distraction and hide the belly area a bit more. 

Complement such choices in the best outfits for bloating by slipping into a pair of high-top platform sneakers in white. The white high-top platform sneakers make your look appear taller and thinner. Choose your accessory wisely with a faux leather shoulder bag in black, featuring croc embossed design detailing. The shoulder bag is a better alternative to crossbody bags as the crossbody strap can draw attention to your belly.


Outfit 2

A tiered mock neck dress featuring an ice blue plaid pattern is an easy choice for what to wear when you feel bloated, especially for its elevated aesthetics. With a roomy fit, the dress serves as an exceptional fashion choice for the times when you feel bloated. The dress flows effortlessly over the belly while lending a flattering vibe with the plaid pattern and multi-tiered design. You can see how the print is a good idea as it can help in hiding the belly area better than solid colors. 

Keep such outfits for bloated days simple with a pair of low heel leather loafers in off-white color. You can add a dash of bold jewelry in this outfit to draw attention away from the belly area. In this case, you can go for a pack of three-chain bracelets in gold-tone with crystal detailing. 

Outfit 3

You can also grab the best leggings for bloating to come up with a chic and comfortable outfit. Try a pair of black high waist leggings with a wide stretchable waistband that compresses and sucks you in. The wide waistband in the leggings offers adequate compression in the belly area, thereby minimizing the bloated appearance. 

Pair the leggings with a relaxed silk shirt in black, which serves as a fine choice for best outfits for bloating, owing to its flattering style. The relaxed shirt looks chic without clinging to the body. Most importantly, the black leggings and black shirt create a monochrome look, which helps you look thinner and taller. The monochrome look easily shifts the attention from a specific part of the body towards the overall outfit.

Layer up with a faux leather blazer in black for this monochrome outfit. The blazer offers a solid answer for what to wear when you feel bloated as it helps in splitting the torso’s appearance into three distinct parts. As a result, it can easily minimize the appearance of the middle section of the torso. You can complete the black monochrome look with square-toe chunky classic boots featuring stitch detailing. The heels not only add height but also help in creating a slimmer silhouette.

Outfit 4

when searching for the best leggings for bloating try a comfier alternative like an oversized sweat co-ord. An oversized sweat co-ord features an oversized sweatshirt and an oversized 90s jogger in mink. The neutral color and the comfortable, oversized fit are the foremost highlights that make the sweat co-ord ideal for outfits on those days when you feel bloated. The oversized top can easily hide your tummy while ensuring promising levels of comfort. It is obviously a favorite pick for casual days when you prefer comfort above everything else. 

You can try out a tie-waist trench coat in stone as a fitting choice for layering in such outfits. There is nothing you can find better than the elegant style of the trench coat in answers for what to wear when you feel bloated. The trench coat adds sophistication to your looks, making your outfit appear chicer. Elevate the casual comfy look with a pair of high-top chunky platform trainers in multicolor. 


Outfit 5

The final recommendation for ‘what to wear out when bloated’ is an interesting pick with a set of orange drop shoulder blouse and a shorts set. You cannot find anything wrong with this trendy and cute set when you are feeling bloated. The comfy elastic waist of the shorts alongside the oversized top in matching colors offers you the best of style and comfort. Style the cute set by keeping the blouse half-tucked to create a flattering fit around the belly area.

You can refine your looks in the cute blouse and shorts set by adding nude mules that will elongate the leg. As a result, you don’t have to worry about what to wear when you feel bloated. The ideal choice of accessories that will complete your look would include a pair of 14k gold-plated hoop earrings. You should also try out a beaded mini handbag for finesse in your outfit. 

Tips to Shop for Clothes to Wear When You Feel Bloated

Here are some tips you should keep in mind for purchasing clothes you can wear when you feel bloated.

  • When it comes to hiding a bloat, you have two theories- the oversized look that hides the tummy or the compressing option that sucks you in and lets you wear slim-fit clothes. 
  • Choose prints and patterns that will distract the eye from the belly.
  • Wear a blazer or cardigan to add coverage and break your top half into 3 parts, thus making you look slimmer.
  • Look for stretchable and comfy fabrics as the first choice in clothes to wear when you feel bloated.

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