11 Simple Hacks to Achieve the ‘No Makeup’ Look

natural makeup look
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Makeup is a mandatory highlight in the everyday routine of every woman in the world. While you have complete freedom over how you choose your makeup to look, you can try a no makeup look just like celebrities. Many celebrities have been spotted with natural makeup looks in recent times, thereby increasing the popularity of such aesthetics. 

The best highlight of the less makeup look is that they appear completely natural and more skin-like. With natural makeup looks, you never look like you tried too hard, or cakey in any way. Interestingly, the natural makeup look elevates the glow on your face and makes you look healthier. Can you try a natural makeup look easily in your everyday routine? Let us find the answer. 

Tips for Rocking the No Makeup Look like Celebrities

Celebrities have been snapped in various no makeup looks in recent times, thereby calling for ideas to try the same. The no makeup look of a celebrity generally looks 10 times better than those overdone looks with loads of makeup many people do these days. Minimalism is beautiful, and the looks of celebrities in natural makeup prove the same. 

However, natural makeup is not so “natural” after all, as you have to invest a lot of effort to achieve this look. How can you get the natural no eye makeup look of your favorite celebrity? Here are some tips that can help you achieve natural makeup looks that look effortlessly elegant.

1. Stick to A Healthy Skincare Routine

no makeup look
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The first thing you need to excel in the less makeup looks is a great skincare routine. You cannot have good-looking makeup if you don’t take good care of your skin because good skin is the base for a good makeup look. Therefore, you must pay attention to a proper skincare routine on a regular basis with the best skincare products you can afford. You must invest time and effort in cleaning and toning your skin for a glowing and radiant texture. 

2. Prepare Your Skin for Makeup

More often than not, people end up confusing a no makeup look with one where you don’t use any makeup products. On the contrary, you can still apply makeup for natural makeup looks, albeit with preparatory measures. You can prepare your skin by applying a smoothing primer to tone down the fine lines and large pores. A simple trick like this can help you have better-looking skin with minimal makeup.


3. Use Lightweight Makeup


less makeup look
PHOTO: @kendalljenner

Well, this was an obvious expectation in a guide on creating a less makeup look. Celebrities with a natural makeup look achieve flawless skin by applying lightweight products carefully. For example, you can recreate no makeup looks of celebrities by applying makeup in minimal proportions or just going for a tint. In addition, you must also choose lightweight formulas for the rest of your face like a cream blush and a lightweight concealer.

4. Face Coverage

The next important concern in creating a natural makeup look would point to face coverage. In the case of no makeup looks, you can try focusing on hiding your blemishes and dark spots by using concealers and avoiding foundation altogether. Another promising method for face coverage would involve using an extremely lightweight bb cream, tinted moisturizer, or foundation. Make sure that you use the smallest amount of foundation and tap it on your skin with a beauty blender lot to create a skin-like appearance. 

5. Accent Your Cheeks

Another interesting method for achieving the no makeup look would focus on your cheeks. You can try adding some tint to your cheeks to create a healthy complexion. A cream blush will look more natural than a powder, so try that option.

6. Contouring

Contouring is also one of the prominent highlights in makeup you wouldn’t necessarily think of when it comes to natural looks. That is why you must be careful when contouring so that it doesn’t appear prominently on your face. If you love the chiseled look, try light contouring and blend it as much as you can. Make sure that you choose cream products that can blend into your skin effortlessly.

7. Add Some Freckles

You can come across many innovative suggestions for a natural makeup look, such as adding freckles to your skin. The freckles can help in creating a naturally sun-kissed look, and you don’t have to try hard to create them. Use a freckle pen, and you can make your skin look naturally pretty. Interestingly, freckles make your skin look like you have not applied any makeup products to it.

8. Fix Your Brows

The pointers for natural makeup would also include suggestions for a no eyebrow makeup look that accents your overall styling. You can try a brow gel for setting your brows perfectly in place. If you have trouble with thinner eyebrows, you can try adding some painted-on hairs. However, you must always pick natural-looking products that blend in well and don’t look too obvious.

9. Styling Your Lashes

The choice of a no eye makeup look is also appealing for no makeup looks. You can try styling your lashes with minimal makeup by curling them or by adding highlights of brown mascara. Make sure that you use a lightweight applicator rather than a voluminous mascara that can spoil your look. 


10. Choosing an Eye Shadow

The different suggestions for a no makeup look would also point toward choosing an eye shadow. Many would argue that eyeshadow is completely unnecessary in such looks. On the contrary, you can opt for an eye shadow that looks natural to style up your eyes. However, it is important to pick an eyeshadow in a skin tone shade that would mix well with the skin and give you a natural look. You can also use your bronzer as an eyeshadow for a bit of depth.

11. Let’s Not Forget Lips

The final highlight in your natural makeup look would obviously draw attention to your lips. You can style up your lips with minimal makeup by using a lip pencil. Make sure that the lip pencil has the exact shade of your lips. On top of it, you can just add lip balm or a tiny bit of gloss to accent the lips and make them look plump and hydrated.

Tips to Prepare for No Makeup Looks

Here are some tips that can help you prepare for the no makeup look anytime you want.

  • Use the best skin care products with natural ingredients on a regular basis to clean and hydrate your skin. A healthy skincare routine is the best foundation you can have.
  • when it comes to the less makeup look, always opt for lightweight formulas like tints, cream products, and skin-toned products.
  • Make sure to use small amounts of each product and blend it well.
  • Purchase trusted and verified skincare products from popular brands based on user feedback to make sure you don’t harm your skin.


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