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The New Comfy Shoe Trend of 2022

The most interesting aspect of fashion is the fact that it never stays constant. Fashion continues evolving, and so do the trends associated with it. The choice of clothes people prefers to wear changes with the trends and the time. Interestingly, fashion always runs in cycles, and you can find old styles making a comeback regularly. In such cases, you might wonder about trends like the most comfortable women’s shoes trend that offer style advantages and a cute style too. 

If you’re looking for a fun trend that is also easy to pull off and wear, comfy shoes are the best way to go. Where did the trend of comfy wide shoes for women’s footwear collections start? What are the exact reasons driving their popularity in present times? Let us find the answers to these questions and learn more about the comfy shoe trend of 2022. 

What Are Comfy Shoes?

No one loves a pair of shoes that are stylish yet rub and cut into your skin, especially when you are wearing them throughout the day. You wouldn’t like to deal with swollen toes and painful blisters every day just because of a footwear choice. What could be the most comfortable women’s shoes then? When you think of the comfy shoe trend, you need to look back at the originals.

The comfy shoe trend started with the comfortable furry Ugg shoes and the Birkenstock Arizona model. These shoes emerged as top favorites for outdoor footwear, rather than just as slippers. The comfy design of Uggs makes them a good choice for pairing with loungewear. At the same time, a few subtle outfit tricks will let you wear them outside with effortless style.

Why Are Comfy Shoes Becoming Popular?

Many of you who are seeking answers to the question “What are the most comfortable women’s shoes for work?” might have doubts regarding the chic element of comfy shoes. How do you know that the comfy shoe trend is actually popular? Hailey Bieber and Kendall Jenner have shown their love for the comfy shoe trend in their different outfits, so that is your first hint.

With such notable fashion connoisseurs expressing their love for comfy shoes, they obviously deserve a position among the most comfortable women’s shoes for mainstream fashion. Furthermore, you can also notice many other styles and designs of comfy shoes evolving in 2022. One of the notable variants of comfy shoes that have a dominant impact on the global fashion scene is clogs.


The Value of Versatility

Kendall Jenner has sported comfy clogs on many occasions, particularly for comfort. Most importantly, Kendall loves comfy clogs because they don’t resemble the design of slippers. Another important reason to love the comfiest women’s shoes is that they are versatile.

Just because a celebrity wears comfy shoes, you should not blindly follow the trend. On the contrary, you should take a look at how they offer you the right elements for styling different outfits. The interesting fact about comfy shoes is that they are great wardrobe staples for different seasons. In the winter season, you can wear comfy shoes with socks and in the summer season, wear them as they are. The graceful silhouette of comfy shoes works perfectly on any outfit, irrespective of the season.

Best Comfortable Shoes for Women

The comfy shoe trend is a promising answer to queries regarding the most comfortable women’s shoes without any doubt. However, you would need a clear outline of the best picks in the comfy shoe trend that are worth adapting to your shoe closet. The wide assortment of designs and styles in the comfy shoe trend can be a bit confusing at times. Here are some of the best comfortable work shoes for women that would work perfectly for casual outfits

Birkenstock Boston SFB Clog

The Birkenstock Boston SFB clog in a casual taupe color is one of the top examples of comfy wide shoes for women’s footwear collections. Tailored from cowhide leather and lined with suede fabric, the Birkenstock clog is a classic shoe re-entering modern wardrobes. Designed as mules, the clogs have a buckle at the top, adding a distinctive highlight to the rather simplistic silhouette.

In addition, the soft cork footbed also provides the assurance of comfort and durability you need. As the most comfortable women’s shoes, the Birkenstock Boston SFB clogs also mean you don’t have to spend too much time on your pedicure. You can wear them with casual everyday outfits just like Kendall Jenner does.


Birkenstock Boston VL Clogs 

The Birkenstock Boston VL clogs also count in as one of the best comfortable work shoes for women of its design. First of all, the slip-on style shoes in brown color exhibit a minimalist appeal. On top of it, the clogs have a unique appearance with their shearling lining and decorative buckle detailing. The flat rubber sole lets you enjoy the clogs as a casual footwear choice. However, the VL clogs can also serve as great combinations with cute dresses when paired in the right way.

Birkenstock Boston Suede Clogs

Another top choice among the most comfortable women’s shoes for your wardrobe would be the Birkenstock Boston suede clogs. The distinguishing highlight in the clogs refers to the classic oiled tobacco leather upper. In addition, the suede footbed lining alongside the anatomically-shaped footbed offers a better assurance of comfort. With the classic Birkenstock Boston clog design, the clogs are a must-have for any modern woman’s footwear collection. 

How to Wear Comfy Shoes?

Now that you know about some of the top choices in “What are the most comfortable women’s shoes for work?” you would need some inspiration on styling them. Here are some suggestions you can try out for wearing your favorite Birkenstock clogs in outdoor outfits.

best comfortable work shoes for women

Combine a pair of Birkenstock clogs with a pair of wide-leg black trousers alongside a basic white tee layered with a white poplin shirt. Add your favorite pair of sunglasses and a shoulder tote bag to complete a classic look with comfy shoes.


Wear the most comfortable women’s shoes as Kendall Jenner does in a Y2K-inspired outfit. Try a pair of Birkenstock clogs with a cropped tank top and a pair of flared jeans with a floral graphic print. Top up your look with acrylic square frame sunglasses and a shoulder bag for an exquisite casual outfit.

Tips to Shop for Comfy Shoes

The comfy shoe trend has obviously gained immense popularity in recent times, with many celebrities loving the trend. However, you must proceed with caution in your pursuit of buying comfy shoes. Here are some important tips you should keep in mind while shopping for the best comfy shoes. 

  • Start by looking for inspiration on social media for styling the trend. It is tricky to turn a comfy shoe into a chic element in your looks. 
  • Try classics like Birkenstocks or Uggs for the ultimate comfort meets style combo. 
  • Don’t wear loungewear with comfy shoes, the idea is to dress them up, and not wear them as you would at home. 

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