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Straight Leg vs Mom Jeans: What’s the Difference, and Which is Best for Your Style?

Confused about finding the best style for you? Let’s find out the difference between mom jeans vs straight jeans to know which one will suit your style best. 

Jeans are obviously the first thing you would find in any woman’s wardrobe today. They are a great wardrobe staple you can wear with any type of outfit. Whether it is casual outfits or a night-out ensemble, jeans have always got your back. However, the variety of styles in jeans available on the market now has created a lot of confusion.

The mom jeans vs straight jeans debate have gained momentum in recent times, particularly focused on finding the better alternative. Over the years, the styles of jeans have changed considerably. Evolving fashion trends have imposed a massive effect on the design of jeans we see today.

Flared jeans dominated the 70s, while acid wash made a solid mark in the 80s. Subsequently, the straight leg and baggy jeans from the 90s and low rise jeans from the early 2000s marked new milestones. All the trendy jeans of the past are the most-loved classics of today for their timeless design and chic appeal. So, where does the difference between mom jeans and straight jeans come into the picture?

The sole reason for reflecting on the differences between mom jeans and straight-leg jeans is the popularity of both styles. With so many popular styles of jeans in 2022, such as baggy, skinny, and flared designs, mom jeans and straight jeans still enjoy unmatched popularity. What are the prominent differences between them? Let us find out.

The Differences between Mom Jeans and Straight Leg Jeans

Many styles and designs of jeans from the past have turned into classics in the present times. However, many people have doubts about the particular styles they should choose from. The mom jean style and straight-leg jeans have become the top favorites of women worldwide in recent times.

Therefore, many people wonder about the differences between them to find the better choice. If you can differentiate the two players in the mom jeans vs straight jeans debate, then you can identify the pair of jeans that would fit well in your closet. Let us reflect on the differences between mom jeans and straight-leg jeans by identifying their distinct highlights. 


Mom Jeans

The first thing you need to know about the mom jean style is that it is a popular style from the 80s. It was a huge hit during those times and, as the name implies, served as wardrobe favorites for moms all around the world. The basic highlight of mom jeans was the comfortable fit, which took preference over style.

However, the mom jeans vs straight jeans comparison in present times draw attention towards new designs of mom jeans. The mom jeans you can find today are refined versions of the original mom jeans in terms of style and fit. Almost all designs of modern mom jeans offer a form-fitting shape that will flatter your shape.

The next important highlight in favor of mom jeans in straight leg jeans vs mom jeans debate is the retention of classic elements. What are the classic elements retained by mom jeans? The new variants of mom jeans today have retained the high waist design of the classic mom jeans. In addition, you would also find the stiff fabric as a notable element from the past incorporated in modern mom jeans.

However, you can also find stretchy fabrics in mom jeans today, thereby solving the problem of comfort. The tapered leg design in mom jeans style makes them a promising alternative to skinny jeans. Mom jeans fit close to the body without being too tight, while the stiff fabric offers a modern and chic appeal that holds you in. Most of the mom jeans today end at the ankle, thereby offering flexibility for styling with different types of shoes. Here are some of the best picks among Mom jeans you can buy today.

1. Pimkie High Waisted Mom Jean in Bleach Blue

A pair of high waist mom jeans in bleach blue with a regular fit is an easy choice for your closet.

2. Zara Mom Fit Jeans

You can choose a pair of high waist mom fit jeans in mid-blue color and a washed effect from Zara. The classic design highlights in the jeans offer the perfect traits for a wardrobe staple.

3. H&M Mom High Ankle Jeans

Grab a pair of ankle-length jeans in the classic mom jeans style made of washed stretch cotton denim and an extra-high waist. The slightly looser fit of the mom jeans makes them a must-have for any woman’s closet.

Straight Leg Jeans

Straight leg jeans are another classic jeans style from the 90s. Many people wondering about “are straight leg jeans in style” don’t really know what straight leg jeans are and how timeless they are. The cool jeans from the 90s have never failed to grab headlines in the world of fashion.

It was not long ago when Rachel and Monica from the TV show FRIENDS rocked some graceful looks in Levi’s straight jeans. The best thing about straight-leg jeans in the mom jeans vs straight jeans debate is that they offer many style variations. The versatility of straight-leg jeans definitely validates their claim to popularity at par with mom jeans.

You can find many options in straight jeans, such as high waist and low waist variants, distressed detailing, and versatile washes. Straight leg jeans in long versions or cropped variants are also some of the notable offerings in straight jeans for your closet. The difference between mom jeans and straight jeans becomes quite clear when you notice that straight jeans offer a straight leg fit all the way under the bum.

On the contrary, mom jeans come with a tapered fit that is narrower on the leg. You can notice another highlight in mom jeans vs straight jeans comparison with the availability of fitted or baggy variants. The fitted and baggy straight jeans have the common element of straight leg fit from bum to the hem. Here are some straight-leg jeans must-haves.


1. Weekday Rowe Organic Cotton Blend High Waist Straight Leg Jeans

A pair of high waist straight leg jeans made of organic cotton is a perfect answer for “are straight leg jeans in style” for its trademark design highlights.

2. Zara Straight Leg Jeans

You can also trust a pair of Zara high-rise straight leg jeans in navy blue color for the classic design and its rigid fabric. 

3. H&M Straight High Ankle Jeans

The straight high ankle jeans from H&M also show how straight jeans fare in mom jeans vs straight jeans comparison. The classic ankle-length jeans tailored from thick cotton denim with straight leg fit and high waist design are easy wardrobe favorites. 

Tips to Shop for Mom Jeans and Straight Jeans

Here are some tips to keep in mind while shopping for mom jeans and straight jeans.

  • Go through the differences in mom jeans vs straight jeans comparison to find the suitable choice for you.
  • Explore all the top choices in each style based on the signature design elements.
  • Look for product reviews and quality in the description before placing your order.

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