Best Fashion Trends for Modest Outfits in 2022

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Fashion constantly changes with time and the trends you see today might not be relevant in years to come. However, modest clothing will always be a dominant trend that will keep inspiring high end fashion designers and also retailers like Asos and Shein. On the other hand, is it really easy to get modest fashion right when you have so many modern fashion alternatives? The answer is no, it is tricky to create modest trendy looks and make sure all restrictions are met. Let us find out how you can elevate your style with modest clothing without investing heftily. 

Why Is Modest Clothing Important Now?

Prior to a reflection on modest fashion brands and tips for styling, it is important to learn about modest clothing as a genre. Interestingly, you could not find a specific definition for modest style as the meaning of ‘modest’ varies across different regions and cultures. In the most basic sense, modest clothing is any type of clothing that is intentionally tailored to be less revealing. There are many promising benefits of modest clothing such as looking classic and timeless, not worrying about wardrobe malfunctions and feeling comfortable.

Top Picks for Modest Fashion in 2022

If you want to make modest fashion stylish, then you have to make smart choices. Here are some of the top picks in modest clothing that you can try in 2022.

Day-Time Dresses

Daytime dresses are one of the most important elements when it comes to the selection of modest fashion trends in 2022. Interestingly, you can find a lot of options for daytime dresses that can help you build the ideal casual modest attire. Start with an Asos tiered maxi dress featuring pintucks and lace inserts and vibrant floral print. You could also choose a breathtaking mock-neck puff-sleeved dress with tribal prints or a tie-neck balloon-sleeve dress with graphic print. Another favorable choice that will be great as workwear is a striped maxi shirt dress with a peplum hem. 

Your search for daytime modest dresses could also lead you towards a belted a-line dress with a frill-detail neckline. At the same time, you can pick a pleated a-line dress with floral print and a tie neck. All of these stylish choices of daytime dresses are built for comfort while giving the necessary mark of sophistication. The perfect way to style these daytime dresses would include a tote bag or a straw bag with flat or low-heeled sandals, and minimal accessories.       

Event Dresses 

Events are also one of the notable contexts in which modest fashion has created great solutions in the present times. There are lots of great modest options for events, for example, a maxi tulle dress featuring long sleeves and a sequin-embellished top. The classic cut of the dress makes it princess-like and timeless. 

If you want to go out of your comfort zone, try going for a black satin maxi dress featuring a batwing sleeve and wrap waist. Another favorable option among event dresses that are modest would be a mock-neck shirred waist dress with floral prints. Each of the options in trendy modest clothing among event dresses fits perfectly with different types of events. For example, a floral print event dress would be suitable for daytime events like weddings or holidays. 

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Skirts and Tops

The easiest and most conveniently accessible options in modest fashion would obviously refer to skirts and tops. The right selection can help you conjure the ideal modest outfits effortlessly. Most importantly, skirts and tops give you a lot of options to mix and match the pieces with other clothes in your wardrobe. 

Start with a combination of a long-sleeved turtleneck top in black with a plisse column maxi skirt featuring mono-spot prints. This can be your ensemble for casual outings or trips to the mall with your friends, especially with a black leather jacket.

You could also make most of the modest fashion trends in 2022 by choosing a poplin shirt paired up with a camel pleated skirt. This outfit would be the favorite choice for those who work in an office but can also be elevated with heels for a night-time look. 

Another promising combination for casual day-time looks that you can try out is a flowy linen shirt and a black long jersey skirt with an elastic waist design. 

When it comes to styling, skirts and tops let you experiment with accessories that stay in tune with the rest of the outfit. Therefore, the choice of accessories that will match the modest fashion sets will be low heeled sandals, a leather tote or shoulder bag, and gold jewellery.

Tips to Dress Up in Modest Clothing

The best feature of trendy, modest clothing is simplicity which helps in rendering the most professionally stylish looks possible. However, making modest clothing appear stylish is not as easy as you imagine. Here are some tips for dressing up in modest clothing and staying stylish.

  • Always try to experiment with layering when you are buying from non-modest fashion brands. For example, try a cardigan over a short sleeve top, or a long sleeve poplin top under revealing tops. You can also add a blazer or wide-leg pants under short skirts or dresses.
  • Do not fall for the inherent desire to bring every new trend into your wardrobe because not all trends are easy to make modest. At the same time, do not think that modest clothes mean a not-trendy look. 
  • You might be drawn more towards neutral colors when making modest fashion choices. However, you can experiment with colors and patterns like florals or stripes.
  • Look for a breathable fabric that will keep you cool and comfortable.
  • Accessories might be tricky when it comes to modest clothes because most of the body is covered. Nevertheless, earrings and necklaces can elevate your look so don’t be hesitant to use them. 


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