How to Build a Chic Minimalist Wardrobe in 6 Steps

Chic Minimalist Style
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Go through any fashion article or blog post, and you are most likely to come across the word ‘minimalism.’ The trend of minimalistic chic has become one of the notable highlights in modern fashion. So, what is the minimalist chic style? Basically, minimalism refers to an outfit that is simple and muted, with clean lines and neutral colors. Minimal clothes are not “trendy”, rather timeless, and the look they create is chic and effortless. That is why there is a growth in demand for chic minimalist style fashion all over the world. However, you must be careful in the selection of minimalist style fashion to ensure that you have the perfect balance between style, fit, and functionality.

Top Tips for Selecting Minimalist Style Clothing

Minimalist fashion has become a revolutionary trend as it aims to reduce the number of clothes in your wardrobe and reduce consumption as a result. It’s all about keeping your outfits stylish without stuffing your wardrobe unnecessarily. If you love monochrome looks, sophisticated silhouettes and find joy in minimalist clothing, it would be reasonable to consider you a minimalistic dresser. Here are some of the top tips you can follow if you want to build an ideal wardrobe for minimalist-style women.

      1. Choose Neutral Colors

Neutral colors are one of the first recommendations you would come across in the minimalist fashion trend. Notable examples of neutral colors include black, beige, white, navy, brown, and grey. They are functionally relevant for the minimalist trend as they are muted and easy to style.

When it comes to the clothes you should try, start with a collared, rib-knit dress in beige or a ribbed tank top in white with tailored pants in beige. A classic option is a pleated chiffon skirt in powder white color that will work well with a nude bodysuit. You could also choose a split-hem cami dress in black or a scoop-neck cutout ruched dress in grey as casual outfits. Lastly, the puff-sleeved tie-back top and high-split skirt set in beige can also be a valuable addition to your minimalist wardrobe.

      2. Go for Sophisticated Silhouettes

Minimalist style women generally look for better structuring in their looks which could imply aesthetic functionality while retaining minimalism. Silhouettes play an important role in highlighting the shape of a woman while creating a flattering illusion. An oversized jacket in light beige crafted from a woven viscose blend fabric or an oversized cotton shirt in white offer the ideal sophisticated silhouettes. 

You could also find a straight-cut camisole top in black as a viable choice for sophisticated silhouettes in minimalist outfits. High-waist menswear style pants featuring wide-leg design along with front pleats, in light camel color, suit the minimalist narrative. Another viable choice in minimalist style clothing for sophisticated silhouettes would be a draped pencil skirt. Go with a high-waist midi skirt featuring side pleats and slit-hem detail. You can also pick up a crisscross back-fold pleated dress in brown as a viable pick for minimalist style.

      3. Keep It Simple

More often than not, people ignore the most common answer to ‘how do you dress like a minimalist?’ which basically refers to simplicity. The basic essence of minimalist style refers to an understated look. How can you achieve an understated look? The plausible solution is to keep your clothes and jewelry to a minimum alongside avoiding clothes and jewelry with too many colors or prints. Linen-blend, calf-length pants in light beige color, or a fine-knit turtleneck sweater in white are two promising examples of simplicity. 

Pair up the turtleneck sweater with knee-length linen-blend shorts in cream color and you got a minimalist outfit. You can also pick up a zipper-detail solid skirt in black as another simple addition to your minimalist wardrobe. A midi-shirt dress in ecru color with a V-neck design and long sleeves can work perfectly as a workwear outfit. You should also add a classic cut Levi’s mid-rise straight-leg jeans to your chic minimalist style outfit. 

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      4. Don’t Follow Trends, Look for Timeless Pieces

One of the first things people do when shopping for fashion is taking a look at the trends. However, trends can be a bit misleading in the case of minimalist style clothing. The minimalist chic outfit is more about the choice of style of a woman rather than focusing on the trends. Interestingly, you can easily wear minimalist chic outfits even years from now. In addition, you can also incorporate other trends, such as wide-leg trousers or one-shoulder tailored tops in your timeless minimal looks. 

Begin with a pair of high-waist mom-fit jeans or a white short-sleeved poplin shirt dress featuring a lapel collar. Some of the other timeless pieces you can try for chic minimalist style outfits include regular-fit jeans and jogger waist pants in black from Zara. You should also consider a basic linen shirt or a basic knit sweater in your minimalist wardrobe for all seasons.

      5. Use Accessories Wisely

Accessories are an important tool for improving the outfit appeal of an individual alongside offering the versatility of looks. You need to be careful while using jewelry with a chic minimal look, and it should be in moderation. In addition, you should also go with classic footwear choices such as minimal heeled sandals or loafers. Some of the other picks among accessories for chic minimalist style outfits would include timeless sunglasses and classic totes or crossbody shoulder bags.

      6. Matching Your Hair and Makeup

It is also important to note that you cannot complete a chic minimalist look without the relevant hair and makeup, which should be minimal as well. Most important of all, you should ensure that the overall context of minimalism is kept along with the entire look, from head to toe. You can find inspiration for hair and makeup that is relevant for chic minimalist style on all social media platforms. When it comes to hair, you can try soft waves or a slick bun, and when it comes to makeup, you need to keep it as simple and soft as possible, with no bold colors or contour. 

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Tips for Purchasing Minimalist Style Clothing

You can make the most of the minimalist fashion trend by capitalizing on the following pointers.

  • Always aim for a good selection and fewer purchases when creating your minimalist style wardrobe.
  • Discover your own style preferences and the unique looks which suit you.
  • Try to look for timeless pieces made from good quality materials that would last for a longer time.
  • Focus on the versatility of the clothes you are considering buying and check whether they can fit with existing items in your closet.      
  • Make sure you don’t incorporate too many colors in one outfit (monochrome or 2 are most effective) and don’t wear too many accessories (one or two is fine).
  • The minimal style works well with an oversized fit and tailored clothes, so look for those styles.


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