9 Tips To Elevate Any Look with Minimalist Accessories

minimalist accessories
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Wondering how one can look classy as well as trendy with minimalist accessories? We’ve got you covered; let’s dive in.

Fashion, as we know it, is not all about fancy clothes and accessories. As the demand for new trends gains momentum, manufacturers are imposing considerable burdens on the environment and supply chains worldwide. This is one of the reasons for which the trend of minimalist fashion has started to attract attention.

Minimalist accessories and clothes bring fashion back to the basics and take away the unnecessary things out of the equation. The new minimalist style focuses largely on simplicity and understated chic while bringing the limelight on the person and their style. So, how can you style up your outfit in the minimalist style?

Tips to Elevate a Minimal Look 

Minimalism is all about stripping off the excess and incorporating things in your outfits that lend you joy and value in terms of appeal. Minimalist fashion means that you need only a few clothes in your wardrobe that you can build many different looks with. Generally, the most proven approach for minimalist dressing includes clothing with neutral colors such as grey, beige, black, or camel. With answers to the question ‘what should be in a minimalist wardrobe?’ being quite clear, the focus is on making a minimal style stand out and not look bland. Let us find out some tips on making your minimalist wardrobe shine with the right accessories.

1. Gold Jewelry and Watches with All-black Outfits

Going all-black in your outfits could be one of the finest choices in minimalist dressing. However, you could top up the all-black outfits with gold jewelry and a watch as the ideal choice for complimentary minimalist accessories. Keep your look minimal with an addition of 2-3 accessories, you don’t want to overdo it. Try on a chunky curb chain with a gold tone or a gold-plated ring with a linked twist design as the pop of color in an all-black outfit. The gold-tone detailing adds an attractive highlight over the black outfit.

Keep track of time with a unisex digital bracelet watch with gold plating from the renowned watch manufacturer, Casio. Give your all-black look a distinct uniformity in accessorizing with a gold-tone metal hair claw. If you are wearing glasses or sunglasses, then pick up a gold-colored chain with plastic loop fasteners as another subtle gold edition. You can also go with capsule accessories like a pack of link bracelets with three distinct designs.

2. Hats or Headbands

The selection of minimalist accessories can also point you towards hats or headbands due to their chic appeal. A plain design headband in natural canvas which fits perfectly into your hair is a prolific choice to start with. You can also go with a black woolen beret featuring an improved fit with a stalk top and fitted brim. Pick up a khaki Fedora hat as another important addition to women’s fashion accessories for the perfect minimalist look in the fall or winter time.


3. Keep a Balanced Look

You need to have the right balance between all your minimalist accessories. So, it is quite important to avoid overdoing your looks by choosing too many minimal accessories or choosing accessories that are not subtle and overpower you and your outfit. A pair of small zirconia studs can be the best minimalist jewelry suited for your minimal looks. You can add a leather camera bag in black with crossbody design and tassel details along with hand-sewn detailing for your everyday activities. When it comes to sophisticated balanced looks, you can add a skinny leather belt in a black and a black simple tote bag as a promising addition to a minimal outfit.

4. Choose Specific Accessories for Work Outfits

The effectiveness of your minimalist outfits depends a lot on the place and context also. In the case of work outfits, you need to choose more delicate jewelry and a structured bag. Think of choices such as a mini interlocking gold-plated pendant necklace or a gold-plated necklace with a narrow metal chain.

You can even go with minimalist accessories like a gemstones necklace and a pair of stud earrings with an illustriously minimal logo design. Delicate cubic zirconia bangles can also be one of the best minimalist jewelry for your work outfits. Complete your minimal look with a black satchel crossbody bag featuring a gold tab or a croc-effect laptop case.

5. Night Outs Can be Tricky

When you plan to go on a night out with your friends or colleagues, make sure that you select minimalist accessories to make an impact. Gold-plated hinge hoop earrings and a ruched, satin headband in black might be some great options to start with. You can also add a link belt along with a shiny satin shoulder bag if you want to make an impact. Another promising choice of bag for night outs in minimalist fashion would include a vintage-design shoulder bag with zebra prints. Elevate your look for night outs with clear heeled shoes featuring silver-tone embellishments and closely resemble the Amina Muaddi coveted heels.

6. Trust the Right Belts

Belts are obviously one of the most important additions to women’s fashion accessories. Interestingly, belts offer one of the easiest ways to incorporate minimal fashion into your wardrobes. A two-strap waist belt in black resembling the Bottega Veneta belt, or a brown leather belt are basic favorites for dresses and pants as well. In addition, you can also go for the additional element of a suede leather belt for women to add fall vibes to your wardrobe.


7. Statement Sunglasses

Another prominent concern in the selection of capsule accessories would also point out sunglasses. You can choose statement sunglasses as minimalist accessories tailored for the best standards in fashion now. Try on a pair of cat-eyed polarized sunglasses or tinted lens sunglasses. You could also choose angular cat-eye sunglasses in black color if you want to add more style to your looks.

8. Some Interesting Additions

When you are looking for ‘What should be in a minimalist wardrobe?’ you should not miss out on scarves. Look for a scarf tailored from woven fabric in neutral and a classic look. You must also try a lace-trim detachable collar featuring lace embroidery and ruffled trim details that will add a feminine touch to any top you own. Another interesting addition you can make with minimalist accessories is a premium stainless steel band for your Apple Watch.

9. Let It Sparkle and Be Bold

Give rest to your doubts about minimalist fashion being boring by picking up a monochrome neutral color outfit and pairing it up with some sparkling and bold accents. Some fine choices in line with this suggestion would include sparkly square earrings or a special edition headband with jewelry motifs. Furthermore, you can also pick up a stone buckle belt as an ideal choice of accessory to elevate minimalistic outfits.

Tips to Shop for Minimalist Accessories

Here are some tips you should keep in mind while shopping for minimalist look accessories.

  • Always try to add a few accessories to any outfit as it will upgrade your look.
  • Stick to classics when it comes to minimal accessories and don’t overdo it, if you have a statement piece like a big watch or sequin bag, keep the rest very simple and subtle.
  • Browse different blogs and social media platforms to find inspiration for minimalist accessories that might work well with your personal style.
  • Look for accessories that can fit in effectively with many outfits and all work well together in terms of color, material, vibe, etc.


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