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11 Outfits Ideas To Steal From Megan Fox Fashion Style

Megan Fox is synonymous with sensuousness and style, and there are practically no doubts about it with her different looks. Known for her sexy style, Megan Fox has been garnering headlines in the fashion world recently and breaking conventional boundaries. The world wants to know about the secret ingredients to Megan Fox style by evaluating her different looks. 

After hiring a new stylist, Maeve Reilly, Megan has been on an upward roll on the global fashion map. Most important of all, she is in the news for dating Machine Gun Kelly, and people want more of Megan. She has truly evolved as a fashion influencer over the years, and her style draws people to Megan Fox outfits like never before. Let us figure out the style secret of Megan Fox in this special segment of Style Spotlight. 

Top Choices in Megan Fox Outfits 

The best answer for how to dress like Megan Fox is to decode her style. Many would remember the Megan Fox of the past as overly sexy without high-fashion attributes in her style. Cut to a decade later, Megan’s style is still sexy, albeit with hints of sophistication and trendy vibes. The common additions in Megan Fox style today include monochrome outfits in varying colors with crop tops and oversized coats

Megan loves to wear heels as her choice of footwear, alongside having a keen eye for trendy shoes and bags. On top of it, she also adds flawless makeup along with thick wavy hair for sensuously graceful looks in various Megan Fox outfits. One could clearly notice that Megan has identified the style statement which suits her and continues with the same now.

If you want to dress up like Megan Fox Street style or in sophisticated outfits, then you can explore the following ideas. 

Outfit 1

megan fox style
PHOTO: @stylememaeve

The short blue skirt and black crop top paired up with high heels in the outfit donned by Megan reflect her quintessential style with an edge. Even with all the sexy choices in this outfit, Megan Fox style looks chic and sophisticated. The long coat and delicate accessories have a lot to contribute to her style in this look. On top of it, she also sports angelic hair and makeup as the finishing touches in her looks. 

Outfit 2

megan fox outfits
PHOTO: @stylememaeve

One can clearly notice the love of Megan for monochrome with an outfit in an all-black look. She has cleverly added gold accents to elevate the aesthetic appeal as she did in other Megan Fox outfits. Megan undoubtedly rocks the low-waist trend with style in the wide leg, slit hem trousers with a low V-shaped waist. The cleverly assembled outfit is classy, sexy, and sophisticated in equal proportions. 

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Outfit 3

megan fox dress
PHOTO: @stylememaeve

The recent Met Gala outfit of Megan is another example of how breathtaking she can be. The Megan Fox dress reiterated the old Hollywood glam with a vibrant red color elevating her appearance further. 

Outfit 4

megan fox monochrome outfit
PHOTO: @stylememaeve

Styling up monochrome outfits with subtle, gorgeous hints can become easier with Megan Fox style. Megan shows how effortless you can be with monochromatic looks yet achieve the most impressive glam looks. The short skirt, crop top alongside the long oversized tailored coat show how simplicity is done to perfection. In addition, accessories like the shoulder bag and design highlights like the padded shoulders and a hint of lace improve the outfit even further. 

Outfit 5

PHOTO: @stylememaeve

You can find your answer for how to dress like Megan Fox with another sophisticated and chic monochrome look. The beige jacket and trousers with pleat detailing alongside pointed-toe heels work exceptionally well with the white crop top. Megan sports a casual and cute look in her signature style with effortless and glamorous hair and makeup. 

Outfit 6

megan fox outfits
PHOTO: @stylememaeve

The choices of outfits in Megan Fox style could also include trendy casual looks with an oversized denim jacket and a cut out neon green top. However, the wide-leg jeans serve as the most striking element in the trendy casual look of Megan Fox. On top of it, she has also added a matching green bag to her outfit to complete the look and natural looking hair and makeup.

Outfit 7

PHOTO: @stylememaeve

If you want to ace the monochrome outfit game, then Megan Fox outfits are your best picks. A monochrome outfit with a cropped top, mini skirt with distressed hem, and cardigan in the all-blue ensemble show the best example of Megan Fox Street style outfits. She adds a distinct highlight with a brown mini bag, albeit matching with the rest of the outfit in terms of fluffy texturing. 

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Outfit 8

PHOTO: @stylememaeve

The trendy open cardigan in red looks quite controversially stylish on Megan Fox. You can find a sexy choice of night-out looks in an all-red ensemble with Megan Fox style. Notice the ingenuity in toning down the sexiness with delicate makeup and a midi-length skirt. 

Outfit 9

megan fox style
PHOTO: @stylememaeve

Discover another example of casual looks in Megan Fox style with the oversized trench coat and crop top. In addition, she has also used the contrast of the casual Levi’s jeans and sparkly heels to her advantage. Megan has truly exemplified her style in this casual outfit while showcasing her ability to balance different aspects such as edginess, sexy, trends, and street style in one look.

Outfit 10

PHOTO: @stylememaeve

Megan Fox defines casual looks with her attire involving a crop top and high waist jeans. On top of it, she has made a unique choice in choosing a shacket alongside darker eye makeup for an edgy feel. However, Megan continued with heels as her signature choice, and this time it’s a pair of Bottega Veneta with mesh. 

Outfit 11

megan fox outfits
PHOTO: @stylememaeve

The most casual addition to Megan Fox-style outfits shows how you can use jeans and a simple crop top to dress up like a celebrity. The trendy cardigan on top is something you would definitely love to wear as a reiteration of Megan Fox Street style. Furthermore, the fluffy Uggs in this outfit might surprise many, as Megan generally prefers heels. However, she also makes the Ugg’s look great in one of her most wearable looks to date. 

Tips to Shop for Megan Fox Outfits

Here are some interesting tips to help you purchase clothes and dress up like Megan Fox.

  • Look for specific looks of Megan that you love. Try her Instagram account as well as street style account and her stylist’s posts. 
  • You should focus on the common elements in the style of Megan Fox when you are recreating her look, for example, her tendency to dress monochrome, her love of heels and crop tops, and her natural hair and makeup.
  • Make sure that you are choosing outfits that will suit you and fit your style and lifestyle. If you are not comfortable with a crop top and heels combo, you can alter the look to suit your preferences.

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