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The Mary Jane Shoe Trend That is Coming Back

In a constant journey of evolution, fashion can take many turns and twists when it comes to style. The Mary Jane shoe trend is one of the prominent examples of how an old, timeless classic has returned to the mainstream fashion scene in a modern way. The staggering growth in popularity of Mary Jane shoes for women has been largely expanding due to the revival of Y2K trends and influence from the Japanese doll-like aesthetic. 

Created as simple necessities for formal children’s shoes, Mary Jane shoes have a history tracing back to the late 19th century. The trademark design of a strap over the top of the foot alongside the traditional buckle or button fastening served as a prominent highlight in the timeless appeal of Mary Jane shoes. As the trend of Mary Jane shoes is back again, many people are seeking the best platforms to shop for timeless pieces. Let us find some answers. 

Top Picks of Mary Jane Platform Shoes for You 

One of the foremost highlights about Mary Jane platform shoes refers to the way they fit in the scheme of contemporary fashion. Mary Jane shoes are an ideal pick in present times for their preppy vibes and the nostalgic 2000s trends. They fit perfectly with the trendy Japanese school girl aesthetics and romantic looks.

Girls and women love chunky Mary Jane shoes, paired with socks in most cases for a preppy look. Now, you may be wondering about ‘where can I buy Mary Jane shoes’ and interestingly, you can find the answers here. The following top picks among Mary Jane shoes might find a place somewhere in your broad range of fashion preferences.

1. Shein Rhinestone Décor Chunky Mary Jane Pumps

The Shein chunky fashionable Mary Jane pumps are probably the first pair of black Mary Jane shoes you would love. Featuring a pointed-toe design alongside the signature strap over top, the chunky heels also bring rhinestone décor for added impact. Pair them with your favorite formal outfits or even with casual outfits for a solid aesthetic appeal.

2. ROMWE Buckle Décor Chunky Mary Janes

A pair of chunky Mary Jane shoes for women with buckle décor definitely deserves a spot on this list. The shoes feature a round-toe, mid-heel design, along with the signature ankle strap accented with buckle detailing. You can trust the chunky Mary Jane shoes for a preppy aesthetic in any outfit of your choice.


3. Shein Faux Patent Leather Buckled Block Heel Pumps

The Shein faux leather block heel pumps in the Mary Jane style are a promising alternative for leather Mary Jane shoes in black, with a classic appeal. You have all the timeless highlights in the buckled block heel pumps, such as square toe design and ankle strap. The fashionable aesthetics of the pumps makes them one of the best-sophisticated choices you can wear in any outfit without complexities.

4. Lamoda Chunky Mary Jane Brogue Shoes in Black Patent

You can bet your money on a pair of chunky Mary Jane shoes for women like the Lamoda chunky Mary Jane brogue shoes. The brogue detailing adds a timeless, chic appeal to the shoes, while the pin-buckle fastening takes care of the preppy aspects. In addition, these round-toe shoes are the best pick for recreating the Japanese schoolgirl looks.

5. Asos Spark Chunky Mary Jane High Shoes

Discover something exciting along the lines of top leather Mary Jane shoes in choices like the Spark chunky Mary Jane shoes from Asos. Made of faux patent leather, the rust-brown color, and the black platform sole offer a sturdy look. The pin-buckle fastening detail alongside the adjustable strap allows the desired flexibility for styling the chunky high shoes.

6. Asos Maisie Chunky Mary Jane Flat Shoes

If you want to try something different with black Mary Jane shoes, then you can grab the Maisie chunky Mary Jane flat shoes. The low heel design stands out prominently in the round toe shoes with the classic Mary Jane appeal. Resembling the formal school girl shoe, the flat Mary Jane shoes for women are still a top footwear favorite. 

7. Steve Madden Twice Mary Jane Platform Pump

You can find answers to ‘where can I buy Mary Jane shoes’ with Nordstrom offering the Twice Mary Jane platform pumps from Steve Madden. The patent pink color alongside the dramatic chunky platform with its high heel differentiates the pumps from any other alternative. The platform pumps serve as a great pick for any preppy ensemble of your choice, especially for the adorable color.

8. Dirty Laundry Lita Mary Jane Pump

Another classic choice among Mary Jane platform shoes would point you towards the Lita Mary Jane pumps. You can make the most of the glossy aesthetics of the pumps alongside the refined Mary Jane silhouette with the block heel. The white color of the pumps works as a vital design highlight to offer versatility in styling.


9. Dr. Martens 8065 Mary Jane

Doc Martens is one of the notable brands associated frequently with the Mary Jane shoe style, but with an edgy twist. The best offering in Mary Jane shoes for women from the brand is the 8065 Mary Jane pair in white. With the value of authentic leather, you can notice the chic appeal of signature stitching on the 8065 Mary Janes. The iconic style can serve as the perfect fit for any look, considering its modern, edgy appeal. 

10. Ganni Platform Mary Jane Loafer

A designer black Mary Jane platform loafer is another promising choice among black Mary Jane shoes you would love. The unique T-strap design with buckle closure alongside the white contrast stitching detail offers an exquisite improvement in the aesthetics of the Mary Jane loafers. Definitely one of the top picks for preppy outfits with a hint of sophistication.

Tips to Shop for Mary Jane Shoes

Here are some tips you need to take into account for purchasing Mary Jane shoes for women.

  • Mary Jane shoes today have a modern twist that edges them up from the original childish version. Look for chunky soles as a prominent feature in your new mary janes.
  • Pair the Mary Jane shoes with preppy outfits like a pleated mini skirt and vest, and don’t forget to add white socks for the ultimate preppy feel.
  • Go through the reviews of the shoes, styling suggestions, and sizing specifications before purchasing a pair of Mary Janes.            

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