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11 Chic Ways to Decorate Your Vanity

Planning to organize your vanity and give it a new look? Here’re some of the best luxury dressing table accessories

The closet of a woman reflects her fashion choices and personal aesthetics. At the same time, her dressing table offers a perspective on how she likes to style herself up and how important it is to her. The dressing table is not the place for women to dress up and put on some makeup. The dressing table of a woman is the place to store skincare, makeup, hair styling tools and products, and other accessories. 

Some of the best luxury dressing table accessories offer innovative ways to organize your dressing table. You would definitely love a dressing table that lets you access skincare products, makeup products, and other items conveniently. There is practically no reason for which you should keep your vanity table messy, with things spread all over. Can you find some practical and stylish accessories to help you organize your dressing table? Let’s take a look at some answers.

Best Vanity Table Accessories for You on Amazon

One of the foremost troubles a woman faces in her everyday life is the clutter on her dressing table. Some of us struggle to find our bronzer or moisturizer when they are needed the most. All because of the clutter on the dressing table or in the bathroom. Therefore, some practical vanity table design ideas can help in sorting out the mess. 

Do you have to go through lots of effort to find the best dressing table accessories? As a matter of fact, you can find some practical and decorative pieces among dressing table accessories on Amazon. Here are some of the top choices from the best picks in vanity table accessories on Amazon for you.

1. Makeup Organizer Rotating Cosmetic Storage Box

The makeup organizer is basically a rotating cosmetic storage box with a practical design. You can notice the adorable design of the makeup organizer, which definitely offers a lot of space for everything on your vanity table. The aesthetic appeal of the rotating makeup organizer is at par with luxury design table accessories with the much-needed storage functionality.

2. AOZITA 4-Pack Q-tip Holder

Grab the 4-pack Q-tip holder set for twelve different ideal size containers for the small bits you often miss out. The container set is a promising answer to “How can I make my dressing table look nice?” with the facility for storing different items on your vanity table in an organized manner. You can store bath salts, floss picks, Q-tips, cotton swabs, and other small dressing table essentials in the ideal size containers. In addition, the containers also offer the assurance of durability and safe handling.


3. LPHUMEX LED Vanity Mirror Lights

Do you want to add the visual appeal of luxury dressing table accessories to your vanity table on a budget? You can choose affordable vanity mirror lights to shine up your dressing table like that of a Hollywood star. The lights are definitely a promising way to upgrade your vanity table, even on a small budget. Most importantly, adding lights to your dressing table helps you put on makeup easily.

4. Kootek Desk Drawer Organizer Set

Your search for “How can I make my dressing table look nice?” can become easier with a desk drawer organizer set. The desk drawer organizer set is a great way to organize your dressing table drawers. How? You can find drawer dividers and containers in different sizes for arranging different things in your dressing table drawers. As a result, you won’t end up struggling every morning to find your lipstick or eyeliner. When you have everything organized in different boxes with customized labels, you are less likely to experience any issues in accessing your makeup tools and other vanity table products.

5. Clear Cosmetic Storage Organizer

If you want something compact and effective for organizing the items on your dressing table, then you might love the clear cosmetic storage organizer. It serves as a great option for your table. You can store everyday items that you always need as you can reach for them easily. On top of it, you can easily choose vintage vanity table accessories like this storage organizer rather than a makeup bag. 

6. TERRA HOME Curling Iron Holder

Another important requirement in luxury dressing table accessories would also refer to hair styling tools storage. The curling iron holder is a practical hair tool organizer you can put on your vanity table or the bathroom. The best advantage of the hair tool organizer is that you don’t have to fill up a whole drawer with your hairdressing tools. The hair tool organizer gives you the best instrument to have all your hair tools in one place. In addition, you can also fit in some of your hair products there, so they’ll be easy to find.

7. LanMa Beauty Sponge Holder

You can also choose cute accessories such as the two-piece set of beauty sponge blender holders for your dressing table. The cute beauty blender holder is one of the best vanity table design ideas you can try for upgrading the look of your dressing table. Most importantly, you have the assurance of durable metal material, which is practical and beautiful. The sponge holders are suitable for different types of makeup sponges and don’t take up too much space on your vanity table. 

8. Makeup Mirror with Lights

The next top choice in answers to “How can I make my dressing table look nice?” would be a vanity mirror with lights. A multi-way mirror is obviously an innovative tool that will complement your dressing table. You can apply makeup comfortably with the lights helping to magnify details. The portable design is helpful for precise makeup techniques, where you need closer attention to detail. For example, plucking hairs can become easier now with the foldable and compact size mirror. 


9. Agghia Gold Glass Makeup Brush Holder Organizer 

The collection of vintage vanity table accessories on Amazon also includes an exclusive gold brush holder. The distinct design of the brush holder in three hexagonal prism columns and the clear glass panels showcase minimal aesthetic excellence. You can store your cosmetics such as lip pencils, pencil eyeliners, lipsticks and makeup brushes. Interestingly, the design of the brush holder is similar to luxury dressing table accessories that you can find at professional makeup artist tables. Therefore, you have more to gain from such an interesting vintage dressing table accessory on your dressing table.

10. LKKL Bathroom Vanity Tray

If you are looking for vanity table design ideas in your bathroom, then the multi-purpose bathroom vanity tray is your right pick. You can use it in your bathroom or on your dressing table, depending on your need. A decorative tray is an excellent tool for organizing your perfumes, cosmetics, and diffusers. Use it for toiletries, lotion bottles or anything you need in the bathroom. The heavy and sturdy design of the tray with non-slip pads ensures the safety of your items. Not only do you have an elegant and stylish vanity tray but also a practical organizing tool.

11. New Vlando Miller Jewelry Storage Organizer

The final and most important entry among luxury dressing table accessories would obviously point to a jewellery organizer. Many of us have struggled to find the best jewellery box for storing all our jewellery without taking up too much space. The jewellery storage organizer features a practical stackable combination that allows you to customize your jewellery box according to your needs. You can find the stable design of the organizer trays easy to use. 

Most importantly, you don’t have to struggle with removing the dividers and adjusting them according to your jewellery size. In addition, the jewellery organizer is one of the best vintage vanity table accessories, especially with its unique features such as the soft faux leather outer design. At the same time, the soft velvet lining protects your valuable jewellery from any type of damage. 

Tips to Shop for Dressing Table Accessories

The different choices in luxury dressing table accessories on Amazon are available at affordable prices. However, you must be careful about purchasing vanity table accessories that don’t suit your needs or look cheap. Here are some tips you should keep in mind while shopping for vanity table accessories.

  • Take a look at the space you have on your dressing table or in the bathroom. Check the space you have in the drawers of the dressing table or bathroom closet. As a result, you can have a basic impression of what you can accommodate in the options you have at hand. 
  • Review the list of items you plan to have on your dressing table and in the drawers. Categorize the different skincare products, makeup products, tools, and accessories into different groups. As a result, you can identify the right luxury design table accessories required for organizing your vanity table.
  • Check the specifications of each vanity table accessory on Amazon alongside the customer reviews to verify the product’s usability and design. Critical reviews are a great way to learn about what doesn’t work for customers in a specific product. Therefore, you can use reviews to make better-informed decisions on purchasing vanity table accessories. 

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