Are Low Waist Jeans Coming Back?

low rise jeans trend
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The fashion trends that emerged in the Y2K era have slowly started to make their comeback in mainstream fashion thanks to Gen Z. The low rise jeans trend is also all set to return after being seen on many celebs and influencers such as Bella Hadid, Emrata, Irina Shayk, and more. However, there is a sense of panic around the revival of the low rise jeans trend, especially for those who wore it the first time around, aka, millennials.

Some of the notable criticisms focused on their role in hyper-sexualizing women, their impracticality when sitting, and their overall unflattering fit. Let us find out something more about the history of low rise pant outfits and how they are perceived by women today. 

As the low waist jeans are gradually starting to gain acceptance, especially for their versatility, it is important to reflect on why women fear the return of the low rise jeans trend. The low rise jeans trend emerged with the popular stage performances of music artists in the 2000s such as Britney Spears. Within no time, the low rise jeans were everywhere, and the waist just got lower and lower. 

As a matter of fact, low rise jeans were not only trendy; they became ubiquitous. Having said that, the fit of the low waist jeans made many women feel negative about their bodies, and their impracticality made others uncomfortable both physically and mentally. These are the prominent reasons why women are freaking out about the return of low rise jeans fashion

Is There Any Alternative to Wearing Low Rise Jeans?

High waist jeans came into fashion with a “girdle” like form of thick, stretchy denim, placed well above the natural waist. The low rise jeans faced criticism for flattering only certain types of body types. However, high waist jeans have helped women in recovering from haunting experiences of the low rise jeans trend. Therefore, the high and mid-waist jean pants have helped in creating a unique and timeless favorite in ladies’ fashion. 

Low rise jeans are not a favorite of ladies who have been through the first era of low-rise jeans. However, they are making appearances with the endorsements of supermodels and Tiktokers. If you want to style your outfit stylishly with women’s low rise jeans, here are some ways to do so.

      1. Low Rise Straight Leg Jeans

The notoriety of low waist jeans dampens down a bit with the straight leg jeans design. Also, the side split detail makes this pair exquisitely beautiful and modern as well. The regular fit serves as the most helpful way to wear low-rise jeans with confidence. 

And now let’s talk about styling it. You can go with a casual t-shirt and sneakers, or a corset style top and heeled sandals for an elevated look. Low rise pant outfits like these are great options for lunch dates or casual outings. Remember that you’re re-wearing an old trend so you can go all out with the YTK vibe.  

      2. Low-Rise Regular Boyfriend Jeans

The low rise jeans trend is easy to wear when you think of boyfriend jeans that have ripped details at the knee. The low waist isn’t tight and the jeans project a very cool and chic vibe.

Style it with a bodysuit or crop top, a chain strap baguette, and a pair of loafers or heeled sandals. These suggestions for low rise jeans incorporating modern trends of fashion indicate the possibilities for reviving the low rise jeans trend.   


      3. Low Rise Wide Leg Jeans

Blue denim has always been the staple color of jeans. No matter how many colors and patterns come and go, they will always rule the closet. The low rise jeans trend can be a good addition to your wardrobe when you think of wide-leg jeans. The bagginess of the jeans is balanced well with the low rise waist, and the resulting vibe is very effortless chic. The best way to get the perfect look with this low waist jeans outfit is to pair it with white sneakers, one shoulder or a printed knit top, and a shoulder bag.

      4. Slim Fit Wide Leg Jeans

Another promising suggestion for getting away with the return of the low rise jeans fashion is to go for a different color. These low-rise jeans with wide legs and slim fit design are a versatile piece that is comfortable and flattering. 

The styling tips for these slim-fit wide leg low rise jeans would be a cardigan and matching tank top set or white poplin shirt. Pair it with fisherman sandals or chunky loafers, and complete the look with a bucket hat or a chic crossbody bag.

      5. Low Rise Utility Flare Jeans

The utility flare jeans in stone are a pair you’ll keep in your closet for years to come. The neutral color and regular flattering fit, along with the casualness of the utility design make this pair a must-have. The seam details are a great addition because it makes these pants more sophisticated. 

Style this promising option of low rise jeans with a strapless or halter top in any color, Nike air force 1’s, and a cute shoulder bag. 

      6. Classic Low Rise Jeans

The classic women’s low rise jeans style by Lee features similarities to the skinny jeans look with a more modern twist. It is a great alternative for those who seek the slim fit look or a chicer option. These jeans will pair well with anything because they are very basic in design. If you want to go for a casual look, wear it with a t-shirt or poplin top, and if you want a going out look, just pair it with a bodysuit or a criss-cross top that will add sexiness to it.

Tips For Getting The Perfect Look With Low-Rise Jeans

If you want to get the perfect look with low rise jeans, then you can try out the following pointers.

  • If this article convinced you to try this trend, think about the aesthetics that are more appealing to you, do you want to go for an all-out YTK look? Do you want to stay in your comfort zone and stick with slim fit jeans? There are many options to choose from.
  • Look around Tik Tok and Instagram for inspiration, many influencers are rocking this look and looking great. It will help you get ideas on how to wear it well.
  • Remember low rise doesn’t mean vulgar, you can make this trend look chic by going with oversized slouchy fit jeans, and pairing them with a blazer or a poplin shirt. 
  • If you can’t find low rise jeans you love, you can go with a high waisted pair in a bigger size so you can wear it lower on your waist.


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