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The Low Rise Jeans Trend is Going Strong – What to Buy

The Low rise jeans trend is having a moment again. Check out the best collection of low rise jeans for women’s wardrobes now.

Low rise jeans are probably one of the biggest fashion controversies of modern time. In the early 2000s, low rise jeans were a huge hit, and celebrities like Paris Hilton popularized them further with their alluring outfits. However, the Y2K trend did not age well over the course of time. Many people perceived low waist jeans as an embarrassing fashion choice.

Today, low rise jeans for women’s wardrobes are back on the shopping priorities owing to the rise of Y2K trends and Gen-Z‘s excitement. Moreover, low waist jeans have come back stronger than before in mainstream fashion with a wide range of options. The following article will help you find some interesting modern picks in low rise jeans for your wardrobe.

Best Choices in Low Rise Jeans for Your Wardrobe

The notorious popularity of low rise jeans puts many fashion enthusiasts in a dilemma. Should they trust a trend that was hated by people in the last 15 years? However, the new variety of designs such as low rise stretch jeans, oversized and flared jeans definitely provides some answers. Almost every dominant trend of the early 2000s has been making its way back to mainstream fashion, with people showering their love on Y2K trends. On the other hand, you may have doubts about choosing low rise jeans for women’s wardrobes due to the embarrassing memories you have of them. Here are the top picks in women’s low rise jeans that you can add to your wardrobe without hesitation.

1. Edikted Raquel Folded Jeans

The Raquel folded jeans on the popular website “Edikted” can show you how to style low rise jeans in the most effortless way possible. With a regular front and folded belt front detailing alongside distressed blowout detailing at the knees, the Raquel folded jeans impose a unique fashion statement that is current.

2. Edikted Low Rise Ripped Jesns

Among the many modern low rise jeans for women’s you can find online today, the raw waist detail in this Edikted option has something unique to offer. This is a throwback design done in the best way possible with its flared legs and distressed detailing.


3. Grlfrnd Courtney Low Rise Boot

If you have doubts about styling a pair of low rise skinny jeans of your choice, then you can choose the classic Grlfrnd Courtney low-rise boot jeans. They are the perfect pair for anyone who wants to experiment with low rise jeans but still keep the look minimal. The jeans offer a relaxed fit in the waist region, while the boot-cut detailing takes away any styling troubles. Wear them with your favorite pair of sneakers alongside an oversized blazer for a chic look. 

4. Fashionnova After All These Years Low Rise Flare Jeans- Medium Blue Wash

The Fashion Nova After All These Years low rise flared jeans are the next top options in low rise jeans you should try. Featuring a medium blue wash color, the flared jeans offer a hip hugging aesthetic that will accent your shape. In addition, you also have the benefits of the cut-off waistband for extra style.

5. H&M Flared Low Waist Jeans

The flared low waist jeans by H&M in light denim blue color are also another promising addition in low rise jeans for women’s outfits. The classic low waist flared jeans have a wide leg design and the usual five-pocket style. Pair it up with your favorite open front cardigan and chunky loafers for a trendy aesthetic look.

6. ASOS DESIGN Low Rise Comfort Stretch Flare Jeans in Light Wash

A pair of low rise stretch jeans with flared hems in light wash denim color does not disappoint when it comes to style. The low rise jeans feature a slim fit design with flared detailing at the knee. these are a great option for spring and summer thanks to their light color, and you can easily pair them with corset tops or cute crop tops.

7. ASOS DESIGN Organic Cotton Blend Low Rise ‘Baggy’ Boyfriend Jean in Dark Wash

You can try an alternative to the classic low rise skinny jeans with a pair of low rise baggy jeans. The boyfriend-style jeans come with an oversized fit, while the dark denim wash color adds a 90s vibe to your outfits. An easy choice for casual looks, this is the pick for those who love the oversized look.


8. Shein Zipper Fly Raw Hem Flare Leg Jeans

The next best choice in low rise jeans for women’s wardrobes today is a pair of raw hem flare leg jeans that looks like they came straight from the 2000s. The classic zipper fly low waist jeans with wide, flared hems can easily elevate a simple top and jeans outfit. Combine the jeans with your favorite cropped top and a pair of chunky trainers for a trendy, chic look.

9. A&F 90s Low Rise Baggy Jeans

If you are looking for options on how to style low rise jeans, then you would need choices like low rise baggy jeans from Abercrombie and Fitch. Grab a pair of 90s-inspired low rise baggy jeans in medium denim wash color to recreate the Y2K trend effortlessly. The frayed hem and knee blowout details alongside the relaxed-fit silhouette of the low rise baggy jeans by Abercrombie and Fitch are some prominent details you cannot ignore. Most importantly, what could be a better brand than Abercrombie and Fitch for recreating the Y2K-style low rise jeans?

10. A&F Curve Love Low Rise 90s Straight Jeans

The Curve Love low rise straight jeans by Abercrombie and Fitch also count as one of the best low rise jeans for women’s fashion. Style your outfits in the latest trend with a pair of 90s-style jeans with a signature hip-hugging fit. The straight leg jeans in a medium indigo wash alongside the clean hem and knee blowout detailing add exceptional style value. You can trust the Curve Love jeans to dress up your favorite Y2K outfit without any problems. 

Tips to Shop for Low Rise Jeans

Here are some pointers you should keep in mind when you shop for low rise jeans. 

  • There are many websites where you can find low rise jeans options with different styles and fits. 
  • Go through different styles of low rise jeans for women’s wardrobes and choose the style you want, for example, straight leg/ baggy/ flared/ distressed. 
  • You can go all out with a retro look and pick a 2000s low rise jeans design, or try a more modern version with a classic outfit. 

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