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10 Affordable Bag Dupes that Looks Like Designer Bags

Looking for a low price designer bags collection to add a high-end touch to your wardrobe? Here’re the best designer handbag dupes for you!

Designer bags are one of the uncontended entries in the fashion preferences of women worldwide. The bags by popular high-end designers feature a distinctive aesthetic appeal, which entices all fashion enthusiasts. Designer bags also bring the assurance of timeless designs which age well with newly evolving trends in fashion.

On the other hand, you cannot help but look for low price designer bags, especially considering the fact that most of the top designer bags come with massive price tags. If you want the designer look without wasting all your money on a single bag, you need to look for dupes. Is it wise to trust designer handbag dupes? The following post helps you find reliable answers to your doubts with some of the best suggestions in designer bag dupes.

Best Designer Handbag Dupes for You in 2022

Many people are worried about the assurance of quality when seeking cheap branded bags with valid reasons for the same. You might not have the best quality of material in a dupe or come across a different shade of color. However, these issues do not have any significance in scenarios where you have the assurance of low price designer bags with quality. Here are some of the top picks you might want to try among low price designer bag dupes.

1. Shein Geometric Graphic Boston Bag   

Get over the common choices of designer bag dupes Amazon offers with an all-over print bowling bag. The cute bag features 2 top handles and a long crossbody option while drawing some exceptional similarities to a Louis Vuitton speedy bag. At such a low price, you can incorporate the designer aesthetic of a branded handbag without any concerns regarding quality.

2. ALDO Rhiladia Crossbody Bag in Black Quilting

The black crossbody bag with chain straps and quilted design is another top example of low price designer bags for your closet. With a fold-over flap top and clasp closure alongside the striking chain strap, the cute quilted bag resembles a designer Saint Laurent Lulu bag. The similarities with a high-end designer bag at unbelievably low costs serve as the biggest positives for this quilted bag.


3. Shein Minimalist Ruched Bag 

A minimalist ruched bag in nude is also another top choice among designer handbag dupes for everyone who loves fashion. The small and adorable ruched bag made of faux leather with its gold chain presents stark similarities to a Bottega Veneta ruched bag. Enter Hailey Bieber’s favorite handbag aesthetic into your wardrobe with a comparatively cheap dupe.

4. Missguided Khaki Faux Suede Weave Cassette Bag

You can also search for cheap alternatives other than designer bag dupes on Amazon with choices like a Bottega Veneta cassette bag dupe from Missguided. The cassette bag style is one of the classics of modern times and significant addition to almost every designer bag enthusiast. Interestingly, the khaki faux suede weave cassette style bag serves as the ideal dupe for a designer style handbag. On top of it, the dupe cassette bag also looks expensive in terms of its quality.

5. Mango Buckle Leather Bag

A buckle leather bag in brown is also another promising addition in low price designer bags for your wardrobe. It is a favorite pick for any woman who loves to style her outfits like a celebrity, albeit with a low cost handbag. The buckle leather handbag comes with a simple curved design and a long adjustable strap with flap closure. You can wear this Chloe look-alike bag every day and enjoy its lux appearance.

6. Shein Minimalist Metal Décor Chain Shoulder Bag

The minimalist metal décor chain shoulder bag in black comes in a square design with some striking similarities to designer offerings. You cannot help but notice how the chic bag surpasses cheap branded bags in terms of their high-end appearance. The bag features noticeable similarities with a Givenchy bag that has the same square structure alongside the gold accents. 

7. Ego Shoulder Bag with Graffiti Print and Chain Strap in Blue

The Balenciaga Hourglass style handbags have gained considerable levels of popularity for their unique curved silhouette. You cannot miss the perfect pick in low price designer bags like this Ego shoulder bag in blue with graffiti print. With the Balenciaga Hourglass bag design, the graffiti print over the blue color bag exudes trendy vibes. The edgy take on Balenciaga Hourglass style bags definitely elevates any type of outfit with designer appeal.

8. Fashionnova Business Meetings Mini Bag 

Grab a mini satchel bag in tan for its sophisticated silhouette and the similarities to the mini Hermes bag. The detachable crossbody strap, top handles, and lock detailing draw some formidable similarities with the design of a mini Hermes. Most importantly, such choices in designer handbag dupes score good marks in quality and trendy looks.


9. Shein Croc Embossed Baguette Bag

The croc-embossed baguette bag in beige is also another top entry among low price designer bags you must have right now in your wardrobe. You cannot undermine how the elegant style of this trendy croc-embossed bag matches the classic Staud shoulder bag. The croc-embossed baguette lets you incorporate a classic trendy high-end designer bag’s aesthetics in your wardrobe at low costs.

10. H&M Rhinestone-embellished Clutch Bag

The rhinestone-embellished clutch bag is easily a night-out favorite, which draws inspiration from the renowned embellished bag by Prada. The bag made of faux leather in black and covered with rhinestones gives off glamorous, chic vibes that will suit date nights. Such alternatives to cheap branded bags give you a streamlined look without compromising on your overall look. 

Tips to Shop for Designer Handbag Dupes

Here are some tips you should keep in mind while shopping for low price designer bags dupes.

  • Even if you are shopping for dupes, you need to look for reliable online retailers to get the best value.
  • Check the dupes for the quality of material used in them and compare them with the originals to get a better impression of the cost.
  • Identify the different styles of designer handbags you would love to have in your wardrobe before searching for dupes.

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