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12 Ways To Look Chic On A Budget

Being fashionable is not just for people with a high budget, it is for everyone with a great eye and a stylish state of mind. The top influencers of today over social media platforms are flaunting designer items that are mostly tasteless but can look expensive on a budget. looking stylish is not about spending obscene amounts of money, but rather finding your style and creating interesting looks. If you want that loved the minimal look but with a standout potential, then this article is for you!

Tips to Looking Outstanding on a Small Budget

The look you wear and how stylish it is is never dependent on the budget you have! It is always about the way you blend different fashion trends with timeless classics and how you accessorize your look. Therefore, here are some tips to help you learn how to look polished on a budget:

1. Maintain the Minimal Look

Top influencers look expensive because they have a huge budget (and they get many gifts from brands), but don’t let their chic look make you spend thousands of dollars on your own attire. Maintain a minimal look and stick to neutral outfits and accessories. When you keep it simple, you automatically look chic and effortless, and yes, even expensive.

You can try wearing the classic Levi’s 501 jeans and pair them up with a white T-shirt to get that simple yet astounding look (you can also thrift these items for a more affordable option). Complete this attire with sneakers and an oversized blazer. You can also wear a classic midi dress with heels or tailored trousers with a striking blouse.

2. Carry the Monochrome Makeup Look

The monochrome makeup look is another way to look expensive on a budget. If you want a chic look, use neutral colors such as browns, nudes or black. You don’t need to go all out with colorful makeup to compliment your outfit. The only thing you need to do is stick to the same color palette at all times and make sure not to apply too much makeup.

minimal makeup look
PHOTO: @lydiajanetomlinson

3. Avoid Over Exposure

Do not show too much skin, as it shifts people’s attention from the outfit to your body, and the look can become overall cheap looking. Keep the revealed parts of your body balanced and minimal as much as possible. Even throwing a blazer on top of your shoulders is a great way to add a chic appeal to a boring summer dress.

4. Get Good Accessories

The accessories you pick are destined to add a special touch to plain outfits. You don’t need designer jewellery made of 24k gold and diamonds. Try gold-plated jewellery or pearls to get that expensive look instead. Wearing cheap jewellery will make even an expensive look appear cheap, so don’t compromise on your accessories as there are affordable options on the market that look very expensive.

5. Don’t buy Clothes or Shoes that are too cheap 

monochrome look
PHOTO: @emmahill

Yes, you do need to stick to a budget, but it doesn’t mean you need to shop at Shein or Wish. Looking expensive is all about picking good fabrics and avoiding polyester or cheap looking satins. Make sure you buy good quality pieces that would upgrade your style, rather than downgrade it. Even if it means buying less, it is the best way to keep your outfit expensive-looking.

Today you have high street stores like Zara, H&M, and others that duplicate expensive designs for much less, so they are a great place to shop.

6. Spend adequate time on Grooming

Clothes alone won’t give you the rich look you desire; you will need proper grooming too! You need to work on your hair, nails, feet, and skin on a regular basis. Looking rich is all about looking polished and put together, and that means taking the time every day to make sure you look groomed from top to bottom. Most of your grooming is possible to do at home, along with hair removal, pedicures, manicures, and other skin routines. You will eventually save a lot of money on grooming from salons or spas by doing it yourself.

7. Op for Natural Makeup and A classic Hairstyle

When you are talking about minimal makeup look, make sure it is natural looking to complement your expensive look. Chic looks need to be understated and should not look vulgar. Therefore, make sure your makeup looks as natural and clean as possible, and avoid that “glam” over the top look. Along with that, you need to also style your hair naturally but still make it slick and not untidy. A low bun or soft waves will do the trick for sure!

8. Follow the Trend, But Not Always

trendy look
PHOTO: @pernilleteisbaek

You should not spend heavy money on buying trendy clothes. If you have some clothes that have gone trendy lately, you are free to use them! But when you are on a tight or strict budget, trendy pieces will prove expensive in the long run. So, buy only timeless pieces, whether it’s clothes, shoes or accessories.

9. Keep a Light Wardrobe

Your wardrobe should be smart and small! You need to be sure that every piece of clothing can pair well with all of your other clothes. Do not buy the clothes you won’t be able to wear more than twice! Prepare your wardrobe in a way that you utilize all of your bought clothes. The Nordic style is known for its simplicity and chicness, and a big part of its theory is sticking with a capsule wardrobe.

10. Look for SALES

look expensive on a budget
PHOTO: @jeannedamas

You can wait for SALE days at various malls and online stores to get some quality boots and coats, which are normally expensive at bargain prices. The end of the season or any other SALE days will drop the price of those assets for you to buy them within your budget.

11. Perfectly Fitting Clothes

You cannot undermine the importance of a proper fitting outfit when it comes to looking expensive! Also, make sure there are no stains, rips, or other such attention-seeking flaws in your outfits. Lastly, iron your clothes before putting them on to enhance the rich look.

12. Tailored Clothes are Preferable

how to look polished on a budget?
PHOTO: @mvb

Tailored clothes seem to look chicer and classic! You don’t need to dress corporate all the way, but a good pair of tailored trousers or an addition of an oversized blazer can upgrade your look immensely. Some of the tailored elements you can get are trousers, blazers, tops, dresses and skirts. It is all about that smart fit that makes you look like a boss with a lot of money.

Tips for Buying Expensive Clothes on a Budget

So, to look expensive on a budget, you must buy affordable yet quality clothes. Here are a few tips that will help you get this part sorted. The tips are as follows:

  • Do not be tempted to shop at ultra cheap stores as the quality of clothes they sell is low and it will make you look cheap.
  • Make use of coupon codes to save more money.
  • Don’t go for trends and spend more on timeless pieces.

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